Cookie’s Buttons

Yesterday was great. It was a fun day at work and even though I was working by myself there were still plenty of customers to talk to and get to know. A lot of self proclaimed regulars were in the store and they all seemed very nice. There was one difficult customer but she ended up walking away happy, well as happy as she could have been, I think she is normally a grump, but she wasn’t furious when she left, so that was good.

My mom started a button collection a few years ago and last week I happened upon a button collection from my bosses grandmother that they were going to sell. I scooped it right up and thought it would be a great gift for Christmas. The tin was very beat up so I decided to look for something better for her to keep them in. The other day I happened upon a depression glass cookie jar with the word cookies on it that would have been perfect. My moms nickname is Cookie and it was the right size.


I really wanted to get it but it was a bid item and with the shipping it would have been close to $60. So I was disappointed to let it go, but I did. Well, wouldn’t you know that while I was at work yesterday I just happened to look up in a spot I usually look at and low and behold, there was the same jar, in better shape and for 25% off $50?! How fucking strange and wonderful is that?! I never saw it there before and like magic it was there, right in front of my face :)

The jar pictured above is the photo from the auction site. That one has a green lid and the label isn’t as worn as the one in the store which has a silver lid. The label at the store has the “s” worn off so it says “COOKIE” how seriously perfect :)

I’m getting it today, I have already set it aside! I hope she loves her gift. I think she will! Me and the boys enjoyed going through the buttons so I can see why she likes to collect them :) It’s definitely the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten for anyone. I always have big ideas about thoughtful gifts but they never work out. I hope it will mean a lot to her. Giving it means a lot to me.


My mom isn’t doing any better

My mom was back in the hospital again on Thursday. I thought if I went down there and talked to them they would keep her and get to the bottom of what is going on with her but they didn’t. They wouldn’t admit her to the psyche ward because when they interviewed her she wasn’t a threat to herself or others. They said if it’s low potassium making her act like a maniac her primary doctor would have to help her and if it’s dementia a neurologist would have to help.

This time she was admitted for being drunk. She was physically attacking my dad and brother after my dad hid the whiskey from her. She was taking off her clothes and running outside screaming things. When the police came she was being sexually vulgar towards them. This is not my mom. Her alcohol level was .02 the limit for being unable to drive is .008 the woman doing the psyche evaluation said .03 would be inebriated. My mom still insists that she only drinks 2 drinks a day and was horribly offended when we said she was an alcoholic.

So there are two problems — the alcohol abuse, obviously, and something with her brain which is strongly exasperated by the alcohol.

I’m going to her primary doctors appointment on Monday and will see what he says. I’m not expecting any answers but more work to do. Forming a relationship with her doctor is probably a good idea also.

It’s hard being around my mom though. She’s really mean and says horrible things. I know it’s not really her talking but it still gets to you. My poor dad and brother, I don’t know how they are doing it. She’s always had a nasty streak but now it’s 24/7.