It was a good Thursday

Yesterday was fun but unfruitful in my search for a few items to put up for sale online. I decided that I wanted to check out a Goodwill store in an upper class neighborhood but I didn’t have any luck. Aidan and I took the little kids with us for the adventure. We had a nice ride through some really beautiful neighborhoods and then had a nice lunch before heading back home. I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything but that certainly didn’t ruin my day.

Later in the evening Regina and I went out to run a few errands and we had a lot of fun being goofy in another thrift store. We didn’t find anything in there worth buying but it was fun to act silly. Then we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up leafing supplies.

I am going to add more goldleaf to the lamp I did a few months ago. It looks pretty now but it definitely needs more to look it’s best. I also have another lamp that I picked up and want to cover in silver leaf and then antique the finish. It will look really nice I think! I’ll take pictures :)

Regina is going to be doing her own leafing on some art work she has drawn. I can’t wait to see it. She is a fantastic artist and I love her work, I’ll share that too if she lets me :)

After Michaels we stopped in a clothing consignment shop, where I was hoping to get a pair or two of pants. That didn’t work out and I really need to loose aa lot of weight. We followed that realization with buying sweatpants at Target and eating Taco Bell.

Marshal got his driver’s permit yesterday and let me tell you — holy shit I have two kids who can drive. Seriously, a 17 and 18 year old. I can’t believe it. Especially because I also have two toddlers. How crazy is that?¬† It makes my head spin.

Speaking of Marshal, I’ve gotta go get him up for school. I hope you all have a happy Friday! I’ll be working today and I can’t wait to get in and see all of the new stuff that I’ll want to buy :)




Marshal was home last weekend

Last weekend Marshal had been given a home pass and stayed here Friday thru Monday. It was a shorter visit than the last one but it was very nice to have him here. He really has taken to the program at George Junior nicely and has actually moved into a group home because he has been doing so well. I’m very proud of him. Very, very proud.

We had a lot of family parties over the weekend and he and his buddy came to my nephews birthday party on Saturday. The party was at the shore and was a long ride so I was happy they were coming with me and the little boys. Marshal was able to visit with my brother and sister, his cousins and Pop-Pop. They couldn’t believe how grown up he has become. He has a mustache now! I couldn’t believe that either!

On Sunday Regina and I had a baby shower for one of my cousins to go to. Marshal stayed here with the boys, Aidan and his buddy. Aidan and Marshal got along well and even worked together on cleaning up the kitchen. It means everything in the world to me that they have gotten back to a place where they can get along and even appreciate one another.

Marshal is scheduled for a review hearing November 30, after his Thanksgiving home pass. Since he is doing so well he will likely be offered a chance to come home for good. It’s what he’s been dreaming of for 9 months but this program is so good and he has had so much success that he’s been leaning towards finishing the school trimester there and not coming home until January. This makes me so proud of him. He has grown up and matured in ways I never imagined.

Of course I want him to come home but more than anything I want him to be successful and if that means staying there I support him 100%. I want the best for him and if having him live at school is the way I can offer it then you know I will!

Regina’s vanity

This morning Regina and I are going on an adventure to pick up a vanity and chair. We’ve been looking for quite a while for one to work on. The plan is to chalk paint paint a nice piece, she needs a place to show off her massive top shelf makeup collection.

We’ve seen a few that were good pieces but we either didn’t get a reply back, or someone else got them first, and in one case we had one but it was broken when the sellers brought downstairs for us to buy.

But now we finally have found a piece and I believe it will be perfect. It is actually being purchased from a mother daughter team who restore or chalk paint antiques for a living. They have talent. Seriously, they sell absolutely beautiful pieces.

Here is their website

Check it out if you want to see some really gorgeous girly things, you’ll be amazed :)

Anyway, Regina and I are picking up this vanity from them and then the chair from a consignment shop:

Use your imagination goggles :) It’s going to be beautiful when we are done! Well we hope it will be :) She has to pick a paint color and knobs and we still need to find a mirror but this is a great start and should keep us very busy for a while.

I’m really excited to work on it with her. We make a good team and work well together usually so I think it will be fun! She really is creative and stylish so I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m going to let her do all of the creative thinking and just contribute my labor. I hope she will love it so much more than that $100 particle board desk she was thinking of buying ;)



Class of 2016

I am so happy and proud to say that Regina pulled it together in the last few days of school and earned her diploma! Seriously. I doubted her and she admitted to me before the ceremony she had even doubted herself.. but she did it!

I am a very proud mama :)

Right now she is on a vacation with her Dad and his girlfriend in California. They’ve been gone for almost a week and are driving up the coast. She deserves that awesome trip more than anyone I know and I am so glad that they took her.

Even though she hasn’t been gone for too long I really miss her being here. With Marshal away and her not here it is giving me a little taste of what life will be like when they move out. Those days are numbered now I suppose.

I was admittedly really sad at her graduation and cried a bit on the way home. I kept giving myself the lecture “Who cries at graduation?” I’m guessing a lot of parents do. I can’t believe how fast time moves.

All that can happen in 4 months..

Well, well, well. Here I am writing for the first time in 4 months. Four. Actually there was one drunken post at one point but then I removed it because it was just crappy nonsense. To say that things have been busy around here would be true and to say they’ve been crazy would be even more truthful. Honestly, I feel like there isn’t time for anything other than living right now and my nerves have been shot but might be starting to settle down soon. Maybe.

