We are girls and we love to shop. Together. :)

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope this week has been going by smooth and quick for you all. It’s been pretty good over here so far and that is always a wonderful thing :)

Last night Regina and I cashed in the rain check for our shopping date that was put to a stop because of the truck battery not working. It seems to have worked out for the better though because we had an awesome time (well, I did and I think she had fun too!)

Honestly I didn’t even feel like going but the little ones were under my skin and I knew a break would be nice. When Aidan got home from work I hopped in the shower and we headed out shortly after.

Ugly sweaters for all..

We got some really super awesome gifts for really great deals. We also had a blast picking out “ugly” Christmas sweaters for everyone in the house. Regina and Marshal have an Ugly Christmas sweater day at school next week and Regina picked one out a few weeks ago but I wanted to get Marshal one, too. I hope he will get a kick out of it.

Last year Aidan’s family wore ugly sweaters on Christmas day but we didn’t know about it until a couple of days ahead of time so we were left out. Not this year! Our sweaters are the ugliest! Watch them not do it again this year.. We are still wearing them.

Regina and I decided that we want to get a picture of the six of us (and the cats!) in front of our humongous tree and send it out as a Christmas card. It would be hilarious! The only thing is finding someone to take the picture.

I’ve never once sent out Christmas cards. How funny would it be that the year I finally send them we are all wearing the most ridiculous sweaters ever? I really hope it works out.

Separate from the sweaters I lucked out 2 weeks ago and found the little boys adorable outfits that  match to wear to the family party. I looked on a few sites butt had the best luck at Target. I had a gift card for $10 there and they had free shipping so for the two outfits it cost me $20. Yeah baby! They are adorable too complete with red ties featuring penguins! I can’t wait to see them in them!

Enough soaps, lotions and sprays for a year..

We also took advantage of using the coupons we had for Bath and Body works. We used three to get a total of 2 free items and $10 off. We also made use of the buy 3 get 2 free sale. All together we walked out with a combo of 9 body washes, lotions and sprays for like $40. Nice! I had also gone there on black Friday and used some coupons and got a ton of stuff, including a gift bag Regina had wanted. That trip was more expensive but I ended up with 2 candles, the bag and something like 8 washes, lotions and sprays.

Then in Victoria’s Secret they had buy one gift get one free. We had to take advantage of the coupons I had there in order to get a bra and a bag for free so we bought night gowns for each of us and a gift set of lotions. Then we got the other gift set, a bra and bag for “free” it cost $80 but I knew it would if I wanted to get the bag.

So.. We are stocked on smells goods and can give a set to each of my nieces. :)

Other really awesome deals..

I can’t divulge the other fantastic (really the best ones of the day) sale I took advantage of because it is for Aidan and he occasionally reads my blog. I know that’s why you finally started getting the painting done, dear — I love you! In any case I will try to talk about that after Christmas though it won’t do anyone any good. I’m just excited and I hope he will love what we got for him!

Okie doke (yes I really do say that) have a great day!



Getting Close to the End of the Year

Here we are at Wednesday and once again the week is flying by. This morning Maddox gets another set of immunization shots and tomorrow is my first therapy appointment with a new therapist. I have to bring the little kids with me to the therapy session, so hopefully they will behave. They usually do at Regina’s sessions so it should be okay.

Aidan had an interview on Monday that seemed to go really well. The meeting was two hours long so that seems really good to me. He liked the building and the job description but there it is a start-up and requires A LOT of hours so he will most likely turn it down if it’s offered to him. He said if he were young and single he’d jump at the opportunity, but working 12 hours a day and on the weekends with no chance to work from home with two little kids would just not be feasible. I’m glad he is putting us first, and not surprised, but feel bad that he seems interested otherwise. I hope something will come along even better for him and I think something will.

This weekend we don’t have any solid plans but I know Aidan wants to bring the little boys to visit his family. I’m not sure what day we will do that or what we will do the other day but not having plans is sometimes nice. Or usually nice. I like to not have plans :) We have spent way too much money in August and September so whatever we are doing will not involve shopping or a costly event. I believe the Cape May Zoo is just donations to enter so maybe we will squeeze that in before it gets too cold.

I have to order a Christmas stocking for the baby from Pottery Barn to match the others that we have but have a $25 off $50 coupon so I’ll get that and maybe personalized Halloween candy buckets. I can keep the total around $50 and I think they are all free ship items so we wont spend more than the $25 using the coupon. We also need to order Halloween costumes for the boys but other than that we’ve declared October as a no spend month. And November, too. I can’t believe I am already thinking about Christmas and if it weren’t for that holiday I’d say we need a no spend month then also. Gads, it’s almost a new year.

