Push and Push and Then Get Cut Open Present

It’s usually a given that after you have a baby the other parent of said baby buys the delivering mother a little something for all the torture and pain she went through to bring the darling little thing into the world. The gift could be in the form of flowers, balloons, something delicious to eat, or more recently something extravagant.

Poor Aidan was clueless after blog Henry was born and didn’t bring me a dang thing. This was very upsetting to me as I watched him scarf down a value meal from Burger King right in front of me after laboring for 26 hours. I still wasn’t allowed to eat and was exhausted so some flowers or a whopper waiting on the sidelines would have been very appropriate at the time. I didn’t let it go but didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound like a whiny brat. That is until he brought up the fact that his best friend was shopping for a Push Present for his wife was expecting. Then of course I let the flood gates go and I told him rather passionately how hurt I was that he didn’t buy me flowers after Henry was born.

As you know my pregnancy with real Henry was miserable and during one of my major complaint sessions to Aidan I told him he better buy me diamond earrings, one for each baby, to make up for the fact that he was so insensitive the first time and to make up for the torture I was going through at the time. I was joking of course, I am not that bratty, but apparently my whining stuck with him.

After real Henry was born he placed this on my lap..

IMG_1802I was really confused but seriously excited when I saw that little blue box! Nothing bad comes from Tiffany’s! When I opened it up, lo and behold Aidan remembered me busting his chops and had bought diamond earrings, one for each baby I brought into the world!


I wasn’t kidding before when I said how great this man is and how he would do anything to make me happy. I couldn’t believe it and put those beauties right in my ears! He is the sweetest guy ever and really surprised me with the way he made up for not buying me flowers after blog Henry was born.

Note to guys (or partners): buy flowers when your lady delivers or else!

I have been wearing these every day since I received them and now that my engagement ring fits back on my finger I feel so happy and grateful to have such beautiful gifts from such a great man.

Please don’t think I am bragging, it’s just that things like this have never happened for me up until recently and I am still very excited to have some one who cares about me so much!


Ahh! Shh! Push It!

It’s Saturday morning and that means the baby is now officially 2 weeks old. The past two weeks have gone by really fast and although it hasn’t really been much time at all it feels like he’s already been with us forever.

Two weeks ago at this time I thought I would die from the pain of trying to get this baby out. After my non-stress test the day before the doctor decided that I should be induced that day because my fluid levels were just too high and dangerous. I was measured in having 24 ml of fluid but the normal range at 40 weeks pregnant are 5-8 ml. It was a lot of fluid and the fear was that my water would break and cause cord prolapse. While Aidan and I were both relieved and excited to soon meet our baby we weren’t expecting to be induced that day needed to do a bit of scrambling to find someone to take blog Henry for the night. Aidan’s sister came to the rescue and while he was back at the house to meet his sister I was having a pill inserted inside of me to kick start the labor.

For the start of labor I was able to move around quite a bit and walk through the pains. Because my water hadn’t broken and I didn’t have an epidural I didn’t need to be chained to the awful delivery room bed. After many hours though the nurse came in and said they would prefer I didn’t get up anymore because they kept loosing the babies heart rate on the monitor. That sucked but at least I wasn’t in bed for the first 8 hours or so.

After a few more hours they told me it was time for pitocin because I wasn’t moving along as well as they had hoped.  At the time my pain was high but not terrible so I put off the epidural and said I would let them know if And when I wanted one. When the pain finally started to feel like it would be unbearable I asked for the epidural. That was the worst mistake for me. I’ve had three other births all with epidurals and never once had an experience like the one 2 weeks ago. Maybe if a different person was administering it things would have gone more smoothly but that wasn’t the case and in the end I told them to forget it because it wasn’t going in right and causing horrible, horrible pains in my spine. The needle was hitting in all the wrong places and even today my left leg isn’t moving properly. (It gets better everyday so I’m not worried about any permanent damage or anything it’s just aggravating when my leg won’t move the way I want it to!)

