While it’s been quiet my mind is screaming

I don’t know the last time I wrote, it must have been about two weeks ago? Things have been going meh but not bad. I was on a roll selling stuff on eBay and then it just slowed down to the point that I keep talking into my phone saying “someone buy something”.

Seriously, I was getting one or two orders every other day or so for high priced items and now it’s been 3 things in a little over a week and those were for very low amount items. Very frustrating, considering I have some really kick ass stuff listed and for some really competitive prices. I was really hoping to reach a thousand in sales this month and right now I’m just hovering right under 750. There is still 6 days left to the month so it is still possible but I am feeling pretty discouraged.

The good news is that my sales have covered all of my inventory costs for the year and I still have a little profit. I also have a few more things to list and they are good things so I am happy about that. Of course I’ll have to get more inventory but I am putting myself on a hold for a little while, at least until my sales pick back up.

I got myself a side job with one of the dealers that comes into the shop, he is going to pay me 30% of what I sell for him on eBay. 30% is low but I am just breaking into the business and the experience will be worth double the pay. He’s given me some good pointers so far, that haven’t resulted in sales yet, but I believe he is right on the money with his advice.

He’s a good guy to get into business with, he brings in like 10k a month on eBay. I didn’t know if he was being honest at first but after some research I have decided to believe him. There are a lot of people making a lot of money on eBay and I am going to be one of them.

Anyway when he asked how many items I had listed I was pretty proud to say 67 items. He wasn’t impressed. He agreed that it was a good start though. The thing is that I don’t want to spend a billion dollars to make a thousand. Plus I have to keep track of all this stuff. It’s all mildly organized right now but if I get to 100 items I am really going to need a structured system. My spread sheet just isn’t cutting it and the overflow into our living space is giving me a headache.

I’ve been working on setting up the basement into an office area but it is taking me a long time. Between the little kids and my lack of determination at this point I am just moving things from on corner to the next. I need a whole day or two to get it functioning. Now that the weather is going to be nice soon I am getting the itch to Craigslist again but I seriously need to get organized or the jokes about me being a hoarder will no longer be jokes.

I think I need to get some string tags and start using numbers to organize this stuff in my spreadsheet. It will be easier for storing it too. I’ve also ordered some boxes and I am wondering if I should package the stuff so I can get a more accurate weight on it. Offering free shipping is a must for me and it’s making things harder on me in the end. Trying to be competitive price wise is tough because I have to include the shipping, otherwised I’d be getting burned for everything. Now that I’ve paid for all of my inventory costs though I could price everything as low as possible just to move it. But I want to make a nice nest egg for new inventory, you know.. So. I know I am all over the place, sorry for that.

Anyway here are a few of the newer items that I have listed, some really cool stuff I think..

These are the unedited photos but you get the idea.. I’m still waiting on Regina to finish my logo. It is taking foreverrrrrrr. If she ever finishes it I will share the store here. If you see something you like in this post or any other email me and I’ll give you the link, plus a discount ;)



Things To Do — Part 3

My brain is all over the place.. I have so many things running through my mind about what needs to be done and I’m spending more time thinking than doing !

Today I am going to list out all of the tasks I need to focus on for my business. I got a new website started but I haven’t actually written anything for it. That was the first step though and I’m not in a rush to fill it with stuff just to have something. I want to take my time and truly make it a great website.


  • Register my name with the government
  • get a business license
  • finish my business plan
  • create a logo
  • have logo turned into electronic file
  • come up with a description
  • put description on Chairish and Ebay
  • put uniform logo on Chairish and Ebay
  • start a facebook page
  • start an instagram
  • start a pintrest
  • build a light box
  • take really good photos
  • come up with very clever descriptions
  • revise all items
  • start guides on ebay – copy and paste from blog
  • get a good photo of myself
  • set up excel spread sheet for accounting purposes
  • come up with system for tracking invoices
  • come up with standard packaging information
  • business cards
  • join association so I can qualify for a dealer on 1st Dibbs
  • set up office downstairs

This list could go on forever but as you see there is a lot to be done! I suppose I will stop there for now and once I’ve accomplished those tasks I’ll have a whole lot of other items to start a new list with :)

Today I have the goal of getting all of the floors in the house cleaned. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Every floor. Anyone else doing the Apartment Therapy January Cure??

Things to Do 2017 — Part 2

I have a computer!! It came in yesterday and I am thrilled to be able to work on it! There are so many things that I wasn’t able to accomplish on my phone so I am truly excited to be back on a real computer, it’s been months!

So in my last post I started talking about all of the house stuff that needed to be done and only tackled the main floor. Today I am going to attempt the upstairs, which should be a lot easier..