Well, have a great day everyone.

Love Me Tender

I don’t imagine that I’ll have a lot of time to write this morning. I wasted 40 precious minutes doing I don’t even know what besides making coffee and now it’s almost time to wake Regina up for work. After she gets done we are supposed to go get free manicures at a new salon that she was given coupons for. I hope it works out.

I haven’t been to a nail salon in about 5 years — when my sister was pregnant with her 4 and a half year-old. I used to go to the nail salon quite often, not habitually, but frequently and I kinda miss those days. Now I don’t have the time and it takes a free coupon for a $10 service to get me interested in going. God, I’m lame.

I took a funny picture of real Henry the other day and it reminded me so much of a picture I had taken of blog Henry when he was around the same age. I searched through my photos until I found the one I was thinking of and sure enough, they are very similar:

The similarities are funny right? I mean look at those expressions! These are pictures of newborns here so there wasn’t any planning or bribing involved. They are just brothers. With each other. And maybe Elvis.

Finding the picture of blog Henry was the highlight of my day yesterday. The rest of the day was pretty boring and lame. A lot of nursing and a lot of my feelings being hurt by blog Henry wiping my kisses away and telling me “No kisses, wipe!” Sigh. He used to love me. Now he just hates me because of real Henry constantly being attached to my boob. He’ll get over it. We’ll all get through this.

I read last night that the first 6-8 weeks is the hardest when there is a newborn in the house. I hope that’s true. I hope by the time 8 weeks rolls around:

  • I’ll be healed and everything will be merry and cheery and all the kids will get along (mostly with me.)
  • My house will be clean and the kitchen will see nightly action.
  • The big kids will love school and homework and each other.
  • We will all get great sleep and have regular bowel movements.
  • Everything will be sorted and organized and lovely.

Bwah ha ha. Funniest. joke. ever.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery, too. Actually I should play because I’d probably have a better chance at winning that than all of my hopes above falling into place ;)

Happy Saturday, I hope it’s a great weekend for you!

Last Day of July! Updates on the Updates

This is going to be an update to my last post (or maybe last 2?) I received so many great ideas, shared experiences and pieces of advice from so many of you and I have to say thanks! Parenthood is tricky business and all the tips and tricks help make navigating through it much easier!

Vitamin Drop/Gripe Water Update

Well, I didn’t get to post yesterday because I slept late and then had a pretty rough morning. Real Henry has been a real handful and we decided that it was because of the vitamin drops with iron. We aren’t sure of course but have decided to do an experiment and stop giving him the drops to see if his discomfort settles down. I figure it will take a day or two to get the iron out of his system and then we will decide what to do from there. I know for a fact that iron messes my stomach up horribly so it’s quite possible that it is seriously causing him some pain!

Kai from Oh Darling Let Us Be made a good point in the comments the other day that babies have a reserve of iron in their systems that will get them through until they are 6 months. She had some other good points and the best advice was to make decisions that were right for you and the baby. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard about the iron reserve so I feel confident that stopping the vitamins won’t cause a major catastrophe, if any trouble at all.

While the gripe water helps a lot its temporary relief and doesn’t fix the problem. Also after some more reading on Kellymom I found that it said we really shouldn’t rely on products like that, we should actually solve the problem. I haven’t researched their opinion on the drops yet though. Of course I’ll do some more research but for the next few days I won’t be giving the drops to him and I’ll see where that gets us. Everything is conflicting and trial and error at this point lol

Depo Provera Shot Side Effects, Baby Blues or Post-Partum Depression

Other than a fussy real Henry things are doing okay here. While Aidan’s sister was here the other day we got into a discussion of birth control and it dawned on me that I got the Depo shot before I left the hospital. A light bulb went off and I decided to look up the side effects.. Sure enough depression is a common one. Within 24 hours I felt better just knowing that my moodiness and sadness might just be a chemical imbalance because of the shot. My anxiety has lessened just realizing that it’s possible that the depression was self caused. Does that make sense? I feel like I have more control over it. Weird or not, I do feel better but will still monitor myself. All I know is that Aidan better make that urologist appointment soon because I won’t be getting another shot!

Don’t Leave Meeee!

