While it’s been quiet my mind is screaming

I don’t know the last time I wrote, it must have been about two weeks ago? Things have been going meh but not bad. I was on a roll selling stuff on eBay and then it just slowed down to the point that I keep talking into my phone saying “someone buy something”.

Seriously, I was getting one or two orders every other day or so for high priced items and now it’s been 3 things in a little over a week and those were for very low amount items. Very frustrating, considering I have some really kick ass stuff listed and for some really competitive prices. I was really hoping to reach a thousand in sales this month and right now I’m just hovering right under 750. There is still 6 days left to the month so it is still possible but I am feeling pretty discouraged.

The good news is that my sales have covered all of my inventory costs for the year and I still have a little profit. I also have a few more things to list and they are good things so I am happy about that. Of course I’ll have to get more inventory but I am putting myself on a hold for a little while, at least until my sales pick back up.

I got myself a side job with one of the dealers that comes into the shop, he is going to pay me 30% of what I sell for him on eBay. 30% is low but I am just breaking into the business and the experience will be worth double the pay. He’s given me some good pointers so far, that haven’t resulted in sales yet, but I believe he is right on the money with his advice.

He’s a good guy to get into business with, he brings in like 10k a month on eBay. I didn’t know if he was being honest at first but after some research I have decided to believe him. There are a lot of people making a lot of money on eBay and I am going to be one of them.

Anyway when he asked how many items I had listed I was pretty proud to say 67 items. He wasn’t impressed. He agreed that it was a good start though. The thing is that I don’t want to spend a billion dollars to make a thousand. Plus I have to keep track of all this stuff. It’s all mildly organized right now but if I get to 100 items I am really going to need a structured system. My spread sheet just isn’t cutting it and the overflow into our living space is giving me a headache.

I’ve been working on setting up the basement into an office area but it is taking me a long time. Between the little kids and my lack of determination at this point I am just moving things from on corner to the next. I need a whole day or two to get it functioning. Now that the weather is going to be nice soon I am getting the itch to Craigslist again but I seriously need to get organized or the jokes about me being a hoarder will no longer be jokes.

I think I need to get some string tags and start using numbers to organize this stuff in my spreadsheet. It will be easier for storing it too. I’ve also ordered some boxes and I am wondering if I should package the stuff so I can get a more accurate weight on it. Offering free shipping is a must for me and it’s making things harder on me in the end. Trying to be competitive price wise is tough because I have to include the shipping, otherwised I’d be getting burned for everything. Now that I’ve paid for all of my inventory costs though I could price everything as low as possible just to move it. But I want to make a nice nest egg for new inventory, you know.. So. I know I am all over the place, sorry for that.

Anyway here are a few of the newer items that I have listed, some really cool stuff I think..

These are the unedited photos but you get the idea.. I’m still waiting on Regina to finish my logo. It is taking foreverrrrrrr. If she ever finishes it I will share the store here. If you see something you like in this post or any other email me and I’ll give you the link, plus a discount ;)



He squashed me with a King

Two weekends ago I left you guys with a real cliff hanger.. I was tearing out the closet in the living room and had needed a little help getting the last few screws and the frame out. The screws were buried deep into the 2×4’s so I had to ask Aidan for help. I really wanted to do it all myself but just a little help at the very end almost counts :)

Aidan removed the screws and together we pulled out the frame. It was glorious! So much room for activities!! And now the moment I just know you’ve all been waiting for..


Ta-da!!! No more awkward closet! I told Aidan I would start working on the walls to remove the wood peices where the shelf was resting, patch the plaster, get a new corner guard, and paint once my weekend of visiting Marshal was over. I planned on spending this week and weekend getting it done.

Aidan had other plans in store..

While taking a pit stop on the turnpike on the way up to Marshal, Aidan sent me this picture..


At first I had no idea what I was looking at. After a minute when I realized I was ecstatic! Seriously. This man rocks my socks in more ways than one!! He was actually removing the fireplace and the wall behind it that took up a big chunk of real estate! This picture was after he pulled out the huge mantel, which we thought was solid wood — turns out it wasn’t!