  • touch up wood work on banister
  • finish painting trim
  • fill gap in baseboard and paint
  • paint celiling
  • fix ceiling patch
  • replace light
  • clean doors
  • find table or chair or something for top of the steps
  • round rug for landing
  • runner for hall
  • artwork near bedroom


  • blow it up — just kidding we need it
  • paint walls
  • recaulk tub
  • paint ceiling
  • replace light fixture
  • replace medicine cabinet
  • new sink?
  • paint grout on floor
  • reorganize closet
  • paint closet interior
  • repaint doors or strip



  • rearrange?
  • add toddler rail to crib
  • hang artwork
  • paint woodwork
  • curtains?



  • paint walls!!
  • get rail in closet
  • curtains
  • remove plaster to expose brick?
  • new sconces and hang
  • paint radiator cover
  • paint trim
  • reorganize armoir



  • make her clean it
  • make her purge it
  • get vanity
  • paint trim
  • paint ceiling
  • take care of roof leak


So you see why I stopped after one floor the other day, lol? I still need to write out the lower level and the attic. The lower level laundry room is a post in itself and will tie into my business to-do’s because it is planned to be my workshop/office. So exciting, so overwhelming :D

Well, have a great day all! I am going into work and it is supposed to snow — I hope that doesn’t mean we will be slow!

I cooked the shit out of life today.


I read that they removed the word so this year from something. A dictionary? Etiquette? Proper writing? Speaking?



I cooked my ass off today. I have been struggling with making dinner since Maddox was born so I decided to do something about it. Since I received the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook as a Christmas gift and she has a whole chapter on freezer cooking I opted to take advantage of the little’s being with Aidan at his parents today.

I made 150 meatballs.
I cooked 5 pounds of taco beef.
I cooked 8 cups of taco chicken.
I prepared 6 burgers.
I marinated 12 chicken breasts.

There should be no reason that I can’t come up with something to make for dinner on any given night this week and next. I still want to make pasta dishes and chili but I need a few more ingredients. Oh and chicken pot pie.. Yes please.


I cooked a lot today and I feel good about that :)

Back on the grind..

Well, it’s the second morning of winter vacation being over. Yesterday morning didn’t go badly but it required Regina being driven to tech. This morning wasn’t horrible but Regina is staying home because she was up all night unable to sleep and Marshal gave me a hard time about waking up. Also, Aidan is supposed to be up right now but I don’t know if he is.

Oh, and it’s 12 degrees outside. Far below freezing and way below what the temperature was last week. This crazy weather has everyone scratching their heads, for sure.

Just a few minutes ago I posted the post I wrote the other day. After writing it I didn’t post it because I was planning on making the room look nicer and then re-writing it (like I said I wasn’t going to do in the post) but I never got around to it. So, instead of wasting a perfectly good and realistic peek into our lives I just posted it.

After writing that post the other day I finally printed up some pictures to fill a few frames that have been sitting empty on the shelves. I also printed new pictures for the frames in the hallway just to update them. One of the frames got knocked off of the wall a while back when Marshal was harassing Regina and it broke. Despite my efforts to “fix” it with painters tape (yeah.) it is still falling apart.

The frames were only like 8$ from Marshall’s or TJ Max or something so the cost isn’t an issue. It’s the frame itself. I like it and don’t know if I’ll find something quite the same. That’s how it goes. Anyway the mats are a cream color and don’t really look so great next to the pictures I printed so I eventually will need to look for some new ones. Yes, the color of the mat bothers me more than the fact that the frame is falling apart.

After the post I did the other day I got some more hardcore cleaning done. I cleaned out the fridge, the spice cabinet and the food cabinet. Steamed the kitchen floors, including the grout with the jat spray attachment and then moved on to the bathroom where I used the jet spray on every steamable surface I could. The tile on the walls, the toilet, the tub and of course the floors. It worked out great.

I have plenty more to write about but I hear Aidan snoring. He’s as bad as the kids today. I have to go wake him up again and continue writing about my super exciting life another time.

Have a great day :)

From banking to wedding planning..

Coffee stop..

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to the bank and asked Regina to go for the ride with me. After we were done there I asked her if she’d prefer Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee since they are both in the area.

I knew she’d want Starbucks (like me) but that requires getting out of the car and going into Target so I gave her the choice. Of course she choose Starbucks :)

While we were waiting for our coffee’s I told her I just wanted to go to the toy department really quick and look for a Daniel Tiger doll for Maddox. He loves Logan’s so much and I don’t want them to start fighting over it..

