It was a good Thursday

Yesterday was fun but unfruitful in my search for a few items to put up for sale online. I decided that I wanted to check out a Goodwill store in an upper class neighborhood but I didn’t have any luck. Aidan and I took the little kids with us for the adventure. We had a nice ride through some really beautiful neighborhoods and then had a nice lunch before heading back home. I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything but that certainly didn’t ruin my day.

Later in the evening Regina and I went out to run a few errands and we had a lot of fun being goofy in another thrift store. We didn’t find anything in there worth buying but it was fun to act silly. Then we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up leafing supplies.

I am going to add more goldleaf to the lamp I did a few months ago. It looks pretty now but it definitely needs more to look it’s best. I also have another lamp that I picked up and want to cover in silver leaf and then antique the finish. It will look really nice I think! I’ll take pictures :)

Regina is going to be doing her own leafing on some art work she has drawn. I can’t wait to see it. She is a fantastic artist and I love her work, I’ll share that too if she lets me :)

After Michaels we stopped in a clothing consignment shop, where I was hoping to get a pair or two of pants. That didn’t work out and I really need to loose aa lot of weight. We followed that realization with buying sweatpants at Target and eating Taco Bell.

Marshal got his driver’s permit yesterday and let me tell you — holy shit I have two kids who can drive. Seriously, a 17 and 18 year old. I can’t believe it. Especially because I also have two toddlers. How crazy is that?  It makes my head spin.

Speaking of Marshal, I’ve gotta go get him up for school. I hope you all have a happy Friday! I’ll be working today and I can’t wait to get in and see all of the new stuff that I’ll want to buy :)




Quick catchup

For whatever reason I have two computers that aren’t working. One apple and one windows and neither will boot up and I can’t figure out why so I am writing from my phone.. which is also giving me trouble. 

Anyway, how was your thanksgiving? Ours was nice, really nice because Marshal is home for the week, and possibly back for good — we go to court on Wednesday and will find out what the judge says. We all want him home but to say it isn’t a little stressful would be a lie. All of us are on edge a little and I think it is because of him maybe coming home. Don’t get me wrong, we all want him here more than anything but we are all a little worried that things will go back to the way they were.

He has definitely changed. Matured and has grown in ways I wasn’t even expecting, but he is still Marshal and well, I suppose I should have more faith.

I have work today and I am looking forward to it. I’ve had off since Monday and I miss being there. I don’t want to go in because being lazy is fun too but I want to go in more than I don’t so that’s good :)

Did anyone go Black Friday shopping? We did and it wasn’t as fun for me as usual because my body was killing me. It’s been bothering me for a few days but I really believe it’s caused by the stress of what will happen with Marshal.

Well, have a good day. It’s hard for me to write a lot on my phone. Hopefully I can figure out how to get one of my computers working soon.

Thanksgiving Plans

This year we will be having Thanksgiving here and it will be the first time since 2009 that I’ve cooked here. Since Marshal will be home for the holiday and we all want to eat together Aidan suggested I just cook here. Then my dad was giving me a small guilt trip so I invited he and my brother and my mother. Then Regina asked if her boyfriend could eat with us. So..  Now we will be having 10 people for dinner.

Ten people is actually a small amount compared to the Thanksgivings I used to host. In the past it was usually double that, no joke. All in my small house. Ten is a good number though and as long as we can keep the liquor hidden it should be a quick and nice visit.

I used to get all fancy with the food and try super elegant recipes, which were okay but they weren’t worth the work or hunting of ingredients. This year my motto is “keep it simple” so turkey, stuffing, potatoes, 2 veggies and rolls.

This year I’d like it to be more structured than years of the past. I’d like everyone to sit together at the same table (or tables pushed together) and for it to be set nicely with a centerpiece. In the past everything and everyone were everywhere because of the way my house was set up and my lack of planning. I can’t promise that this year will be different but I will try my hardest. At least the planning part..

What are your plans for the holiday? Will you be cooking or being a guest? Any black Friday shoppers out there? That’s as much of a holiday here as Thanksgiving is!

A little pissed off right now

Let me tell you something..

I may be a little blazae blah with all my spelling and my grammar but whatever i am real. with right, with what I write and how i feel and i’m not perfect but that was a big flaw with me.. perfectionism.

it made me stop.

i am not stopping now and maybe i don’t have the readership, or the stats, or the conformity, but i think “well, whatever.”

the truth is this. he doesn’t believe in me.

All this time. all these years, he doesnt know jack shit about me or who i am or who i can be.

my ex knew and he was afraid of it

he knows and is doubtful.

too much of a risk?

come on.

what risk

a little here and there

and Nan, really?

fuck you both

it’s not about 85$

85 fucking dollars

it’s about the belief in me that i thought you both had

it’s the belief in me that you clearly do not

so fuck you both.


Something better came along!

Well, the job at the supermarket didn’t work out. I turned the position down because they wanted to pay far less than I was expecting and they already weren’t going to give me the amount of hours I had wanted and they were going to schedule me for whole weekends.