Nope it was hollow all the way through. Insanity! Anyway, he got it out all by himself but was waiting for his dad to come over to pull the fireplace out because of the gas line. Of course, OF COURSE, there were some issues though.. There were water lines and electric lines running up the chiminy stack which we were planning to expose. Yeah, the water lines were run through a metal vent that is used for forced heat. Yup. But that was okay because my man and his dad are handy and a good team and got that shit in order!


There is also a section of the floor that was removed to put the vent through but they have that covered to!


The next day they worked hard and pulled the fireplace out. Halla-freakin-lugh-ya!! I hated that worthless danger thing!


Aaaand then they discovered knob and tube electric that was live. Yay. We just love old houses and shoddy upgrades, don’t you?


But that didn’t stop them! Well, not really. We can’t rip the wall out that is in between the dining room and living room, but more on that later, this post is about victory! Anyway when Regina, the boys and I arrived home at 11pm Sunday night we were greeted by 3 tired, frustrated and a little (dare I say) aggravated men who were covered head to toe in dust.

My living room is glorious though and it feels huge!

Regina was confused as all hell because I didn’t tell her. I though she’d be doing cartwheels like I was inside but instead she was just saying “What the hell happened to my house?” LOL

You guys, I am so excited! We are keeping the strip of brick from the chimney exposed and it is in great shape! It will need to be sealed but that’s all! Yes! The long section of brick (the exterior wall) will be dry walled over and I will have so much more room (for you guessed it –activities) this room is going to be awesome!

I’ll update you once the dry wall is up :)

And to this guy..


I pulled out a Queen of Hearts with my closet demolition but you slammed down a King! I love you so much, thank you for being so fucking awesome and insane like me :)


Covered in Dust

The house is covered in dust after yesterday’s session of pulling out the closet. Aidan took the boys to Target and the mall and while they were gone I went to work!

Demolition is hard work and messy work. I only pulled a little bit out — I can’t imagine how crazy it will be in here if we actually ever pull the other walls down. The hardest part though was actually deciding whether to get to the point of no turning back.

After getting all of the inside of the closet down I had to give myself a few pep talks to keep going. Not because I was tired or scared but, you know, I was destroying my house in the hopes of something better.

I suddenly just went for it and smashed the shit out of the drywall. There was no turning back. After working most of the drywall off and cleaning up for the 3rd time I took a step back and looked at the work:


I smiled! The room felt better already. Not having that awkward closet there really makes it feel bigger, being able to see the ceiling in that space. I forgot how tall my ceilings are but this view reminded me!

After Aidan came home with a super awesome surprise and the boys I made them dinner and helped get the boys settled. The surprise that Aidan brought home was a digital antenna for the tv! We have been cable free for 3 years and I love Roku and wouldn’t ever go back to cable but being able to watch regular tv now is so exciting lol! Logan didn’t understand what commercials were and said, “What is going on? What is wrong with this thing?” Ha! So funny..

Back to work I went once they were in good shape. I just wanted to get the rest down so I could be finished the demo part. That didn’t happen though because many of the screws were were buried in the wood and it was slowing me down a lot. It was bedtime for the kids so I had to call it quits for the night.

When I woke up this morning this is what I it looks like now:


Not much left to do on the demo side. I just have to remove the rest of the frame and then the last bit of drywall. I will have to figure out how they attached those wood strips to the walls also but I am not doing that today. We have a party to go to!

After all of the demo is done I need to do a good dust and vacuum session!

I have the vision that this room will be better without the closet! I can’t believe I actually went ahead with it. I’ve been wanting to do it for years.

Woo hoo for smashing things :)

The itch couldn’t be ignored any longer

Yesterday I was glad it was Friday. I was feeling somewhat energetic and almost positive. I cleaned a little, took care of small things I was avoiding and then decided I was overly sick of the awkward closet in the living room.

It was time to remove it.

I took off the door and emptied out all the contents. The little kids were thrilled to have a new space to play in. It was like Dr Who in here for a few hours while I stared at the space contemplating putting everything back.

I grabbed my phone and sent Aidan a picture. I suppose I was looking for a thumbs up or a little encouragement from him.

I suppose he was wishing he had played house with another woman:




So without his support I left it alone for a while. I needed a second opinion. Regina would be on my team.