Marshall is away at a residential treatment facility. He will be there for about a year and should help him a lot. This was court ordered by a very nice judge who probably saw the desperation in my eyes when I requested he be placed. As you know I love all of my kids more than anything and I had been wanting him to be sent somewhere for a while for his own good, as well as for ours. He and Aidan had it out one night and it got really, really bad. I had Regina call the police because Marshal was seriously out of his head attacking Aidan. It was scary. That was in February and he hasn’t been home since.

If I am lucky and can get back into the swing of things I will talk more about Marshal in later posts.

I really miss writing so much.

Regina is another stressor.. Her graduation is next Thursday and she is scrambiling at the last minute to get her work done so she can actually graduate. Why she does this I just don’t know. She’s failing cosmetology because of her attendance. She’s months and months behind on her on-line courses. She’s playing hardball with her head in the clouds. Do I think she’ll get it all done in time to participate in graduation? Yes. I’m I worried sick that I’m wrong and she won’t? Yes. It’s her life and I can’t do it for her. All I can do (and do daily) is nag. Fun for all.

On top of those two my mother has been very odd and apparently has/had begun drinking around the clock. I don’t even know what to write about her other than I am worried. I think she is going through some mental health issues and trying to self medicate with more alcohol than usual. Trying to help my dad and brother help her has been difficult because I am so far away, have two little boys that I don’t want to bring around her and also I have to do a few driving trips each day to get or drop off Regina at work or school or what have you. I’ve also honestly have been hoping my mom gets her head out of her ass and gets her shit together. Not realistic.

The little boys keep my days busy. Maddox is starting to walk now and has been getting into everything for a while now. Logan has been getting jealous and they both constantly want my attention to be directed at themselves. It’s rough, it’s normal and I’m blessed to be able to be home with them. They drive me crazy though. :)

My mental¬† state hasn’t been so hot but I know it’s because of everything that’s going on. I feel stretched thin but it will all fall into place. My medication was switched and it’s taking it’s time working. I have gained 20 pounds since starting the first med and it’s making me miserable. This new med that replaced it though should help me lose that weight. I hope so though because I really feel disgusting. It’s terrible. Especially concidering that I had lost so much weight after having Maddox, who will be a year old next month.

Logan’s 3rd birthday is on Thursday. Since the boys birthdays are so close together I am having a combined party. I don’t want to do all of the work twice and we are far enough away from family that one trip is good for them to make instead of two.

In August Regina will be 18. Holy fucking shit batman. I would be close to the end of child hood! But that’s not the case at all. I’ve got another 17 years before I can say that. Sigh. I love the kids, each and every one of them but this Mama is tired. Really tired. I turned 38 on Friday. My life is chugging along and of my whole life I’ll have had 35 years of kids under 18. If that doesn’t keep you young then I’m fucked.

I’ve been working on the stairwell and woodwork in the house and it’s been moving quickly. I’ll update more soon, Logan just woke up.

Eternally Aggravated

Well, hello! As I bet you’ll guess that I am going to say, it’s been a struggle in the mornings to get up early and write. I don’t know if it’s the constant heat running, the nighttime meds that I take or the baby waking up every few hours but wow the mornings have been terrible!

Aside from that things have been meh. What about that snow storm we got on the east coast of the US? Crazy right? It was crazy here and we got about 22 inches with a lot of wind. Luckily we didn’t lose any power and we had everything we needed here to be trapped in for 2 days. Marshal did a lot of shoveling with his buddies and made some money so that kept him out of my hair and happy.

Unfortunately the little ones were both sick with fevers. Of course they caught germs on Friday at the doctors office when Maddox had a check-up. Fevers galore! So we didn’t get to bring Logan out during the storm, which was okay by me because the wind and temps were too much! I did get him out there on Sunday for about 20 minutes. We didn’t get to make a snowman because the snow was like powder but I did teach him how to make snow angels and he had fun anyway. He would have stayed out longer but I suck in cold weather.

The big kids are working my nerves something fierce as usual. I swear if one week went by that I wasn’t annoyed with them I might have a heart attack. I know I’ll miss them when they don’t live with me anymore but when they are super aggravating like this I just look forward to the days. Then I’ll get to do it all again in 12 years. Teenagers. Bleh. Well, hopefully the little ones will be much better behaved than the big ones are. I’m willing to bet they will be. Different life, you know.

Well, I know it’s not a lot but Aidan is talking to me before he leaves and I think I hear the babies waking up. If anything I’ll try to get some picture or videos up of the littles. :) Happy Wednesday, I hope it’ll be a good one!

“Mom, do you have a pair of socks?”

This boy. I seriously bought him 26 pairs of socks for Christmas. Twenty Six. A whole months worth, just about. Combined with all of the other socks he had and has stolen from us.. I’d say he has at least 40 pairs down there.

What fucking nerve.

“I promise I’ll start my wash today.”

His problem.

I can’t give him socks because I myself only have maybe 6 pairs. I do my laundry when I need and if I’m late by a day or two I’m stuck wearing slipper socks. My problem. I don’t try robbing other people or asking other people. I get my shit done and move on.

I really need a shower.

Aidan’s been leaving early for work so he can get home before 7pm. It’s better that he gets home early but it’s harder in the mornings. Plus I don’t know why but I’ve been having a very hard time waking up lately. Like super hard Regina-needs- a-ride-to-school-now late.

Sigh. That’s why I haven’t been writing for a few days either.

Mommy needs to hibernate. And not be harassed about socks.

Well, the kids are up, have a great day. I’ll try to write more later if they take a nap at the same time. har har har.