I was really disappointed and feeling down on myself. I just couldn’t justify my schedule being all a mess for less than my nephew (who works for the same company) makes an hour.

Maybe it was pride that got in my way or maybe I knew something awesome was the alternative..

A few weeks ago I found a light fixture for my dining room that I really wanted. I found the light through Craigslist and it came from a store about 30 minutes away from us. When I went to buy the light I noticed a sign on the door that said they were hiring. After I bought the light and got into the car I told Regina that I really wished that I could work there but the hours they were looking for would be tough to swing.

I’ve been talking a lot about opening my own shop in a few years and this store is ideally the type of store that I’d want to open. They do consignments, downsizing buyouts, offer organizing services. Everything I’d love to offer at my own store. I talked about this more than a few times with Regina :)

So, anyway, yesterday while I was feeling bummed out about the lack of employment I was looking through CL for another job to apply to and saw a posting for the store again. Since no time is better than the present I asked Aidan to watch the boys and told him why. We talked for a minute or two about the schedule and he wished me luck.

I was honest about my desire to open my own store in 5 years and my love of all things furniture, decorating and organizing. The position even has a social media aspect to it :) My availability is a little limited because of the babies but I believe that it’s going to work out. Aidan is going to ask to work from home one day a week and then I told the owner I could work 2 half days instead of another full day. I would also work one day a weekend, sometimes two.

I am pretty sure I am going to start tomorrow, I think I was hired. It was exciting for all of us (and I say all of us because I also did a short interview with two of my would be co-workers) so I am not exactly certain if I was hired.. I am pretty sure I was. Oh my gosh, this would be a dream come true! My fingers are very tightly crossed that Aidan can make it work.

The pay isn’t much better than what Giant was offering, I’d have to do my own 1099 and I’d considered a private contractor for the job, but that won’t really effect me until next year. So I will look into becoming my own business. I’ll be able to write my expenses off that way and I will be able to track any money that I make with furniture (or services!) out of my home. I believe I can do that anyway. And why not start getting practice with it now since that’s my ultimate goal. The store will give me more hours to work in a week so that’s great and the best part is that I’ll be doing what I love to do!

Please cross your fingers for me!

A little job and Halloween talk

Today I will officially start my new job :) It will just be filling out paperwork and I won’t actually do any work but I will still be getting paid for my time, so that’s awesome! I am excited to get back into the working world, even if it is only part time and it won’t be a glamorous job. It won’t be high stress and it won’t be 40+ hours a week, that makes it awesome for me.

I wonder how much I will be making? Aidan said I should have asked when they hired me, it just all moved so fast though and we need any extra money that can come in so.. I’ll ask today, hopefully it won’t be too disappointing.

Yesterday I talked a little bit about finding inspiration in the pottery barn catalog. There was a cute pumpkin in there that when I saw it I thought “hey, I could make something like that!” Here is the pumpkin I am talking about:


It’s pretty cute and I am sure it’s high quality glass or ceramic but it’s something I don’t have money to spend on right now. I could however spare $4.50 to buy a white plastic pumpkin and a bag of sequins.. I already started working on it but it isn’t finished yet :) Hopefully next post I can show you what I’ve done :)

I am happy with the way my Halloween decorating has been going, it’s very minimal but Aidan said it was classy :) Regina’s boyfriend said I should keep it decorated for Halloween year round. Guess it’s looking nice :)

I’ll do a little “tour” when the pumpkin is done. Of course I haven’t done anything outside but maybe I can work on that this week.

I still want to get a couple of pillows at Ikea that I talked about yesterday, then the inside will be done :)


Inspiration is essential

Lately I have been throwing out my store catalogs when they come in without looking through them because I know there is bound to be something that I want but just can’t afford. I decided when Pottery Barn’s latest came in to look through it though and I am so glad I did! I was given some inspiration and a few ideas..


I’ve since thrown the catalog out but was able to pull up the online version to take this picture. Anyway.. Those pillows! I love them! When I showed Aidan he was less than impressed with my favorite colored ones. (He’ll come around) and was quick to tell me no when I told him that I was thinking of dying my linen pillows black (they are aqua and lime green – really cute but I want black ones). He told me just buy black pillows. Right.

The ones on PB are velvet and I’m sure great but they are $30 or so just for the cover but then.. I just looked on IKEA because they have a cute cat pillow that will be great for Halloween and it’s only $3. Low and behold! Black pillow cases $4 and inserts for $3. As a matter of fact they have so many good covers this season I am thrilled and planning a trip to Ikea just for pillows :) Come on old furniture.. Sell!


As promised here is a picture of how things are coming along. The walls need to be finished but it’ll happen sooner or later so I’m not stressing. :) We also need another lamp, some artwork and a shelf that Aidan is making to be hung but I like how it looks so far :)

That’s one side of the room. I’ll show you another when I have cleared all of the crap off of the desk and put my old rug away :)