Feeling Positive

This weekend was great for me, I hope yours was too! On Saturday we were very busy at work and had great sales. There was down time so it didn’t feel hectic, but I like to be busy, the time goes by faster. I work alone on Saturdays and have a little competition with the girl who works on Sundays. She is great at selling and always beats my day end total but this weekend she didn’t! I had the highest sales that I’ve had on my own so far and it was awesome :)

On Sunday Regina and Marshal and I went out without the little kids. It was nice, just the three of us. We don’t get to do that often and we weren’t rushed for time. Marshal needed a haircut and Regina had to exchange some Christmas gifts. We also made a stop into a thrift store that I’ve been meaning to check out. Oh boy, am I glad we stopped!

I know I am being very hopeful when I say this and probably not too realistic, but I honestly believe I found an original Picasso. Seriously. I am going to do the things I need to do required by the Picasso estate and try to have it verified. Yes. Seriously. How fucking insane would that be? It gives me chills through my entire body! I’ll keep you updated for sure!!

In the same store Marshal found a signed first addition of a book that we are going to list on eBay. It will be his first item to list and I told him he can keep the profit :) I’m excited that he wants to do this with me, I hope he enjoys it!

I also got a few costume rings that are pretty and in great shape. Two of them are vintage and the other is a Juicy Couture. I got each of them for a buck each so I will list them low and hopefully make my investment back quickly :)

On Saturday I was talking to a regular dealer who comes into our store pretty frequently. She buys stuff from us then flips it and has great luck on eBay. She said she makes a couple thousand a month, as much as she makes in her brick and mortar store and she was giving me some tips. I am grateful for advice that I receive and have been talking to a few other dealers too. I am grateful for all the advice I can get but hers was the most encouraging so far!

I am really feeling good about this and just when I feel discouraged something great happens like getting positive feedback, getting a sale or a bid, finding something awesome or receiving a payment.  All of those things are fantastic and they all keep me motivated. I just want to sell, sell, sell!!

There are quite a few new things that I have to list and put up but I don’t want to pay listing fees and only have a handful of free listings left. This is where things are going to get tricky.. I need to figure out a strategy and remove the things that aren’t getting any interest. There are quite a few items I can list in the spring for Easter and spring in general so I think I won’t relist them now and then put them up when it’s a better time.

Holy shit, I can’t wrap my mind around the Picasso. Could you even imagine??


Things To Do — Part 3

My brain is all over the place.. I have so many things running through my mind about what needs to be done and I’m spending more time thinking than doing !

Today I am going to list out all of the tasks I need to focus on for my business. I got a new website started but I haven’t actually written anything for it. That was the first step though and I’m not in a rush to fill it with stuff just to have something. I want to take my time and truly make it a great website.


  • Register my name with the government
  • get a business license
  • finish my business plan
  • create a logo
  • have logo turned into electronic file
  • come up with a description
  • put description on Chairish and Ebay
  • put uniform logo on Chairish and Ebay
  • start a facebook page
  • start an instagram
  • start a pintrest
  • build a light box
  • take really good photos
  • come up with very clever descriptions
  • revise all items
  • start guides on ebay – copy and paste from blog
  • get a good photo of myself
  • set up excel spread sheet for accounting purposes
  • come up with system for tracking invoices
  • come up with standard packaging information
  • business cards
  • join association so I can qualify for a dealer on 1st Dibbs
  • set up office downstairs

This list could go on forever but as you see there is a lot to be done! I suppose I will stop there for now and once I’ve accomplished those tasks I’ll have a whole lot of other items to start a new list with :)

Today I have the goal of getting all of the floors in the house cleaned. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Every floor. Anyone else doing the Apartment Therapy January Cure??

Cookie’s Buttons

Yesterday was great. It was a fun day at work and even though I was working by myself there were still plenty of customers to talk to and get to know. A lot of self proclaimed regulars were in the store and they all seemed very nice. There was one difficult customer but she ended up walking away happy, well as happy as she could have been, I think she is normally a grump, but she wasn’t furious when she left, so that was good.

My mom started a button collection a few years ago and last week I happened upon a button collection from my bosses grandmother that they were going to sell. I scooped it right up and thought it would be a great gift for Christmas. The tin was very beat up so I decided to look for something better for her to keep them in. The other day I happened upon a depression glass cookie jar with the word cookies on it that would have been perfect. My moms nickname is Cookie and it was the right size.


