Things To Do — Part 3

My brain is all over the place.. I have so many things running through my mind about what needs to be done and I’m spending more time thinking than doing !

Today I am going to list out all of the tasks I need to focus on for my business. I got a new website started but I haven’t actually written anything for it. That was the first step though and I’m not in a rush to fill it with stuff just to have something. I want to take my time and truly make it a great website.


  • Register my name with the government
  • get a business license
  • finish my business plan
  • create a logo
  • have logo turned into electronic file
  • come up with a description
  • put description on Chairish and Ebay
  • put uniform logo on Chairish and Ebay
  • start a facebook page
  • start an instagram
  • start a pintrest
  • build a light box
  • take really good photos
  • come up with very clever descriptions
  • revise all items
  • start guides on ebay – copy and paste from blog
  • get a good photo of myself
  • set up excel spread sheet for accounting purposes
  • come up with system for tracking invoices
  • come up with standard packaging information
  • business cards
  • join association so I can qualify for a dealer on 1st Dibbs
  • set up office downstairs

This list could go on forever but as you see there is a lot to be done! I suppose I will stop there for now and once I’ve accomplished those tasks I’ll have a whole lot of other items to start a new list with :)

Today I have the goal of getting all of the floors in the house cleaned. Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Every floor. Anyone else doing the Apartment Therapy January Cure??


Things to Do 2017 — Part 2

I have a computer!! It came in yesterday and I am thrilled to be able to work on it! There are so many things that I wasn’t able to accomplish on my phone so I am truly excited to be back on a real computer, it’s been months!

So in my last post I started talking about all of the house stuff that needed to be done and only tackled the main floor. Today I am going to attempt the upstairs, which should be a lot easier..


  • touch up wood work on banister
  • finish painting trim
  • fill gap in baseboard and paint
  • paint celiling
  • fix ceiling patch
  • replace light
  • clean doors
  • find table or chair or something for top of the steps
  • round rug for landing
  • runner for hall
  • artwork near bedroom


  • blow it up — just kidding we need it
  • paint walls
  • recaulk tub
  • paint ceiling
  • replace light fixture
  • replace medicine cabinet
  • new sink?
  • paint grout on floor
  • reorganize closet
  • paint closet interior
  • repaint doors or strip



  • rearrange?
  • add toddler rail to crib
  • hang artwork
  • paint woodwork
  • curtains?



  • paint walls!!
  • get rail in closet
  • curtains
  • remove plaster to expose brick?
  • new sconces and hang
  • paint radiator cover
  • paint trim
  • reorganize armoir



  • make her clean it
  • make her purge it
  • get vanity
  • paint trim
  • paint ceiling
  • take care of roof leak


So you see why I stopped after one floor the other day, lol? I still need to write out the lower level and the attic. The lower level laundry room is a post in itself and will tie into my business to-do’s because it is planned to be my workshop/office. So exciting, so overwhelming :D

Well, have a great day all! I am going into work and it is supposed to snow — I hope that doesn’t mean we will be slow!

New Year — New Goals

Happy new year everyone, how was your holiday? Aidan and I didn’t go out or have people over but it was a nice chill night and a happy way to bring in the New Year!

Speaking of happy in the New Year, I want to talk about something that always makes me happy through out a year.. Goals. Yep, I like setting and achieving goals and this year isn’t any different! Do you have any resolutions or goals in mind for yourself? Something I like to do is to make a loooong to-do list and treat them as goals for the year. Usually the list includes a ton of house projects for me to tackle. Do you ever have one of those?

 A big list helps me focus on things that need to be fixed or finished or done and it helps me from doing a whole lot of other things instead of all of the little things that drive me crazy! 

This year separate from my house goals I will be putting a lot of time and attention into getting my business up and running! I already feel like it’s getting out of hand with things that need to be done and things I want to do, so having a list will help me focus on the business the way I focus on my home :) they do effect one another after all!

I haven’t started my list for this year yet but there is no better time than the present right?

