It was a good Thursday

Yesterday was fun but unfruitful in my search for a few items to put up for sale online. I decided that I wanted to check out a Goodwill store in an upper class neighborhood but I didn’t have any luck. Aidan and I took the little kids with us for the adventure. We had a nice ride through some really beautiful neighborhoods and then had a nice lunch before heading back home. I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything but that certainly didn’t ruin my day.

Later in the evening Regina and I went out to run a few errands and we had a lot of fun being goofy in another thrift store. We didn’t find anything in there worth buying but it was fun to act silly. Then we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up leafing supplies.

I am going to add more goldleaf to the lamp I did a few months ago. It looks pretty now but it definitely needs more to look it’s best. I also have another lamp that I picked up and want to cover in silver leaf and then antique the finish. It will look really nice I think! I’ll take pictures :)

Regina is going to be doing her own leafing on some art work she has drawn. I can’t wait to see it. She is a fantastic artist and I love her work, I’ll share that too if she lets me :)

After Michaels we stopped in a clothing consignment shop, where I was hoping to get a pair or two of pants. That didn’t work out and I really need to loose aa lot of weight. We followed that realization with buying sweatpants at Target and eating Taco Bell.

Marshal got his driver’s permit yesterday and let me tell you — holy shit I have two kids who can drive. Seriously, a 17 and 18 year old. I can’t believe it. Especially because I also have two toddlers. How crazy is that?  It makes my head spin.

Speaking of Marshal, I’ve gotta go get him up for school. I hope you all have a happy Friday! I’ll be working today and I can’t wait to get in and see all of the new stuff that I’ll want to buy :)




Happy Happy Joy Joy

This weekend was a fun one! One Saturday we took the little kids to see Thomas the Train in Lancaster, PA. It was a trip to the Strausburg Railroad station and the weather was perfect. It took us almost 2 hours to get there and when we did finally get there we had to drive pretty far to park. We were running late and feeling a little upset because we thought we wouldn’t be able to ride on Thomas. After a ride on a school bus from the parking area to the train station though we found out we would be able to catch the next train. We were really happy because our toddler was very excited to ride on Thomas.

There were a lot of families there and all of them seemed as happy as we were. Even our infant had a lot of fun, believe it or not. He was sitting on my lap during the train ride and looking all around at the people near us, taking in the new sounds and enjoying the wind on his face. Logan brought his Thomas the Train whistle and was blowing it while we were moving down the tracks.

After the ride we got some food to eat and listened to a band playing kids songs. Before we left for home Logan got a train tattoo and watched more trains before we boarded the bus back to the parking lot. I think the bus ride was Logans favorite part of the trip honestly. That boy is going to love roller coasters when he gets a little older :) We weren’t there for too long but we were definitely there for the perfect amount of time. Both of the boys got there afternoon nap on the ride home and we pulled up to the house in time to get Marshal to work.

After we were settled at home Aidan went to pick up Mexican food from our favorite restaurant and we had a nice quiet dinner before bed. I really had a great time and it seems like Aidan and the babies did, too!

On Sunday I was lucky to have a few hours to spend with my best friend without any kids! This is a rarity and much needed as we hadn’t done that since I first found out I was pregnant with Maddox a year ago. We met at a Plato’s Closet and I ended up buying a cute jean jacket and a sweatshirt. After we left there we headed to the mall so I got take my jeans in for altering. I am so excited to get them back next Sunday! I never had pants professionally altered and I think they are going to look great! We did a little browsing and I got myself two pairs of shoes, a dressier pair of Michael Kohrs flats and a casual pair of Sperry’s. They were expensive but I loved them and needed them so I went for it. I also picked out two simple tees but didn’t try them on. Then I got lucky at the register — the Sperry’s were marked down from $70 to $31! I was super excited because I liked them the best of the two, even though they are kinda boyish looking. My bff doesn’t really like them but said they are so me — preppy and casual.

After Nordstroms we walked over to the food court and got coffee and a pretzel then we parted ways. Even though it wasn’t a super long day we got to talk a lot and catch up. We promised that we would get together for another girls day sooner than a year from now.

When I got home I tried on the tee’s and they have to go back.. They don’t fit well.. Then I realized that Platos Closet didn’t remove the security tag from the sweatshirt I bought. Urgh. So I have to go back up there. Maybe I’ll wait until Sunday when I pick up my jeans. Woohoo!

After I drove Marshal to work I did a little cleaning and then Aidan and I took the babies to Target. I swear we live there. We bought stuff we needed and stuff we didn’t. It was one of those trips that cost a lot. When we left it was time to pick Regina up from work. Maddox was fussing a bit and when we finally got home I saw that it was because he had a huge poop in his diaper. I’m sure you care. It was a mess but not a disaster. I changed him and fed him while Aidan fed Logan and himself. Then I ate a bowl of cereal and went to pick up Marshal from work. When I got back Aidan had the babies upstairs and we all passed out super fast.

It was a really busy weekend but it didn’t feel rushed. It felt great and went by too fast. I’m thinking my anti-depressants are doing their job because I didn’t have a huge anxiety attack even once over the two days. Being out in public is a lot for me and I usually have horrible anxiety being around a lot of people. This weekend though I did great and feel so happy about it. It’s the little (huge) things that make a difference in life!