I really wanted to get it but it was a bid item and with the shipping it would have been close to $60. So I was disappointed to let it go, but I did. Well, wouldn’t you know that while I was at work yesterday I just happened to look up in a spot I usually look at and low and behold, there was the same jar, in better shape and for 25% off $50?! How fucking strange and wonderful is that?! I never saw it there before and like magic it was there, right in front of my face :)

The jar pictured above is the photo from the auction site. That one has a green lid and the label isn’t as worn as the one in the store which has a silver lid. The label at the store has the “s” worn off so it says “COOKIE” how seriously perfect :)

I’m getting it today, I have already set it aside! I hope she loves her gift. I think she will! Me and the boys enjoyed going through the buttons so I can see why she likes to collect them :) It’s definitely the most thoughtful gift I’ve ever gotten for anyone. I always have big ideas about thoughtful gifts but they never work out. I hope it will mean a lot to her. Giving it means a lot to me.

A little job and Halloween talk

Today I will officially start my new job :) It will just be filling out paperwork and I won’t actually do any work but I will still be getting paid for my time, so that’s awesome! I am excited to get back into the working world, even if it is only part time and it won’t be a glamorous job. It won’t be high stress and it won’t be 40+ hours a week, that makes it awesome for me.

I wonder how much I will be making? Aidan said I should have asked when they hired me, it just all moved so fast though and we need any extra money that can come in so.. I’ll ask today, hopefully it won’t be too disappointing.

Yesterday I talked a little bit about finding inspiration in the pottery barn catalog. There was a cute pumpkin in there that when I saw it I thought “hey, I could make something like that!” Here is the pumpkin I am talking about:


It’s pretty cute and I am sure it’s high quality glass or ceramic but it’s something I don’t have money to spend on right now. I could however spare $4.50 to buy a white plastic pumpkin and a bag of sequins.. I already started working on it but it isn’t finished yet :) Hopefully next post I can show you what I’ve done :)

I am happy with the way my Halloween decorating has been going, it’s very minimal but Aidan said it was classy :) Regina’s boyfriend said I should keep it decorated for Halloween year round. Guess it’s looking nice :)

I’ll do a little “tour” when the pumpkin is done. Of course I haven’t done anything outside but maybe I can work on that this week.

I still want to get a couple of pillows at Ikea that I talked about yesterday, then the inside will be done :)


Head in the clouds, cause why not?

As usual my head has been up in the clouds thinking about this house and the things I’d like to change in it. You’ve heard me talk about pulling the fireplace out and we still haven’t gotten to it yet but will eventually. I also want to pull down the two walls on the main floor and someday we will do that also.

Every day I sit in here and visualize what it will look like when we have finally opened the space up. It’s fun to think about but leaves me with a dangerous itch to scratch. Aidan said yesterday “Please don’t pull anything down while I’m at work.” He was referring to my new obsession of exposing the brick in our bedroom. How did I jump from downstairs to upstairs? It’s his fault. He told me our first two projects should be our bedroom and the bathroom. The are smaller projects and less expensive ones that we can handle mostly (if not fully) on our own.

We’ve long talked about exposing brick in here. It would look so nice and when we do get to the downstairs there will be parts of a brick wall exposed, so it would tie in nicely. Oh my fingers are itching.

I saw a beautiful bed that I want to buy for our room the other day. We need a new bed as ours is a queen and barely fits us and the little kids. Also the support frame is broken because someone doesn’t listen to me and jumps on the bed when he gets into it. I’ll give you a hint: Aidan. Seriously. Anyway — I found the bed of our dreams and realized how gorgeous it would be in front of a brick wall. So now that’s my obsession.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

I would show a picture of the actual bed, but it isn’t on Pottery Barn’s website. I suspect that it is because they are running a big sale and don’t want to give people 25%  off of the price. If it’s gone for good I know the manufacture’s name and have already looked on their website and they do custom orders. I also know of a local place that could make it for us. So that bed will be ours. Once we can afford it (and a new mattress. And have torn down the plaster. And switched the door to open a different way.)

Maybe I’ll have my super awesome bedroom. Maybe I won’t. The point is that project is on the forefront of my mind.

Next on the project obsession is the bathroom.

I’ve decided that after we rip out all of the tile I’d like to remove the old cast iron tub (not a claw foot) and replace all of it with a one piece fiberglass tub and shower. Wait.. what? No gorgeous tile  running up the wall. Fuck tile in the shower. I hate it. Yes, it looks pretty but I fucking hate cleaning it. There is no way to prevent mold when there is tile, grout and caulk involved. Fucking hate it.

The floor however will have tile. Marble hopefully. That can be my splurge. Hopefully.

This is the tile I have wanted to put in there for well over a year now.


Since it’s been on my mind for so long I guess that means I like it a lot, right? So an all white tub and shower with a glass door like this:


And a new white toilet and pedestal sink.

Ok the kids are up. Time to get back to life :)