From there things just got worse and worse and I really had to beg them for a C-Section. I knew something was wrong. The baby wasn’t dropping. I was 10 cm dilated and the baby just kept bouncing around in all the fluid every time they checked me. Even after they broke my water (oh my god talk about a flooding situation) which they were taking their time about doing, the baby wasn’t coming down. They had me push for an hour and I kept passing out from the pain and begging Aidan to kill me in between each contraction. Poor Aidan. At one point he yelled at me, “They aren’t going to give you a c-section! You will die and the baby will die!” That right there shows how stressful the whole situation was for him. He wasn’t being mean, he just didn’t understand what I was going through at all. The babies heart rate kept going down. They finally said I could have a C-section and I couldn’t have been more relieved.

I never wanted a c-section, not in the least bit and had heard so many horror stories of infections that came afterwards. I was against it 100% but I knew there was something wrong and I knew the pain I was experiencing wasn’t normal. Maybe it was my fibro, maybe I was a wimp but I really couldn’t take it. I had no ability to move my left leg as it seemed as if my bone was out of the hip socket. It was awful and so I was thankful and overjoyed to be cut open.

After the surgery and after I heard them exclaim “It’s a boy!” and after I heard him cry and caught a glimpse of his black hair I passed out. There are pictures of us, Aidan holding the baby and me passed out in the background. After having three other children, I can tell you that this was the hardest most difficult and abnormal childbirth I ever went through. I made the right choice for me and as it turns out for the baby too.. His neck was wrapped by the umbilical cord twice and around his body once. He wouldn’t have ever made it out vaginally. The nurses who seemed irritated that I couldn’t push him out were suddenly much more empathetic. Not that they were ever mean, but I knew they were annoyed.

The recovery has made up for the birth though. It has been coming along so smooth and quick. I hurt more this time than I have in the past but that’s to be expected. I was walking the first night and getting around well for the remainder of the hospital stay. At home I’ve been doing really well and even though I was dreading when my pain meds ran out I’m actually doing really well without them. Every day just gets easier!

It’s been 2 weeks and I am doing great and most importantly Henry is doing great. The baby is so awesome and already has such a sweet personality. He lets us sleep and he stopped crying during diaper changes. He really doesn’t fuss much at all and it makes all of the horrible things I went through from the beginning of the pregnancy up until he was finally born feel.. so not important. He’s awake more often and super alert, more than his brother was at his age and more than I can remember the big kids being at his age.


Party of Six

Our family has officially grown! We welcomed the newest member of our family on Saturday July 11 at 9:57 am and it is a boy! He was born weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces and measuring 20 inches long.


I wish I could say it was an easy labor but following the events of the pregnancy an easy labor wasn’t in the cards. I ended up getting a C-section and that was the only thing that made the event easy. When they removed him they found him face up and the cord was wrapped around his neck not just once but twice. The cord was also wrapped around his body once, and that combined with all of the extra fluid explained why it was excruciatingly painful and my efforts to push him out were unsuccessful. I tried to get an epidural but that didn’t work as the woman wasn’t able to get it in correctly. Talk about pain! All in all it was by far the worst and most painful experience of my life but it is over and so far my recovery has been going smoothly!


As when Henry was born, this boy also had pretty bad jaundice so he had to stay in the an extra night under special lights to bring it back down. Luckily the lights worked wonders and we were able to bring our sweet boy home last night! He’s a great sleeper and since his first night in the world he goes for 2-3+ hours between feedings. That’s a huge change for us considering Henry only went for 45 minutes to an hour. We have been getting good sleep and it really makes such a difference!