Speaking of Aidan, he goes back to work on Monday and I admit that I am dreading it! It’s been a pretty rough week and I know it’s going to be really hard next week when he can’t help e at all. I’ll get through it though, I just have to channel my 21 year old self when I had two babies under two and took care of them just fine.

Another Newborn Trick: Fresh Air

Yesterday when real Henry was fussing I decided to take him outside to see if that would calm him down. It was a trick that I remembered working when Regina was an infant and blog Henry got a chance to play on the porch with his bubble machine. It worked! Both babies were happy and I was relieved! We stayed out there for an hour and even though it was super hot and humid the quiet made such a difference for everyone. After that the rest of the afternoon seemed much more manageable. I wish I could go for walks with them, that would definitely be a big help but my stomach is still really sore. In time though that will be a daily activity I imagine!

Dresser Research for the Nursery Update

We almost ordered a dresser from PBKids yesterday (and the day before)  because I received a 20% off coupon in email. We didn’t pull the trigger though. The dresser is really nice and much bigger than what we have now but the price is $900 and even though we have 20%  off that just took away the amount that we’d have to pay for the shipping. Not a great deal. So we are waiting. IKEA has a similar dresser for $250 and I can’t shake that out of my head. Sure the quality won’t be the same but come on that is like $700 less. $700! I think I am just going to try talking Aidan into that option. We could also get a chest, a toddler bed, shelves and organizing stuff and still not reach the $900-1,000 price tag of the PBKids dresser. Reality bites when you aren’t a millionaire but there are always options and smart decisions to be made :)

Okay well, I think I’m done blabbing today, thanks for listening! I hope you all have a fantastic Friday (omg it’s Friday already?!) and a great weekend! Thanks again to everyone who has shared their labor and newborn experiences! It really means a lot to know we aren’t alone with our struggles and advice is definitely always a plus!

Miscellaneous Topics

To be honest I don’t know what to write about this morning. Usually I will get a few ideas rolling in my head on what I want to focus on while I’m making my coffee but today my brain is kinda empty. Not there isn’t stuff I want to talk about but nothing really feels like it’s enough to be a full topic so I’ll just do a random brain dump if you don’t mind.

Quickest 30 pounds I ever lost

The scale has been my very best friend for the past few weeks. Altogether I’ve lost 28 pounds (as of Sunday) and my belly is just looking chubby not pregnant any more. I know it will take another month (or 6) for my uterus to get back to being small and where it needs to be so I am feeling pretty great about all that. I haven’t lost all the baby weight so quickly since having my first when I was only 20 years old. I hadn’t even done anything different this time around, the weight just came off and I won’t complain about it.

Once again — ignore the mess in the background, I really need to re-organize their room! Oh, also ignore my fancy clothes :)

C-Section Recovery

My cut sight still really hurts though and even though it is supposed to be “healed” after 2 weeks the recovery time for full healing is 6-8 weeks, which I think they should just say flat out so people like me don’t get their hopes up. Like, it still really hurts and Advil just doesn’t help. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely feels much better than it did in the beginning, I can lie on my sides now and before I couldn’t. It’s easier to move now but I hurt myself more often because I’m not as guarded. It stinks, but it will get better in the next month apparently.

Have any of you had c-sections? How long was recovery for you, meaning how long did it take until you could go about life and not be stopped because of sharp pains or feeling your uterus being sore?

Post-partum Depression or Baby Blues?

I was feeling great for the first two weeks after Henry arrived. Cheery, happy and not all that stressed or anxious. It felt good to get the baby out and see the numbers on the scale getting smaller. My mood though has been changing this week and last night I started debating on whether to set up an appointment at the psychiatrist to get on anti-depressants. Just in the past few days I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed and stressed and want to cry about everything. Surprisingly, I never had post-partum depression but I have suffered from major depressive order for most of my life. It just feels like it’s coming on but maybe it’s just the baby blues? I stopped taking meds when I found out I was pregnant with blog Henry almost 3 years ago and felt well enough to function without them. Of course there where a lot of up’s and down’s but I was handling it all quite well.

Right now I just feel really bad and I am actually afraid that I am going to spiral downwards if I don’t address it soon enough. If it is depression of any sort it’s not a biggie and can be resolved but I do wish I felt better in general and didn’t need any help like I’ve been doing. Such is life, right? I’m gonna give it another day or two and see if my mood improves or worsens then go from there. The good thing is that I’ve noticed right away and didn’t deny that something might be off like I had done for so many years in the past.

Hand-me-downs, all around but no where for us to put them!

