More about the store..

Things have been going well here except that I am sooooo tired. I can’t even tell you how tired I have been, it’s that bad. If Aidan hadn’t gotten snipped I would think I was pregnant, that’s how tired I am! I suppose it’s because I have been doing so much lately that my body isn’t used to it, but it better catch up!

My sales on eBay pretty much came to a hault after 2 weeks into the month of February and that was very disappointing and totally nerve wracking. I was on my way to $1,000 then it just stopped and only video games sold after that, which I make only about $.50 on, so that was really aggravating. I messed with my keywords in the SEO part of my store though and I believe that had a lot to do with the down turn. It probably takes a few weeks for that to register?

Anyway I woke up to an okay sale this morning and I am feeling like things will turn back around :) I’m also thinking maybe people buy more frivolous things in the beginning of the month, we will see!

Marshal was inspired by my selling and started his own eBay, he is doing fantastic! He’s sold all but one of his items out of 5 and in my opinion that’s super impressive. I told him he will be beating me in sales soon. He said he wants to get into antiques like I am into. I don’t really have a lot to deal with antiques, I only have a handful of items, but that’s just because I haven’t come across too many yet. I am glad he wants to get into that too. For a 17 year old to say he wants to sell antiques, I think that’s very awesome.

I keep telling Regina to sell her clothes that she doesn’t wear, she has a ton of them and she could make some money but she doesn’t seem too interested. I thought that when she saw Marshal bringing in close to $200 in a week or two it would light a fire under her but it hasn’t. Who knows.

Aside from listing things for myself I’ve teamed up with a dealer that comes into my work and I will be listing items for him. He’s pretty cool and knows a lot about the business. I’ve already learned a bit from him and he is branching out of his comfort zone and starting to look into pottery now because he knows how much I enjoy it. The deal is that I’ll get 30% of his sales for listing, and any research I do. We haven’t discussed shipping yet but we will get there. I think I will start listing for him this weekend, so I am excited for that, he’s already shown me some really cool stuff he has for me.

Okay, well here are some of the items I but up for sale this week, sharing just because I am a proud mama :)


Of course I am still waiting on my daughter to do my logo. I’ll be retired when she finally gets it done.. I am just going to share my store link, if anyone wants to look, you can. Please forgive the fact that I have no branding yet lol

Esme’s Estate




Battle of the brains and Marshal is home!

My computers are still not working and it really is driving me mad. I have so much to write about and i am lucky to be able to write from my phone but it’s just not the same :(

Anyway.. what’s going on? Marshal was released from his placement on Wednesday and now he is back home. He is doing so well and he is so happy and I knew he would understand at some point why I fought so hard for him to be sent away. He thanked me multiple times and even said I saved his life. 

I am a little stressed out that I will fail him because he is coming from such a great structured environment back to his chaotic mother. Ok not a little stressed, very stressed. We do have therapy lined up, he’s looking for a job and will be back in school today so those are good things to keep him busy but I still worry.

Regina had a horrible episode this week and ended up in the hospital. She woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me she swallowed a bottle of pills. She told me to make her a dr’s appointment about a month ago and I didn’t fast enough. I had been so caught up in working and dealing with my own shit that I just didn’t take her serious enough.

She is stable and home now but was diagnosed as bipolar. She’s been telling me for a while now, close to a year, that she thought she was and I was in denial about it because I suppose that I felt it would be confirmation that I truly am bipolar and that the doctors aren’t wrong. It makes perfect sense now that I have figured it out and I feel like a terrible mother for not listening to her for my own stupid selfish reasons.

So now she is set up to meet with a new psychiatrist because she “hates” her old one but those appointments take a while so she still has 6 weeks to go. It’s going to be a long six weeks because now I’m scared to death she will do something again.

I feel very overwhelmed to say the least. I’m not freaking out or anything but the stress is getting to me. At my own doctors appointment I was explaining how my brain is all over the place, how I can’t focus on anything and how I have around four projects started and can’t get any of them done. He suggested that I might have ADHD and I’ve been set up with some testing next month. He said a lot of times in my generation it goes undiagnosed because of the way mental health was viewed. I know that I have it. I’ve known for a long time but always thought maybe I was crazy for thinking it because I don’t even know why. It’s one thing after another, I am hoping this will be the final piece of my mental puzzle though. Like the one piece I couldn’t figure out and fix. I hope I can be fixed all the way now :) 

Okay well, I am done writing today, it really is hard on the phone and just thinking about all that shit at one time is making my heart race. I still haven’t finished the cabinet. It’s close.. this close to being done and I am already so proud of my hard work. I really hope to post it soon and then show you my next project that I couldn’t help but start!

Take care everyone.