The Family I Write About

For the sake of anonymity I made up names for the members of my family that I write about. I wanted to be clever about the names I chose and wanted to match their personalities a bit. Here is a brief explanation of my family and a little about them:

I’ll start at the top..

aidanMy fiancée is known here as Aidan. I chose this name because of the character Aidan from Sex in the City. My fiancée looks a lot like John Corbett but acts just like Aidan (even more than he looks like him). He is sweet, sexy and supportive. He’s down to earth and likes simplicity.

My daughter is known as Regina. I know this is terrible but we sometimes tease her and reginacall her Regina George from Mean Girls. No, she’s not always mean, but when she is, she is. She’s also very foo-foo. This was a tough one because her twin is some rapper chick named Ashley All Day. But she’s not a thug or a rapper..

emeniemWhich leads me to my older son, who is adequately named Marshall. As in Marshall Mathers. Aka Eminem. He thinks he is a thug and he really is a rapper, who happens to blame his mom for everything that is wrong in his life.

henryThe baby.. This one is tough because he is still so young. I call him Henry because I imagine his father (as a child) being an awful lot like Henry from Once Upon a Time. The baby is a spitting image of his daddy and Henry is just so sweet. He’s about 8 years older than the baby, of course, so we’ll just imagine him younger..

So there you go. There are their new names and a bit more about their personality’s and once the 4th is born I’ll be adding a name for him or her, too.

The big baby.. AKA Blog Henry.. Well, this through me through a loop: after really naming the fourth baby Henry for real I had to come up with not only one but two new blog names. Why not just keep it the same? Well, I’m confused easily so I don’t want to encourage that any more than need be. So now Henry (blog Henry) will be called Logan because I really super duper like that name and want to use it for something.

The little baby.. He will be called Maddox because that’s his middle name (and it rocks!) and I don’t know how often I’ll actually use it in real life — unless he’s pulling the cats tail or playing with dangerous things.

Yeah, so that’s that!


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