We are girls and we love to shop. Together. :)

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I hope this week has been going by smooth and quick for you all. It’s been pretty good over here so far and that is always a wonderful thing :)

Last night Regina and I cashed in the rain check for our shopping date that was put to a stop because of the truck battery not working. It seems to have worked out for the better though because we had an awesome time (well, I did and I think she had fun too!)

Honestly I didn’t even feel like going but the little ones were under my skin and I knew a break would be nice. When Aidan got home from work I hopped in the shower and we headed out shortly after.

Ugly sweaters for all..

We got some really super awesome gifts for really great deals. We also had a blast picking out “ugly” Christmas sweaters for everyone in the house. Regina and Marshal have an Ugly Christmas sweater day at school next week and Regina picked one out a few weeks ago but I wanted to get Marshal one, too. I hope he will get a kick out of it.

Last year Aidan’s family wore ugly sweaters on Christmas day but we didn’t know about it until a couple of days ahead of time so we were left out. Not this year! Our sweaters are the ugliest! Watch them not do it again this year.. We are still wearing them.

Regina and I decided that we want to get a picture of the six of us (and the cats!) in front of our humongous tree and send it out as a Christmas card. It would be hilarious! The only thing is finding someone to take the picture.

I’ve never once sent out Christmas cards. How funny would it be that the year I finally send them we are all wearing the most ridiculous sweaters ever? I really hope it works out.

Separate from the sweaters I lucked out 2 weeks ago and found the little boys adorable outfits that  match to wear to the family party. I looked on a few sites butt had the best luck at Target. I had a gift card for $10 there and they had free shipping so for the two outfits it cost me $20. Yeah baby! They are adorable too complete with red ties featuring penguins! I can’t wait to see them in them!

Enough soaps, lotions and sprays for a year..

We also took advantage of using the coupons we had for Bath and Body works. We used three to get a total of 2 free items and $10 off. We also made use of the buy 3 get 2 free sale. All together we walked out with a combo of 9 body washes, lotions and sprays for like $40. Nice! I had also gone there on black Friday and used some coupons and got a ton of stuff, including a gift bag Regina had wanted. That trip was more expensive but I ended up with 2 candles, the bag and something like 8 washes, lotions and sprays.

Then in Victoria’s Secret they had buy one gift get one free. We had to take advantage of the coupons I had there in order to get a bra and a bag for free so we bought night gowns for each of us and a gift set of lotions. Then we got the other gift set, a bra and bag for “free” it cost $80 but I knew it would if I wanted to get the bag.

So.. We are stocked on smells goods and can give a set to each of my nieces. :)

Other really awesome deals..

I can’t divulge the other fantastic (really the best ones of the day) sale I took advantage of because it is for Aidan and he occasionally reads my blog. I know that’s why you finally started getting the painting done, dear — I love you! In any case I will try to talk about that after Christmas though it won’t do anyone any good. I’m just excited and I hope he will love what we got for him!

Okie doke (yes I really do say that) have a great day!



Eau De Puke and Sexy Times Ahead

It has been so hard finding the time to write and it’s really starting to get to me. Like I mentioned in my last post I just can’t seem to get up early anymore and have been sleeping until the baby wakes up to eat. Him waking up also means that he wakes his brother up and then before I know it it’s 9am and I am still trying to finish my coffee.

Life with a newborn is tough. It’s exhausting and frustrating and fulfilling all at once. Because he has reflux (GER) I am constantly covered in puke and he cries a lot. I feel bad for him and it’s frustrating that I can’t just make it go away. The tips the doctor told us to try do work but that means feeding time has doubled. Normally it would be one boob emptied a burp and on to the other boob. It would take 30-40 minutes. Now it’s one boob, eat for 5 minutes, burp (get puked on), back to boob eat, burp again (more puke), next boob, eat for 10 minutes, burp (you guessed it.. more puke), eat, burp, puke then sit him upright for 15-20 minutes. The whole thing takes over an hour and that was the easy version. Usually he poops twice in the session, too. It’s pretty rough. And gross.

To cover up the constant puke smell I bought myself some new body wash, lotion and spray the other night. Then Aidan bought me some perfume that I sprayed on myself while we were at the mall and he loved the way it smelled on me. OMG. I feel womanly even if I’m covered in throw up. I smell delicious too. The combination I have is Warm and Cozy by Victoria’s Secret and Alien by Thierry Mugler. Top that off with the new fabric softener we picked up and I really do not smell like my baby has reflux.