What about his name? Funny actually about his name. We picked the name Logan ahead of time if he was born a boy but when he arrived Aidan didn’t think it was a good match. I was pretty upset by this but I didn’t fight for keeping it because I’d never want to not like my sons name and didn’t feel Aidan should feel that way either. We referred to our list of possible names and finally the day before discharge decided on, get this.. Henry. You may or may not know but I use Henry as my 2 year olds name on the blog. It isn’t his name in real life, but it is a name I chose for him because I love it and I thought it suit him well. So the new baby’s name really is Henry. Henry Maddox. :)


I think I’ll be changing blog Henry’s name because I don’t want to confuse myself when I write about him and I’ll be coming up with a blog name for the real Henry. Lots of new name picking going on this week lol


Well, I am going to wrap this up for now but hope to be back again tomorrow with more. Aidan got me the sweetest and most unexpected push present that I want to brag a little about and I’ll try to post some good pictures of the baby. I’ll also talk a little more about the birth and what has been happening with the big kids since their party last week.


I hope you all are doing great, I miss you all and hope to catch up with your blogs in the next few days!

Anything is Possible

I’ve come to the realization that if I have to wait until next Friday to be induced it won’t be such a bad thing. It might actually turn out pretty cool if this birth is long and torturous the way Henry’s was. In fact, the baby could actually be born on the 18th, if labor carry’s on in the same slow poke way Henry’s birth did. What’s cool about the 18th is that it is also Regina’s birthday. Well, August 18th, but still a 1-8 :) Marshal and Henry actually share the 9th as their day (and there is still time for that of course) but it would be pretty neat if I had two 9’s and two 18’s.

Do your families have anything like that going on? Aidan’s mom has three out of four who were born on the 8th. What are the chances of any of this? Hmm let me guess 1-2%? haha I kid but really I will buy another lottery ticket today or at least have Aidan get one on the 9th or 18th if either of those work out :)

I felt absolutely horrible yesterday and spent an entire afternoon watching a season of Rehab Addict on Netflix. I think I have one episode left to see and I realize that was really a lot of tv to watch in one day. The girl who stars in the show, Nicole, rocks and I couldn’t get enough! Have you ever seen it? She buys old houses and puts her blood, sweat, and tears into rehabbing them to their former glory. Wow, I wish I could do what she does! For now though I’ll happily binge watch from bed.

My neck has been super stiff since last night and I am guessing that it was from watching so much tv yesterday but I’m a bit worried that I may have caught mono from Regina. She was diagnosed with it last week after being incorrectly diagnosed with strep only 2 weeks before that. We all (including the nurse practitioner who confirmed it was mono) think it was mono all along as her strep tests came back negative after all. It’s great that the first doctor we saw was on point and followed up with us. Sarcasm.  I understand that everyone is busy but she was put on some strong antibiotics that she shouldn’t have been put on, which fucked up her birth control pills (that we weren’t warned of being a possibility) and she was still sick. Thank god she hasn’t been sexually active. OMG that would have been the worst disaster! Anyway, she’s better now, and I’m sure I’m fine and that the stiff neck is from the boob tube.

It’s rainy and humid outside now and I haven’t checked to see if that will be all day today or not. I almost don’t want to look because it really is yucky out and would not be a fun day to do anything outside. Not that I’m planning on doing anything outside but, ya know, I like to complain.

Well, have a great day, hopefully the weather will be nice wherever you are and I hope something great happens in your neck of the woods :)



Melancholy Monday and the Infinite Pregnancy

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Usually it feels like Monday’s come around so quickly but this past week has gone by at a snails pace for me. Obviously waiting on the baby is making time stand still but I also think that having Aidan home is making everything seem slower. It’s like the super longest weekend ever :) I’m only complaining about the waiting on baby part though because I love having Aidan here!

I think he has caught a bit of the nesting bug from me — yesterday we spent a good deal of the day cleaning and organizing. He worked in the nursery and our room and I handled the downstairs and bathroom. I wasn’t expecting him to do anything but when I caught him dusting the blinds in the babies room in made my heart skip a beat. Men are so sexy when they do work around the house! Am I right??  ;)

I have to go up into the attic today to find the user manual for Henry’s carseat. We are finally turning it around and want to make sure we do it right. Having it out will also come in handy for when Aidan’s sister picks Henry up (if she has to) when the baby is making it’s way into the world. I have been wondering how that would work and then had a (common sense) light bulb moment to just have the manual ready for her. I also need to get a bag ready for him with just a few clothes and diapers and toys. I don’t expect she’ll have him for more than a day but I really should be prepared ahead of time..