One thing led to another and after 30 minutes Regina said she was going to grab a cart. Why we ever try to walk through that store without one (or the super market) I’ll never know.

We did end up getting basically only stuff we needed (coffee, creamer, stuff to make cookies, a roll of wrapping paper that I had picked out but left at the store the other day) and I let her pick out a gift for Logan to be from her and one for Marshal to give him, too.

The point is this — we went in for coffee and left with $120 of items that is coming out of the bank account I had just deposited money into. Oh Target, you are so horribly fantastic.

A carpet of needles..

I’ll be so glad when Christmas is behind us. Not just because of the money that’s being spent but also because I am un-decorating and removing the Christmas tree on the 26th.

Usually I wait until after New Year’s Day to take down the tree but the needles are falling off of this thing like mad. And it’s so large that when you walk by it, it inevitably gets bumped into and more needles fall. They are the pointy ones that hurt too and get stuck in between the floor boards.

Ugh, it’s super aggravating.

All of the ornaments are fun though and I will miss seeing them until next year.

Feeling happy..

I’m getting in the spirit of Christmas more this year than in previous years. It’s a lot of work, decorating, shopping, baking, visiting and it all goes by so fast. I guess though because I have little kids again it’s exciting again. I’ve really been trying to get Logan excited this year and understand Santa and Christmas. I hope he will remember next year and get super excited on his own.

As a kid I loved Christmas time. Who didn’t as a child, right?

After I hooked up with my ex it wasn’t fun for me though. He left me with a lot of bad memories but I’m learning to create new and better ones and also to remember the good ones before him. Also I try to focus on the good memories I had with the big kids. I hope they won’t think of Christmas as a bad time period. The three of us went through a lot but now we are all trying to make it better.

Hoping for house parties..

I’m excited for the future and hopeful we will have a bigger house that I can invite people over to celebrate. I used to have a lot of parties here and the house is actually less cluttered but it just feels so crowded. I’d love to host New Year’s Day brunch or even New Year’s Eve at some point. I’ll get there and it will be wonderful.

Pick a date, any date..

I was talking to Aidan the other night about setting a date for our wedding and told him how hard of a time I have planning things. He told me he thought I lived for that kind of stuff. I do love throwing parties but don’t have a lot of confidence and get easily overwhelmed. Him just saying that though made me feel good and helped me wonder if I actually could organize a nice event. I probably could. Maybe.

Well, have a great day :)

It’s a busy time of the year, no?

This post was started on Sunday morning.. I’m finally gtting back to it today :)

I woke up this morning and when I came downstairs I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a ghost in my house last night. Every light was on and every kitchen cabinet door was open.

Do I really think it was a ghost? No, it was Marshal. The boy drives me crazy. I’m not going to talk about him again today though.

I really need to get this house in order and I plan on tackling it today. There are so many little messes in here that it feels like it will take a week to sort it all out but I know it won’t.

I didn’t write as much as I had thought but it was a good way to start because on Sunday Aidan took the kids to his folks (for the first time without me) and I got a shit ton of clean done. It felt great!

I got the whole upstairs dusted, vacuumed, windows washed, floors mopped.

In our room I put our duvet cover on that we haven’t used in a year. I Made the bed proper and put every single thing where it belongs.

In the boys room the toys were sorted through and purged then organized as were their clothes.

I cleaned out the bathroom closet and washed the shower curtains and rugs.

It was my goal to make room for all of the stuff that will need a home in the next week. I succeeded :P

I was able to get all of the stuff that belongs in the attic back into the attic and declutter downstairs. The tree is causing the most clutter lol but thankfully that’s temporary.

The first picture is the tree before it got a haircut. The second picture shows that it is still huge and takes up 1/3 of the room.


I did some laundry and while I was down there I decided to wash a my beautiful durrie rug I had in the basement. It got ruined when our hot water heater rusted out (the colors bled) but I still love it. So I figured another washing wouldn’t hurt. Now I am going to put it in Regina’s room. I rearranged the back room of the basement a little and swept.

In all I had the most productive day probably in all this year.

There is still a lot of cleaning I need to do downstairs but Aidan is still sanding the walls so I am waiting until that’s done because of the dust. I think (finger’s tightly crossed) that he will finish this weekend.

Yesterday I just about finished up Christmas shopping. I still need to place one order and get some more wrapping supplies. I will be done soon! I wrapped a lot of gifts but still have more being delivered. I hope everyone will like their gifts, don’t we all hope that?

This morning I have a meeting at the school. We will see how that goes.. I’ll update you next time if the whole situation doesn’t stress me out too much.

Have a great Tuesday everyone :)