Quick Catch Up & Happy Easter!

Well, hello! It’s been a crazy long time since I’ve written and for no other reason that I’ve been crazy busy! How are all of you? I hope you are doing well and enjoying the changing of the seasons! Spring is here and in full bloom :) Aidan has been working on the yard and getting it to look nice so that makes me super happy!

Tomorrow is Easter and I am hosting a small brunch. Yay! Up until about 5 years ago I hosted Easter brunch every year and I am really excited to be doing it again. There will only be like 5 people coming (as opposed to the old 20 count) but I am making a ton of food for them! I hope it will turn out well ;)

My store has really started taking off and it was really a great move to partner up with the clock guy I met through my work. He mostly has clock parts for me to sell for him but he also has a really good eye and finds some really neat stuff. It all sells well too and I am making money :)

Check out these antique tea cups! Some are listed and the others will be going live soon!

Aren’t they just amazing? I would love to have all of these to use in an office and I really can’t decide which is my favorite. They really are works of art and super extravagant!

I met my first goal of $1,000 in sales March and now I am nearing the $2,000 mark, it’s a really good feeling. My new goal that I am working towards is $1,000 in profit and I am pretty sure I have hit that already :) So I need some new goals! I have quite a few in mind :)

Aside from partnering up and making sales I’ve been finding some really cool stuff! The great thing about all of this is that I can buy all the things I love or that I want and then I keep them for a little while and enjoy them while they wait for their new home!

My inventory system needs a little (or a lot) of tweaking but for the most part I am pretty organized and (kind of) clutter free. My system is a bit chaotic as I am learning but it is finding a natural flow. I will need to figure a better system out soon though because if things keep going at this rate I will be upgrading my store to hold 2,000 listings a month. Right now I am at the 500 listings a month and half way through I am worried I am running out of listings. Like I said, goals in mind..

Well, I had to take Regina to work and now I have to get some housework done. I hope you all have a great holiday and I will try to write more soon!


Moody blue

Yesterday was good, although I obviously didn’t get as much stuff done as I had wanted to. I say obviously because I should have known it would have taken me hours to paint. I did paint though and was able to sand between the two coats of color I got on. You guys, this color is GORGEOUS! I want to paint the world in it! I won’t though because it would take 30 lifetimes hehe.

The color we chose for the cabinet is called Black Blue by Farrow and Ball. It is fantastic and is a midnight blue to rival all the others. I can’t wait to show you the cabinet when it’s all finished. Here is a little preview for now, it doesn’t look like much yet, but believe me it’s going to look moody and sexy when I am done :)


I am kind of embarrassed to show that picture because it is for far from being done but at least it proves I’ve been working (and not cleaning the house). It still needs another coat of Black Blue, maybe even two and I need to work on the back wall. I haven’t decided yet if I am just going to paint the shelf pieces or all of it in the Black Blue.

I did get a nice color to go on the back wall and you can kind of see one coat on there (not on the shelf supports) but I think I am leaning towards all blue. It’s lighted inside and there are glass shelves. Wouldn’t some beautiful china just look great “floating” in there? I think so but will have to turn the light on and see if it doesn’t get swallowed up by the darkness.

I was also able to get a coat of primer onto the drawer and one side of each of the bottom doors. I might go do the other side of the doors and put a second coat on the drawer after I am done writing. I do have work at 11 though so I don’t want to get all into it and miss time playing with the boys before I leave for the day.

I wasn’t able to get to any of the other stuff on my list so now a game plan is needed. All of the things to do are priority’s if I am going to make any money so I really need to get a move on!

Well, have a great day everyone!

Marshal was home last weekend

Last weekend Marshal had been given a home pass and stayed here Friday thru Monday. It was a shorter visit than the last one but it was very nice to have him here. He really has taken to the program at George Junior nicely and has actually moved into a group home because he has been doing so well. I’m very proud of him. Very, very proud.

We had a lot of family parties over the weekend and he and his buddy came to my nephews birthday party on Saturday. The party was at the shore and was a long ride so I was happy they were coming with me and the little boys. Marshal was able to visit with my brother and sister, his cousins and Pop-Pop. They couldn’t believe how grown up he has become. He has a mustache now! I couldn’t believe that either!

On Sunday Regina and I had a baby shower for one of my cousins to go to. Marshal stayed here with the boys, Aidan and his buddy. Aidan and Marshal got along well and even worked together on cleaning up the kitchen. It means everything in the world to me that they have gotten back to a place where they can get along and even appreciate one another.