As an example I will start with some of the house stuff real quick. This is just a start and I’ll be working on the full list over the next few days. Hopefully by next Monday I will have all of my ducks in a row, to shoot down one by one :)


  • remove screen door
  • Paint front door
  • Add house numbers
  • New mailbox 
  • Hang mail box
  • Paint wood on porch
  • Paint window sill
  • Paint railing
  • Door knocker?
  • Add plants to planter
  • Rocks to front bed
  • Move vine plants to back
  • New flag
  • Update light fixture
  • Caulk window


  • hang two pictures
  • Finish wall and ceiling
  • Paint wall and ceiling
  • Finish painting wood work
  • Get picture reframed 
  • Hang picture
  • Move small shelf up higher
  • Get coat rack or wall rack
  • Add more hooks to banister
  • Use Bruce’s on Thonet chairs
  • Fix hole in floor
  • Get longer cord so I can move router
  • Need one extension cord
  • Rehang trim that is off wall
  • Paint heater cover


  • patch hole in wall
  • Repaint two patches
  • Wash walls
  • Paint woodwork
  • Ceiling??
  • Move tarp into the bump-out
  • Look for glass globes for light fixture
  • Move high-chair (sell)
  • Finish cabinet (sell)
  • Light bulb for cabinet
  • Spray paint for glass secures in cabinet
  • Silver leaf lamp (sell)
  • Get 2 sheepskins
  • More artwork


  • BLOW IT UP just kidding
  • Paint cabinets
  • Research counters
  • Research backsplash
  • Set budget
  • Deep clean
  • Change light fixture (sell)
  • Move desk
  • Paint heater
  • Get door air draft thing
  • Fix missing trim
  • Paint trim
  • Remove chalkboard
  • Artwork
  • Move pot-rack ? 
  • Get boot tray
  • Get coat rack or hooks
  • Hang calendar 
  • Clear off top of fridge

So, you see where this list is going.. I’m stopping now because I’m having anxiety. I’ll finish the rest later! I still need to tackle the lower level, upstairs and the attic. Plus the business stuff.

It’s going to be a busy year, it’s a good thing I still have 356 days left :)

Officially Validated :)

Not having a computer is really starting to get to me. There are so many things that I need to do with one, tasks that can’t be done on my phone, and I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. 

You don’t know what you got till its gone!

After work yesterday I was so pleasantly surprised to find that someone ordered an item from my Chairish account. It’s my first sale from that site so I am super duper stoked! I only had two items listed on there, the Henredon cocktail table and a newer piece, a Mongolian Lamb floor pillow. The cushion sold! It’s a beautiful piece and I am sad to see it go but it is too large for my space and it deserves to be shown off, so I am thrilled that someone else can use it and even more thrilled they could afford to buy it!

I want to make the packaging nice for them and that is why I was complaining about not having a computer.. I want to type a nice packing slip but I suppose I could just hand write a card, that is more personal anyway :)

Aside from the packing slip I really need a computer to set up my Chairish site so it looks more professional. Right now it is unfinished and looks terrible. I also want to work on my eBay shop and start a new website just for the items I am selling and a mini blog of all things home. I can’t do any of that from my phone.

You guys, I am so excited! This is really starting to happen! It’s been slow but I haven’t been really trying to sell anything. I was just starting to set up shop on Chairish and eBay. I haven’t even posted anything on Craigslist in months. This sale makes me want to sell everything I have though lol

I started my business plan about 2 weeks ago and it got tough so I put it aside. I realize I won’t be sucessful if I don’t get that hammered down though so I am getting back on it this week. I also want to start working on weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Little goals lead to big ones! I also have to get book keeping set up and register my business officially! I need the business plan before I can do any of that, so it’s important!!

Well, happy Friday! Today I am giving my mom her jar and buttons, I seriously hope she loves them!!

Shop Talk

It feels so good to be off for the next two days. I only work three days a week but two of them are long days and the third is a half day in between days off. I’m not complaining at all, my schedule is awesome but it sure is tiresome, especially since I was a stay at home mom for 5 years. It’s harder to get used to being in the real world than I thought!