When she woke up Logan explained to her, “There is a dumb wall with a hole in it and Mommy is getting it out!”

Regina then snapchatted a picture of my work to her BFF and captioned it “Mom started another “PROJECT'” to which BFF replied “Of course she did” (this was the BFF that was here when I decided to pull out the fireplace.)

Surely Regina agreed with me that this stupid thing hogging up valuable real estate needs to come out, right?

“We need the closet to put our stuff in.”

“No! We don’t!” I yelled.

She knows there is no sense in arguing with a lunatic. She shrugged and went upstairs.

We actually do need somewhere to put all of our stuff but that will be for me to worry about later.

For now, I just want someone to be excited to rip the thing out!!
At least I have the little kids on my side.

I grabbed a hammer and started bashing the inside of the stupid wall — I was met by multiple 2×2’s. I grabbed a long screwdriver and pried. It didn’t do much.

I found a bronze 1971 Trinidad and Tobago penny — It was a sign! This closet is coming down!

Maddox started picking up little pieces of drywall to put in his mouth. It was another sign — The wall wasn’t coming down, right now.

When Aidan got home from work he engaged my craziness and checked out my work thus far. He didn’t yell and had a gleam in his eyes (probably thinking about the woman he should have shacked up with).”We’ll have so much room for activities!!” I assured him. He was only interested in what was for dinner.

After we ate dinner he knocked out some of the drywall. Then immediately after feeding my fire he told me all the reasons we shouldn’t do this right now. I heard the man but I want that fucking wall out.

I gave up for the night. Now I am well rested and still want the wall out. So I am going for it. All for roughly 3 square feet of more space. It will be glorious!


Head in the clouds, cause why not?

As usual my head has been up in the clouds thinking about this house and the things I’d like to change in it. You’ve heard me talk about pulling the fireplace out and we still haven’t gotten to it yet but will eventually. I also want to pull down the two walls on the main floor and someday we will do that also.

Every day I sit in here and visualize what it will look like when we have finally opened the space up. It’s fun to think about but leaves me with a dangerous itch to scratch. Aidan said yesterday “Please don’t pull anything down while I’m at work.” He was referring to my new obsession of exposing the brick in our bedroom. How did I jump from downstairs to upstairs? It’s his fault. He told me our first two projects should be our bedroom and the bathroom. The are smaller projects and less expensive ones that we can handle mostly (if not fully) on our own.

We’ve long talked about exposing brick in here. It would look so nice and when we do get to the downstairs there will be parts of a brick wall exposed, so it would tie in nicely. Oh my fingers are itching.

I saw a beautiful bed that I want to buy for our room the other day. We need a new bed as ours is a queen and barely fits us and the little kids. Also the support frame is broken because someone doesn’t listen to me and jumps on the bed when he gets into it. I’ll give you a hint: Aidan. Seriously. Anyway — I found the bed of our dreams and realized how gorgeous it would be in front of a brick wall. So now that’s my obsession.

Here are some of my inspiration pictures:

I would show a picture of the actual bed, but it isn’t on Pottery Barn’s website. I suspect that it is because they are running a big sale and don’t want to give people 25%¬† off of the price. If it’s gone for good I know the manufacture’s name and have already looked on their website and they do custom orders. I also know of a local place that could make it for us. So that bed will be ours. Once we can afford it (and a new mattress. And have torn down the plaster. And switched the door to open a different way.)

Maybe I’ll have my super awesome bedroom. Maybe I won’t. The point is that project is on the forefront of my mind.

Next on the project obsession is the bathroom.

I’ve decided that after we rip out all of the tile I’d like to remove the old cast iron tub (not a claw foot) and replace all of it with a one piece fiberglass tub and shower. Wait.. what? No gorgeous tile¬† running up the wall. Fuck tile in the shower. I hate it. Yes, it looks pretty but I fucking hate cleaning it. There is no way to prevent mold when there is tile, grout and caulk involved. Fucking hate it.

The floor however will have tile. Marble hopefully. That can be my splurge. Hopefully.

This is the tile I have wanted to put in there for well over a year now.