Marshal is scheduled for a review hearing November 30, after his Thanksgiving home pass. Since he is doing so well he will likely be offered a chance to come home for good. It’s what he’s been dreaming of for 9 months but this program is so good and he has had so much success that he’s been leaning towards finishing the school trimester there and not coming home until January. This makes me so proud of him. He has grown up and matured in ways I never imagined.

Of course I want him to come home but more than anything I want him to be successful and if that means staying there I support him 100%. I want the best for him and if having him live at school is the way I can offer it then you know I will!

Goodbye 2015

Here we are.. New Years Eve 2015. It’s been a quick moving year for us here. We celebrated many birthdays this year: Aidan turned 34, I turned 37, Regina turned 17, Marshal turned 16, Logan turned 2 and of course there was the birth of our sweet little Maddox.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair..

I’ve grown my hair for over a full year without cutting it once. That was a goal I had set because I have a habit of cutting it frequently. Because of the pregnancy it grew extra fast and is now shoulder length. When I started last December it was at my chin. :)

My hair desperately needs something. Probably only a fresh cut will solve my problems but today Regina is going to color it for me in hopes that it will seal it and soften it a bit. I don’t have any dead ends surprisingly, but it is very dry where it was lightened in the past. We’ll see. If I can get away with not cutting it I’d be happy.

Please speak, no, be quiet :)

This time last year we were meeting with the early intervention team for Logan’s lack of speech. We referred to them by the pediatrician because he wasn’t really talking at all. It was a nerve wracking time for me but everything was fine. The therapists told us that he was so focused on motor skills that he just wasn’t interested in talking and to give it time.

Boy were they right! Now he is hardly ever quiet and he speaks beautifully in full sentences and all.

Make a house a home..

In the house we’ve gotten quite a few upgrades and niceties: a new dishwasher and blinds in the kitchen, new linen blackout curtains and hardware for the front and dining room windows, a new rug for the dining room as well as one for our room. We were gifted a beautiful desk and filing cabinet for the living room. We bought a toddler bed for Logan and set the tiny room up for 2 little boys. A shelf was added to their wall as well as organizing do-hickey’s.

We also did some work around the house: I painted all the grout on the kitchen floor and repainted the dining room walls, I caulked the woodwork and the windows and prepped them all for painting. Aidan installed the new dishwasher, painted the living room and stairwell and hallway, replaced the ceiling fan in the dining room and added new light fixtures in the laundry room. More than 3/4 of our light bulbs have been replaced with LED’s.

We gardened. A lot in the spring. We got to witness the first beautiful show of spring bulbs that I had planted the fall before. Aidan worked hard on the front lawn and replaced the Burning Bush with a beautiful miniature Japanese Maple. We added a lavender bush, some colious and a beautiful climbing flower whose name slips my mind to the front wall. I made the planters beautiful in the spring and then again in the fall.

Aidan build three raised beds for vegetables, herbs and fruit. They are beautiful and well done and gave him a hobby that he really loved to care for over the spring and summer. We planted new plants in the back: columbine transplanted from his parents house, 2 more of another plants whose name I forget and a few annuals. Aidan worked hard on the lawn and it paid off. He ripped up most of the sod we had put down a few years ago and started fresh with seed. He worked so hard on the yard as he does every year.

Big things to look forward to..

This year will be another exciting year for sure. We are expecting two more babies to arrive, one from Aidan’s sister and the other from my niece. Regina will graduate from high school. My little ones will turn 3 and 1! We have crawling and walking and talking just around the corner!! Aidan will hopefully enjoy his new job more and more. Marshal might finally get his shit together.. I haven’t set any personal goals for myself but I think I should.

Anyway, it’s been a very busy, productive and rewarding year for us here and I hope it was for all of you. If this year was a tough one (I know about those, believe me) I can assure you that it won’t last forever. I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether the reasons make sense now or not.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a safe and happy New Year!

Hoping for another day like yesterday

Okay, so maybe I have a cold. My head is so stuffy that I can’t hear well and my nose is currently running a 5k. But in light of all that I got a ton of stuff done yesterday and I’m still feeling proud.

Logan and I made coconut chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Aidan’s been asking me to make them for like 3 years (not kidding) and yesterday we finally did it. Logan really is great in the cooking/baking department. He did everything except break the eggs. Of course I had to help him with all of it, but he was great with the measuring and mixing and stirring. His favorite part was eating chocolate chips lol

After that he helped me clean up our mess. We unloaded and then reloaded the dishwasher. We swept and took out the trash. He loves helping so I take full advantage. He sprayed the table and benches (his favorite) and then wiped them down.