It feels great to be back in the real world though, getting dressed with a purpose. Wearing makeup and fixing my hair has been great for me. I felt like such a slob when I wasn’t getting ready to do anything everyday and had lost my touch for picking out outfits. It’s been a lot of fun to be girly again and have pride in my appearance. It’s easier to get ready to face the world now, that’s for sure. 

Before I didn’t have many clothes that fit me and I always practically cried when I had somewhere to get dressed for. Since I now need to be presentable at least 3 days a week I bought some nice clothes that fit and have quite a few outfits that I feel confident in. That’s so important, isn’t it? Feeling confident changes the whole game. 

I often get asked if I am the owner of the shop and I think it is because I am confident and proud to work there. 

At the shop yesterday I started working on promoting our clothing selection. We have some really nice clothes and they sell but usually to the older crowd. There is a lot of nice stuff there for the young crowd too and I am trying to market towards them. Business has been slow with the holidays coming but I think if the teens know we have good things they will come! Fingers crossed. 

I really am trying hard to promote on Facebook. On Thursday I plan on doing more, this time with some of the great dresses we just got in. These dresses are great and would be beautiful for holiday parties, New Years Eve is coming! I heard my boss say we have a maniquin in storage and I’d love to pull it out! If we had more than one I could set up a nice window display.. maybe I’ll look around on Craigslist and see if I can find a few.

Okay well I hope you all have a great Tuesday! 

That extra hour will be used well!

Today I am determined to finish the china cabinet. It shouldn’t be such a surprise that it is taking as long as it has but doing it right is what matters more than doing it quickly.

Last weekend I was able to sand and prime the remaining pieces and only have one more quick coat of primer on the doors. Luckily the glass was easy to remove from the doors so they will come out looking sharp :) Then the cabinet needs one more sanding and a final coat of black blue. All the doors and the drawer need a sanding and three coats of color.

I need to research the way to restore the brass again. The handles are real brass and they seemed like they’d be easy, but the t-bars are plated brass and I need to be careful not to rub the plating off.

After they are nice and shiny Aidan suggested putting a coat of lacquer on them so they stay gleaming. He’s a smart man :)

I haven’t decided about putting a poly coat on the cabinet and doors/drawer, but I’m leaning towards it as an extra layer of durability.

Hopefully the next update on this cabinet will be to show it off. The fun part will be staging and photographing it! Aidan might have to pull my Fiestaware from the attic for the photos. Originally I thought to ask about borrowing a china set from my work for a few hours but it would be a little nerve wracking knowing and I have beautiful stuff here so I should just use that lol I think white would really stand out though, so we will see.

Alright, I’m getting to work now. I would really, really love to get this finished today :)

2015 Resolutions: Status Update

And just like that, it’s Monday again! No matter how fast or slow the weeks seem to go by overall this year is just flying past us. It’s the middle of April already and it seems like just yesterday was the beginning of the new year. I decided that this morning would be a good time to look at the list of resolutions I had made for myself in January and see where my progress was at.

I wasn’t expecting that I had gotten a lot of my goals done so far. Quite frankly I’m surprised with what I am able to cross off! I haven’t even looked at the list since a short time after writing it up. I am happy to say I was able to cross more than a few things off and some of the remaining tasks are in the works, so I’ll be scratching them soon, too!

My idea with the list was that I would write about each item as I crossed them off of my list but that didn’t work out so well. Most of the resolutions I’ve tackled I actually did write about as I’ve completed them but didn’t realize. Maybe one of these days I’ll go back and link the post to the list. Maybe not. No pressure :) It feels good knowing that I’ve accomplished any of the personal goals I’ve set for myself, especially considering there hasn’t been full effort on my part.

I’ll do another update on my list later during the year but I think I should start referring to it more frequently so I can stay on top of it. Hopefully I’ll get everything crossed off by years end or at least a few more :)

I know it’s a little late in the year to even be talking about resolutions, but I wonder if there is anyone else who is still working on theirs? Did you set any this year? What was your resolution and how are you doing with it? If you gave up on yours or didn’t set one know that it’s never too late to set goals for yourself! It always feels so good to get things done :)