I also finally stopped trying to fight the facts and broke down and bought some new nursing bras. I was in denial for a while for whatever reason but now I finally have plenty of as sexy as you can get mommy bras. I’m sure the fact that the clip can quickly reveal my boob to Aidan is a huge turn on in itself, no matter what the bra looks like, but my head just isn’t there. I don’t want him touching my boobs at all, they are getting enough usage as it is and it always results in me being puked on soo..

Also in preparation for the (long awaited by Aidan) 6 week check up at the OBGYN I got a bikini trimmer and some new underwear and a little sexy-ish something. No.. NOT for the doctor, but for Aidan, assuming I get the thumbs up. Speaking of NOT.. I’m not in the mood to have sex again — at all — but I know I will be sooner or later and really want to be prepared. My poor man hasn’t had any action in quite a long time, so even though it won’t take too much to put a smile on his face I want him to at least feel like his wait was worth it ;)

Well, that’s all I have on my mind right now. We did a shit ton of cleaning and purging and I feel great about it but who really cares other than me :) Have a great night and hopefully I can write again soon!



So Much to Say, So Much to Say

I’m going to try writing as much as I can today before the baby wakes up or before the batteries in this keyboard die. My laptop is upstairs and I don’t want to risk going up there and waking the baby up to get it.

Devious Maids

Yesterday I chilled out for the better part of the day and watched a lot of a show called Devious Maids. I watch it on Hulu but it’s a Lifetime show. Have you seen it? I’m hooked! It reminds me of two other shows that I really like Desperate Housewives and Pretty Little Liars. It’s good if you like quirky little mystery shows with beautiful characters.

Getting Our Girly On

Regina and I finally went to get our nails done last night, a week late but who cares :) We both got manicures and pedicures and it felt great to get out of the house and do something girly. I really haven’t been to a nail salon in over 5 years and it was a nice little treat. Regina and I had never gone together (she’s 17 next week!) and even though it took ages for us to do it we still had a good time. Now that I have three boys and she’s still my only girl I guess we should do stuff like that more often!

Wedding Shower and No Tattoos Invited

Today we are going to a cousins wedding shower at my aunt and uncles house in South Jersey. It’s a big family party and we’ve all been invited but I think I am leaving Marshal at home because it’s a pool party and he has 3 tattoos that everyone will see and look at me cross eyed for. These aren’t tattoos that I approved of but ones that he got despite me being stern that I didn’t want him to get.

Luckily for him they are well done as he is stuck with them forever now, but being only 15, I just know that my family will talk. Sigh. It’s always fun at my aunts and uncles and he will miss out on it but I warned him from the beginning I wouldn’t be taking him there unless he could wear long sleeve shirts and now that leaves only winter parties for him, which obviously aren’t as much fun.

I’m sure my grandmom will be mad that Marshall isn’t there but I’m just going to tell everyone he had something to do with his dad. She’s already annoyed with me because I don’t send pictures of the kids or cards to her and while I love her dearly and don’t want her to be upset I don’t send pictures of the kids or cards to anyone. Hell, I only have pictures in my phone and memory card, none even printed for myself, so..

Marshal not being there will be more relaxing for all of us anyway I suppose. I hope real Henry won’t fuss and force me to be locked away in a room breastfeeding him the whole time. That’s what happened when blog Henry was an infant and we went anywhere. Pretty annoying but I guess that happens.

One Month Weigh In

I’ve still been loosing weight and my uterus seems to be normal sized again or almost anyway. All together when I last weighed myself the other day I had lost 33 pounds! The pain is still hanging out but I’m convinced it’s more from the fibro and not being able to use the bathroom and over doing it. I don’t show any signs of infection so I haven’t called the doctor. I know, I know. I just don’t want to sit in the ER for hours to be told I’m a hypochondriac.

So, I’m down to 145 and only have 10 more pounds that I want to lose before I decide if I want to work harder. I’m at the high end of my healthy weight range (as in one pound away from being over weight) so those 10 pounds are important to me, but I’m still feeling great! I’m hoping to get clearance from my ob in a few weeks to be able to start exercise. I think that will help with the pain and it will definitely be good for my stress level. The YMCA has a weight loss program that involves a nutritionist and work out plans so I am hoping to sign up in September and get that going. Real Henry won’t be able to stay in the baby room for another 2 months but I am sure Aidan would keep him occupied here a few times a week for 2 hours at a time.

Time is Flying

I can’t believe that Henry is a month old already. It seems like he’s been here forever but not so long at the same time. Isn’t that how it goes? He’s a fussy little bugger but I know that will end soon. He is already starting to become interested in the world around him and has started smiling a little. It’s so fun watching them grow.

Well, that was a lot to say. Sorry I don’t have any pictures, I just don’t feel like loading any right now but I’ll try to at some point this week. I hope you all have a great day!


Love Me Tender

I don’t imagine that I’ll have a lot of time to write this morning. I wasted 40 precious minutes doing I don’t even know what besides making coffee and now it’s almost time to wake Regina up for work. After she gets done we are supposed to go get free manicures at a new salon that she was given coupons for. I hope it works out.

I haven’t been to a nail salon in about 5 years — when my sister was pregnant with her 4 and a half year-old. I used to go to the nail salon quite often, not habitually, but frequently and I kinda miss those days. Now I don’t have the time and it takes a free coupon for a $10 service to get me interested in going. God, I’m lame.

I took a funny picture of real Henry the other day and it reminded me so much of a picture I had taken of blog Henry when he was around the same age. I searched through my photos until I found the one I was thinking of and sure enough, they are very similar:

The similarities are funny right? I mean look at those expressions! These are pictures of newborns here so there wasn’t any planning or bribing involved. They are just brothers. With each other. And maybe Elvis.

Finding the picture of blog Henry was the highlight of my day yesterday. The rest of the day was pretty boring and lame. A lot of nursing and a lot of my feelings being hurt by blog Henry wiping my kisses away and telling me “No kisses, wipe!” Sigh. He used to love me. Now he just hates me because of real Henry constantly being attached to my boob. He’ll get over it. We’ll all get through this.

I read last night that the first 6-8 weeks is the hardest when there is a newborn in the house. I hope that’s true. I hope by the time 8 weeks rolls around:

  • I’ll be healed and everything will be merry and cheery and all the kids will get along (mostly with me.)
  • My house will be clean and the kitchen will see nightly action.
  • The big kids will love school and homework and each other.
  • We will all get great sleep and have regular bowel movements.
  • Everything will be sorted and organized and lovely.

Bwah ha ha. Funniest. joke. ever.

Maybe I’ll win the lottery, too. Actually I should play because I’d probably have a better chance at winning that than all of my hopes above falling into place ;)

Happy Saturday, I hope it’s a great weekend for you!

Another Regular Friday has Passed

Another night and no baby. I don’t know why but I have myself convinced that this one will be coming in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because both times I had the false labor it was pretty late? I don’t know. I’m slowly convincing myself at this point that it will never come actually lol I know that’s not true but jeeze this last month is torture!

We had a pretty nice day yesterday, didn’t do to much but enough to not sit around all day. Regina and I went to Target in the morning and we were going to bring Henry but he wanted to stay with his Dad while Aidan did yard work. Okay then. It was just us girls and we had a nice time. We stocked up on stuff that we needed and looked at all of the cute baby girl clothes. I almost bought a pair of pajamas with a flamingo on them with the plan to return them if it’s a boy but decided not to. We will just go back :) Target has some really adorable rompers that I’m hoping to purchase if it’s a girl. I’ll leave it at that.

After we got home Aidan took Henry grocery shopping and I got in the shower. I was convinced the baby was coming as I am every hour of every day lately. When they got back I made lunch and then drove Regina to work. Aidan, Henry and I chilled out after that until it was dinner time. Aidan made us taco’s! Yummy, house favorite :) After dinner the three of us sat on the front porch for an hour or two. It was a great night out and Henry was having a fun time identifying all the noises we heard. He is so cute and really becoming such a great talker. Marshall came home just as we were about to head in to put Henry to bed but it was nice for the brothers to see each other for a few minutes. Henry ran over to the gate and opened it while saying “hi. big. brofer.” he’s so cute.

I passed out pretty hard after we settled into bed and even though I woke up a ton last night I don’t feel all that bad. I mostly wake up to switch what side I am laying on and listen to make sure I don’t hear a bunch of kids hanging out outside. I also check to make sure the kids are here and pee. Fun stuff! I fell back asleep easily all four times though so that was great.

I don’t know what we are doing today. We might take Henry to see his first set of fireworks tonight. That should be a lot of fun, hopefully I won’t feel crappy and weasel out of it and hopefully he won’t get too scared. Other than that Regina has work til 4 and I will probably just try to get a little cleaning done. I also want to repack my hospital bag and get a small bag together for Henry to take to his grandparents.

Well, happy 4th of July, I hope nothing comes of the terrorist warnings they’ve been talking about. They really make me nervous and I hope that they are just warnings and nothing else. Be safe out there and have a great day, no matter what you do!