Since it’s been on my mind for so long I guess that means I like it a lot, right? So an all white tub and shower with a glass door like this:


And a new white toilet and pedestal sink.

Ok the kids are up. Time to get back to life :)

Say Cheese :)

I realize that I haven’t posted any pictures lately so I thought I’d add some from my phone. Looking through them though I realize that I haven’t been taking too many! I hardly have any new pictures of Logan on there. I feel very bad about that!

There are a few of Maddox though eating his toes while I was trying to feed him real food. He LOVES eating his toes. Some babies like it, he loves it and will chew on them any chance he gets:

And here is one of him in the bath. I was trying to make a mohawk of his hair but it just kept curling over which was funny. Most of his birth hair fell out except for the top which makes it super long — and fun:


Here is one of the boys playing kitchen together the other day while I was playing in my kitchen. I thought it was so awesome that they were playing together:


This is Logan and I just hanging out. I thought this was taken after I darkened my hair but it was not! It’s even darker now and maybe someday I’ll show you:


This is Maddox in his most favorite outfit of mine. I had to take a picture because it isn’t going to fit him for long.. Behind him is the fireplace I haven’t ripped out yet but will soon!


This last picture is of the desk and filing cabinet I got last year as well as the new wall color. Don’t look at the wood work, it still needs to be done. And don’t look at the picture frames stacked on the desk, they need a home. And ignore the door that needs to be painted. Also the lamp isn’t staying there. Just look at the wall and the desk lol:


Well, have a great day! Good luck to those of you playing the lottery! Scarlet had a good point that it would probably change someone too much but I’m still hoping to win ;)

My titles need a lot of work..

Yesterday was a bust. A big ol’ bust. I didn’t get anything done. I was so tired that all I could get done was thinking about what I wanted to do. I guess that happens.

We ate leftovers. I didn’t shower. No cookies were made. No bathrooms were scrubbed. The kids were though.

I woke up this morning to a huge mess in the kitchen. One that I did not make but now one that I will clean up because if I wait until the kids wake up it won’t be until after noon.

The real kicker about yesterday is that I didn’t even really relax. I didn’t watch any tv or get a good nap. I just thought and walked around like a zombie. Stupid day.


I’ve been writing on this blog for over a year now. I got my anniversary notification over a week ago. I had to look back into my posts to find the date: December 14th. Since then I’ve written 270 posts, not including this one.

That’s great for me!

On my old blog, which was more successful (in terms of readership) I had posted 248 times from December 4th 2010 – January 26th 2014. Over here I’ve written way more posts in way less time.

Loss of laughter?

My old blog was better in terms of content and editing I suppose. I used to edit the shit out of what I was posting. I had to leave that behind but couldn’t delete it though. When I sometimes look back at that blog I realize that I was pretty funny.

Sometimes I think I am a little funny here but over there it was easier to make fun of myself and the bad luck streak I was stuck in. I must have come across funnier over there too because I think my humor here is often missed.

That leads me to think I have lost my sense of humor quite a bit over the years. Life has hardened me in ways that I don’t even realize. Don’t get me wrong, I still have fun in me, I’m just not like I used to be. I want to be sarcastic and goofy still but it feels like I sometimes don’t know how.

I think sarcasm served as a defense mechanism for me through a tough life and bad times, but I miss that about myself. Not the tough part — which we all know isn’t completely gone — but I want to try harder to be fun again.

I think I am still quite funny but it doesn’t seem that many of you either get me or think that I am funny. Sylvia gets my humor. I wonder if anyone else does? I wonder if you all just think I am just a huge complainer? I try to make light of my complaints.

I mean seriously..

I don’t know why I care so much for making people laugh or chuckle at least. When I was in the 6th grade I was voted the class clown and have always enjoyed making light of situations. And being sarcastic. Now I probably just seem dark and cranky.

I am cranky but I am a mom of four.

Poor Aidan. He’s known me forever and as a total goofball. Now I’m serious all the time. Well, more often than I used to be.

Okay so now that I’ve complained about being funny and the mess in the kitchen I guess I better go laugh my way through cleaning. Man, I always wished I had magical genie powers. I still sometimes put my arms on top of one another, nod my head and blink hoping they will finally kick in. True story.