A few hours later Regina, Logan and I wrapped a lot of gifts while Aidan and Maddox played in our room. Logan made a mess of the ribbon but was helpful when it came to putting tape on random spots of the gifts ;)

After wrapping for over an hour Regina asked him to make more cookies with her. This gave me time to clean up some more, finish laundry and get him dinner.

It was a busy productive day and I didn’t feel sick until I laid down and couldn’t breathe out of my nose. I just took Sudafed,  I hope it helps. I want to get more wrapping done today! As much as I finished yesterday there is still that much left to do. I always underestimate how much there is..

My dumb ass Marshal

Today I am calling the probation department to talk about Marshal and see if I can set up a meeting with them along with the truancy officer I previously wrote about. He gave me such a hard time about getting up this morning and refused to take his medicine. He blew his curfew last night and I am tired of fighting with him about why my house always smells like weed. Yeah. He is now smoking in my house, then lies about it. Asshole.

Hopefully I can get him in that school. Or at the very least get him put on serious probation so he will need to do drug testing and etc.

Well, have a great day. I think I need to drive Regina and her friend to tech because he usually drives them but he has a flat tire. Always something interesting here.

Topic to topic I go..


Aidan finished the painting last night! Yeeeessss! It’s been such a long project (since August!) but the living room, stairway and upstairs hall are finally painted!

Of course now I have to work on getting the wood work and ceilings and woodwork done but lets just focus on the beautiful hole free freshly painted walls!

Seriously, when I woke up this morning and turned the light on I smiled so hard it hurt. He did such a great job and the walls look amazing! You would never know that 24 hours ago they were 50% patch jobs.

I’m happy with the color but it is definitely more green than blue. Once the sunlight hits it will have more of a blue feel to it but in the dim light of this dark morning the walls look pale green.

It’s a nice neutral and calming color though and that is what is most important. I need calm :)

I’ll take some pictures soon but right now it’s too dark in here and there is still some clutter. Who am I kidding, there is always clutter. Accept it, girl.

I am really so, so happy that it’s done. He rocks my socks.

Over the river and through the woods

Today I am taking the kids to my parents house. My niece who we never get to see is going to be there and my dad’s birthday is on Monday so I am bringing him his gift. Last year we bought him a pizza stone and this year we are giving him a pizza peel for it. I hope he likes it, it’s gorgeous and would just look beautiful displayed somewhere.

I still have to go to Macy’s before I get to their house to pick up the sheet set I talked about yesterday. We are going there on Christmas Eve for celebration but the sale will end today and I don’t want to miss it. I also need to pick up a pot of Eye brow pomade (?) and a special brush to use it apply it with for my niece’s birthday gift. That one is Regina’s idea but I’ll go along with it..

Most of the gifts are here and guess what, I’ve still not gotten any more wrapping done. I am determined to get it done soon though.

Christmas Vacation

Aidan’s new company is moving into a new building and he volunteered to help with the move. In return they gave him an extra day off, which he was going to use on Christmas Eve.

Then they decided to close the office on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

He was taking his vacation time the week between Christmas and New Years (he already has vacation time?!!) so that worked out awesome.

But wait.. it gets even better… Because of the move they said for everyone to work from home yesterday and then extended it thru Monday.

So all told he is here from yesterday through January 4! That’s crazy and awesome :) The best part is that he only needs to use 4 vacation days :)

Well, I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I think I will go take a much needed shower while I still have a chance to be uninterrupted!

Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock!

Man, another fast flying day here yesterday! How about you? Are the days leading up to Christmas and the New Year coming and going as fast as mine are?

Yesterday I asked Logan to help me wrap some of his Daddy’s gifts and he enjoyed it for the most part. He was upset with me for not letting him use the scissors but there weren’t any meltdowns. He’s been expressing an interest in using them for a couple of weeks and so I ordered a safety pair for his stocking :)

Logan is finally starting to get excited about Christmas. He doesn’t talk about Halloween as much as he did last week and he loves talking about and looking at anything Santa.

He’s been great about not pulling the ornaments off of our big tree. I told him it was Mommy’s tree and if he wants to look at an ornament he has to ask me so I can get it for him. The key there I think is getting them when he asks so he won’t try to get it on his own. He will play with whatever ornament and then say “all done!” then tap his finger to his lips and say “hmmm, which one?” while he looks for another to play with. He’s adorable!

One of his favorite ornaments is a Santa that talks and asks what he wants for Christmas. He always replies “presents and then says “ho-ho-ho.” Man I love that kids so much.

Logan isn’t to excited for the Elf on the Shelf but he does look for him every morning. Once he finds him he declares “I found Elf!” and doesn’t care about it anymore until the next morning.


Well, I am posting this now because I got interrupted for 6 hours and realized I never finished it..