It’s Freeeeeezing! And I’ve Filled Another Bag :)

Hey, hey it’s Friday! It’s also the coldest day that our region has seen in like 20 years. A lot of the schools have been closing or opening late (not ours) and there is a huge uproar about it on one of the news channels Facebook post. People are furious that the schools would closed for it being too cold. What they don’t understand or sympathize with is that many of these kids have to walk to school around here and since it’s freezing there is a risk of frost bite. They also don’t realize that some of these kids are from less fortunate areas and their families can’t afford coats and gloves and hats.

I bundled my two up and I’m still worried that their bus will be late and they will stand out there too long. I also worry that the heat in the building they are in will fail, which is another good reason these schools who are choosing to close may be closing. A lot of older buildings have systems that simply can’t keep up with the demand for heat when it’s this cold.

Anyway, that’s the weather news, which I seem to update everyone on in every post. ??.

Yesterday I kept up with the purging challenge and cleared out the dresser drawers that I’ve been feeling overwhelmed about for months now. Two of the drawers held my beauty supplies and random things that I didn’t know where else to put. Kind of like mommy makeup/junk drawers, if you will. It took me about an hour and Henry was with me “helping” by putting coins into a piggy bank. He was surprisingly co-operative during the clean out, which was a relief because he loves to dig into those drawers and pull out whatever he can get his hands on, especially my makeup brushes.  I ended up finding a few toys that I was saving for him when he got to be the right age that I had forgotten about when I got to the last drawer, which was filled with baby and nursing supplies.

I ended up getting rid of enough stuff to clear out a full drawer and only have a little left in another. My beauty drawer is packed, but it is all organized and pretty(ish) I’d like to make it a little fancier but one step at a time! I ended up giving some of my stuff that I didn’t want to Regina and moving a lot of medicine type stuff to the medicine cabinet. Hmm. Strange I never thought to do that before. Of course now I’ll have to go through that and weed it out and clean and organize it but that’s okay. I was staying focused on the task at hand!

Later last night after dinner I went through all of Henry’s toys and sorted them. I was hoping to purge some of them but honestly he plays with each and every one of them and they are in great shape. The problem is that there is only one big basket that we keep them in and it’s starting to overflow. It looks messy in there because I don’t have the right storage. I do have two shelves downstairs that I have been wanting to put up on his walls so maybe I will attempt to do that and put a few of his toys on one of them. The other shelf would be for pictures and little knick-knacks that people gave us. Personally I don’t like knick-knacks but they were gifts and thoughtful ones so I should display them, right?

Okay well I sure blabbed on and on! I hope you all have a great day and keep warm!!

Because My Life is So Interesting: Nail Polish

I’ve been doing really well (so far) with this year’s resolution to keep up with my nails.  Every week around Thursday I give myself a mini manicure and switch out the paint color. This is an all day event because of having a toddler and housework, but ten minutes here and there is much more efficient than blocking out a full hour at the end of the night when I’d much prefer to sleep.

Luckily for me there is absolutely no shortage of nail polish in this house! My daughters collection rivals a nail salons and for that I am grateful. I want to keep changing the color up every week so I decided to take a picture of the colors I’ve used so far. This should help the chance that I won’t repeat any of them anytime soon.

nail colors From left to right: fade to greige, vintage, speed dial, cookies and cream, cabaret, dangerous affair.

I’ve strictly used Ciate brand so far. First of all it’s really nice polish, secondly the colors are great, and thirdly there is a big selection to choose from. I actually bought my daughter a (huge) mini assortment set two Christmases ago and it’s still going strong. Neither of us have used many of the colors and it would be great to get through them all at least once.

It feels great using up that money I spent :)

My favorite color so far has been cookies and cream. It’s hard for me to find a light color that goes well with my pale skin but this one nailed it (pun intended!) I haven’t finished getting the dangerous affair on yet, but chose the red this week for Valentines Day. ;) ;) Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Years ago when I worked and did my nails all of the time I always used Orly Bonder and Rubberized Top coat but have since ran out. I grabbed a bottle of their Nail Defense by accident thinking it was the Bonder and have been using that as a base and top coat. The Bonder and Rubberized Top Coat definitely work better in making the polish last longer (up to two weeks!) and as soon as I can remember I’ll be getting them again. The Nail Defense doesn’t really cut it in my opinion. The polish chips after like 5 days and then my hands look sloppy :(

Anyway, that’s how exciting my life is in terms of manicures :) Do you take the time to polish or get manicures? Do you have any favorite brands, colors or tips?