Last week when my sister came to see the baby she brought 3 boxes of clothes that her 4 year old had out grown. I am really grateful because clothes are expensive and with fall around the corner it sure makes life easier to not have to shop! All of the clothes are in great shape and I had worked for a couple of days sorting, washing and putting them away. I finished that up yesterday and then went through blog Henry’s drawers and put away the stuff he doesn’t really wear anymore. I also got down all the rest of his old baby newborn and 3 month clothes and washed them for real Henry. He can wear blue now :) Those still need to be folded and put away but I am running out of drawer space!

We are talking about ordering 2 dressers that are bigger then the ones we have now but haven’t ordered anything just yet. Do we go with the usual Pottery Barn or somewhere else to save some money like IKEA? If we do IKEA we need to screw them into the wall because of the big recall they announced, which would be a mega pain with the plaster walls but it could save soo much money! I want big drawers tho so I might look at CB2 also just to see what they have. We will be putting a new big kid bed in that small room around Christmas too so we have to measure it all up and make a floor plan that will work. Decisions, decisions. I like these kinds of projects though so maybe it will cheer me up.


He eats all the cookies, all the time


Blog Henry in a hand me down cookie monster costume, over top his new favorite Buzz Lightyear hand me down pj’s :) He’s in heaven and I’m happy to not spend money lol

Well, I hope you all will have a great day, thanks for listening to my randomness :)

Marshal Hates His Mama

So if you have been reading here for a while you know that my oldest son of 15, Marshal is a bit of a hot mess. Aside from his rebellious and sometimes rotten attitude he’s a slob, and I’ve complained about his room and laundry situation on more than one occasion here. It’s been a while since I’ve bitched about his room but things haven’t changed all that much; I’ve just been more focused on other things and with being so super pregnant for a while I hadn’t ventured down to his room (or the laundry room for that matter.)

Anyway, yesterday Marshal, blog Henry and I were sitting on the porch while waiting for Marshal’s friends to come pick him up. He had a water bottle in his hand that both he and Henry were playing with and his broken up beat to the ground iphone that he received for christmas from his dad. How the phone even worked in the state that it was is beyond me because the screen was completely shattered from top to bottom and the back bottom piece of the phone was bent in such a way that it was actually pulled apart from the rest of the phone. It worked though and even though it was on it’s last leg he still hasn’t been very careful with it.

Anyway, I’m sure you can figure out that the water bottle spilled and some (not a lot but enough) water got into the busted up phone. He quickly dried it as best as he could and then left when his friend got here.

Hour later I got a phone call from him (from another number) telling me that blog Henry destroyed his phone when he dumped water on it. Blog Henry is two so how he could try to blame him is beyond me and also I remember the event differently as my memory places blog Henry on the other side of me at the time that the water spilled. Okay, I feel bad that his phone doesn’t work, really I do but for him to blame blog Henry is ridiculous and especially so because I think he feels like I should buy him a new phone. For the low low price of $600. Dude. Not happening. I wouldn’t even buy you a phone in the first place because you don’t take care of anything and also even if Henry did spill the water, why weren’t you protecting your broken ass phone around water anyway. And honestly, I think Marshal is the one who spilled it to begin with!

So anyway, he didn’t ask for a new phone but I cut the conversation short before he could imply any further that any of this was my problem. Hours later he starts flipping out on me about child support and how I never buy him clothes and he has none and I don’t take him to get haircuts or do anything I’m supposed to do for him. Haircuts: he goes with his friends and gets them done, hasn’t asked me to take him in months and the last time he did, didn’t want to wait the 4 days that I said I would take him. Clothes: all, and I do mean ALL, of his clothes live on the floor of his room. He destroys them and doesn’t wash them and somehow I am supposed to feel gung-ho about spending hundreds of dollars every season buying him more clothes for him to throw on the floor, give away to friends and overall not take care of. He was furious with me and I know it was ultimately about him feeling wronged about his phone not working but seriously, again.. Not my problem.

I’ve told this kid to clean his room (keep it clean?) once or twice a week for the past 3 years. He “cleans” it once every 4-6 weeks and then feels like I am evil and not holding up to my end of the relationship. Are his clothes that he has now beat up and in need of replacing, yes but it’s not for any other reason than him cutting them up, drawing on them, losing them and otherwise destroying them. I bought him 4 pairs of expensive jeans last fall that would still fit him this fall but he decided to cut them into shorts rather than wear the real shorts he has. He wants $200 sneakers.. I haven’t spend $200 on shoes in total in 5 years, he behaves badly, trashes stuff and thinks I’m just gonna be like okay pick out what you want!

Ugh! Am I wrong for not caring that he now hates me for not buying him new clothes every few months? Or a new phone if that is what this is about?

It’s Been A While, Here’s What’s Happening Now..

Good morning, happy Friday! I know a lot of people are off today to celebrate the 4th of July and I hope that you have a lot of fun things planned for the weekend. We won’t be going anywhere far because the baby still hasn’t come! Every year for the past few years we have gone to Aidan’s parents for a cookout that his sister hosts and I’m sad that we won’t be there this year. I am hopeful that the baby will come today and we will be spending time tomorrow snuggling it instead. But you know.. It has decided to not come out until the year 2018. I’m convinced!

When I went to the doctors on Wednesday I did find out that I’ve dilated another cm and I am almost (if not fully) effaced so that’s great. The baby is head down but the head isn’t engaged like I originally misunderstood. It’s most likely from the extra amniotic fluid in there, which we found out rose more since last week. I now have 32 cm of fluid and the normal ranges are 5-25 cm. So I’m nervous and anxious but none of the doctors seem alarmed so I should just chill out.

They want to run another diabetes test on me, which is ridiculous to me because I wouldn’t have the test until a day before my due date! WTH would the point be? I’ll do what I have to but really hope the baby comes before next Thursday, it was hell having to sit in the doctors for three hours last time and will be worse when it would only make a difference for a few days if we find out that is the cause of the excess fluid. So frustrating.

Big Pimpin(g)

In other awesome news — we ended up getting a new vehicle! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that we needed something larger as we are now a family of 6 but didn’t really want to spend the money. Well, Aidan decided the need was great enough and we researched for a few days before going out to buy a beautiful and large SUV! I was sad to trade my car in because I really loved it so much but I had to be realistic. It was too small, even for the 5 of us and we got a decent trade in for it so there wasn’t really a question.

We ended up getting a 2012 Honda Pilot and I absolutely LOVE it! It has so much room (3rd row seating!) but doesn’t feel too big for me to drive. I was really worried that I’d have a hard time because it is large but it really is easy! It’s not as big as a Navigator or one of those really big SUV’s thankfully but it’s a lot bigger than a mini one. It’s perfect and it’s loaded with all of the options anyone could ask for. I’m really happy with it and so glad that I don’t have to worry about how I am going to be getting the kids to all of their appointments now. Or anywhere all at once. Aidan rocks my socks! 

I know that even though we did a good (almost great) job haggling the price down we are going to have to cut back spending elsewhere to feel comfortable with payments again. Aidan is feeling some pressure about that but once we set a new budget (and actually stick to it) we will be fine. Our excess food spending alone makes the payment and admittedly we have been awful about getting that under control. I’m all for it but have yet to take it seriously this year, despite wanting to. 

Once he looks at everything and figures out what is what I am just going to have to be super stern about it personally and naggingly on his part. It takes a team though right? And I know that not only we can set a budget and stick to it but also we will feel great for doing so.

I want to post pictures of our super awesome truck but I (as usual) feel like a goofball taking pictures lol At some point I will though :) It’s really nice and the car (SUV) of my mommy dreams!

Backyard Garden

The backyard is looking the best it ever has! While there are still plenty of things that need doing I think it’s safe to say I am done for a while, at least until the fall. Here are some pictures that I just ran outside to take:

I took these with my phone so the quality isn’t really great, I will have to bring my camera out there and do some good ones soon! You can see the make shift privacy fence that Aidan constructed with lattice, it looks great! I am going to stain it eventually but it’s been super rainy here and the wood needs to be dry. Plus I’m super preggo so, yeah. That’ll be a fall project ;) It looks nice though, doesn’t it?

I plan on doing more work out there but for now I love to sit on my steps and stare at the hydrangea, hostas and roses. I really didn’t want to keep the hostas but am glad I let Aidan have his way, they do look nice, especially with the other plants. The little dianthus there are getting big but I don’t think I will be keeping them there come fall. I think it depends on how much bigger they get. Right now they just don’t fit in but if they get a foot taller we will see.

Okay well, this has been a super duper long post. I guess I had a few days of catching up to do. I hope to get back into a regular writing routine but the chances are when (and IF) this baby comes I’ll probably post less and less for a little while. Maybe I’ll just do pictures or short little posts though because I really want to keep this blog a going!

I hope you all have a great weekend!