Also in the attic is the play yard which has a bassinet and changing station on it, so I’d like Aidan to bring that down so we can set it up in the living room and I can give it a good cleaning. I have some infant socks to wash and my bag to recheck but other than that we are seriously done and just waiting. It feels good to be prepared but annoying that it feels like forever. My due date is still 4 days away so I don’t know why I am so anxious about it taking so long, I’m just so super uncomfortable and tired of wondering if everyday will be the day. I know I should just relax and enjoy the last few days of life not being consumed by a newborn but it’s very hard for me to do.

I tried my hand at winning the lottery twice last week but turned up short both times. See — that never works out for me. I am just one of those people who has great luck when it comes to weird (mostly medical) things. I looked up the extra amniotic fluid thing (Polyhydramnios) and once again only 1-2% of pregnant women get it. What gives? I am lucky that none of the diaganoses I’ve ever received were fetal or life threatening though so I will just be grateful for that instead of feeling sorry for myself. A winning lottery ticket sure would be nice though :)

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. I’m obviously just very anxious and worried about delivering this baby soon and that it will be healthy and I will be okay. I’d love to get out of my own head for a few hours but I really don’t know how, maybe I’ll figure something out because all of this stress and discomfort isn’t good. Have a great day and please will the universe to put me into labor if you have any kind of pull with whomever controls that sort of thing ;)

A Happy Fourth of July

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, for those of you in the US that is! I hope everyone else that isn’t here had a great Saturday, too! I spent most of the day resting as that’s become quite the norm. I really am looking forward to being able to move around and having energy to get through the days without feeling like my belly is going to rip open or fall off of my body. Soon enough, soon enough!

I was actually really glad the baby didn’t come yesterday, it was the only day I didn’t want it to come because it was the date of my anniversary to my ex. We met and then years later got married on the 4th of July, so good job baby! Lol already making mommy happy :)

Resting was the best thing to do yesterday because it gave me some energy to go see fireworks with Aidan and Henry last night. It was great for us to get out of the house, do something different and not spend any money :) The three of us had a really nice time! Here is a picture of Henry before the start of the show:


I was worried that he would be scared once the fireworks started because he really doesn’t do well with loud noises but he was a champ. He was cringing a little bit but I think he was doing it more for dramatic impact than anything else. I have some of those pictures and they are really cute too but he’s on Aidan’s lap and I don’t know if he wants his face on the internet.. I’ll ask him if it’s okay and then post one or two if he gives me the thumbs up. When it was time to head home Henry didn’t want to leave and that’s always a good sign that he had fun :)

I was worried the big kids were going to try and be slick and have all of their friends here while we were gone. I had to kick them all off of the porch before we left but told them they could hang out for an hour or so when we got back. I still had my doubts that they would listen and was surprised to find the yard empty when we got back  (earlier than we said we’d be). I was also surprised that they didn’t return with the gang to hang out but all of it was good for me :)

Both Marshal and Regina were planning to go downtown (Philly) to see the show that they go to every year but I asked them not to because of the heightened terror alerts. I’m really glad they listened, thankfully nothing happened that I know of, but it shows that they have a little sense after all. I know they were disappointed to stay around here but really who wants to take the chance of being somewhere when something really terrible could happen.

I’m feeling pretty good this morning, my mind feels kinda clear and I’m not dragging around so I’m hoping this stays with me for the day. What are your plans for the day? I don’t have any but there are a few things I’d like to take care of around the house. Surprise, lol. I think the weather is going to be really nice so hopefully it will get taken advantage of by all! Have a great day everyone!

Another Regular Friday has Passed

Another night and no baby. I don’t know why but I have myself convinced that this one will be coming in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because both times I had the false labor it was pretty late? I don’t know. I’m slowly convincing myself at this point that it will never come actually lol I know that’s not true but jeeze this last month is torture!

We had a pretty nice day yesterday, didn’t do to much but enough to not sit around all day. