Quick Catch Up & Happy Easter!

Well, hello! It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve written and for no other reason that I’ve been crazy busy! How are all of you? I hope you are doing well and enjoying the changing of the seasons! Spring is here and in full bloom :) Aidan has been working on the yard and getting it to look nice so that makes me super happy!

Tomorrow is Easter and I am hosting a small brunch. Yay! Up until about 5 years ago I hosted Easter brunch every year and I am really excited to be doing it again. There will only be like 5 people coming (as opposed to the old 20 count) but I am making a ton of food for them! I hope it will turn out well ;)

My store has really started taking off and it was really a great move to partner up with the clock guy I met through my work. He mostly has clock parts for me to sell for him but he also has a really good eye and finds some really neat stuff. It all sells well too and I am making money :)

Check out these antique tea cups! Some are listed and the others will be going live soon!

Aren’t they just amazing? I would love to have all of these to use in an office and I really can’t decide which is my favorite. They really are works of art and super extravagant!

I met my first goal of $1,000 in sales March and now I am nearing the $2,000 mark, it’s a really good feeling. My new goal that I am working towards is $1,000 in profit and I am pretty sure I have hit that already :) So I need some new goals! I have quite a few in mind :)

Aside from partnering up and making sales I’ve been finding some really cool stuff! The great thing about all of this is that I can buy all the things I love or that I want and then I keep them for a little while and enjoy them while they wait for their new home!

My inventory system needs a little (or a lot) of tweaking but for the most part I am pretty organized and (kind of) clutter free. My system is a bit chaotic as I am learning but it is finding a natural flow. I will need to figure a better system out soon though because if things keep going at this rate I will be upgrading my store to hold 2,000 listings a month. Right now I am at the 500 listings a month and half way through I am worried I am running out of listings. Like I said, goals in mind..

Well, I had to take Regina to work and now I have to get some housework done. I hope you all have a great holiday and I will try to write more soon!


New Finds

I am so glad that it is Friday and that I am off! Last week I worked different hours and covered a co-workers shift so it really wore me down. This week was my normal schedule and I am thankful for that!

I’m happy to report that I’ve sold 2 items yesterday after not having a sale for a week or two. I was beginning to get antsy but I wasn’t giving up. I’m glad I didn’t get discouraged :) My favorite item that I have listed right now are these really beautiful porcelain carpet balls:


Aren’t they amazing? I love the different patterns, they are very interesting and fun to look at. Another item that I love and added recently are these Russian handpainted eggs:


How pretty are they? Can you believe someone has such a steady hand and the patience to paint such small and beautiful designs?

I know I need to work on my photographs, the pictures could be much better and I will be replacing them with better ones when I can!

It’s been hard trying to start up an online store and work and be a Mom but it’s also been a lot of fun. I don’t have nearly enough time to put as much focus into my shop as I want but I’m making do and will just need to make the most of my time when the boys aren’t under foot.

Well, I have to make a few more listings and pack up the awesome orders :) Have a great day and happy Friday!

Self Doubt — Get it Out

I woke up this morning feeling a little discouraged and I don’t even know why. Maybe I had a dream that confused me and made me question everything about my business that I’ve known so far. All I know now is that I don’t have a clear vision of what I want this to be. Or maybe I am getting a clearer vision when I never really had one to start with? I say that because I just want to open a store! That’s all I’ve known for a while but this morning I am struggling with what that store will look like, or be like..

I guess I’m just having doubts, that’s all. I mean I like the stuff and the style I like but at the same time I like so many other different styles and I don’t know many people who like the style that I do. That’s not true, I am sure, but I don’t think I have the standard taste. I love the standard stuff but I get excited for glamorous and moody and sexy luxurious things and I’m not sure if they fit into the real life of people who love Scandinavian style or simplicity.

I love both of the styles, believe me, I just don’t feel as comfortable with white walls as I do with gilded picture frames. Will I be able to sell my stuff? Is there many other people out there who like my taste?

On that note I am going to leave a picture of a vase I recently acquired. It’s one of two and they are both damaged but repaired. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, even despite their flaws. The girls at work knew I loved them and when the owner was going to throw them away because of the damage they set them aside for me.. I took them both and consider myself lucky although I don’t know what to do with 2 broken vases, other than appreciate them lol



They are hand painted and from what I can tell reproductions done sometime between the 70’s-90’s but they are still so pretty to me. I should clean them, looking at the pictures here I see that they aren’t as vivid as they could be..

Anyway, happy Friday!



Well, I’m not going to be rich after all

The Picasso I found isn’t an original — Aidan said “Did you really think that you found a lost Picasso — In a thrift shop — In PA?” haha all I could do was laugh at his logic.

I’m not mad, I’m still quite pleased with my purchase and consider it to be one of my best finds. True, it is a reproduction but it is in a very, very nice frame and still worth way more than the $18 I paid for it.

I was reading that good quality reproductions can be priced between $50-$1000, so I’d estimate that because of the frame I could resell it for at least a hundred bucks, if I wanted to. We all like it though and I couldn’t ever afford to buy such a nice frame so I am going to keep it :) At least for a little while anyway :)

Here is a picture of the print and the frame I am talking about. When I thought it was a long lost treasure I didn’t want to put pictures up — just in case lol I know I am a funny girl..


I haven’t cleaned it yet, but you can see that the matting on the frame is actually a mirror. Very cool. I really like the drawing also, it is a copy of a piece titled Pierrot and Harlequin from 1918. It’s reversed from the original drawing and the signature is actually¬† the way he signed his works much earlier in his career. So, yeah I’m not going to be rich, but I do have a nice print and a funny story of me not having logic.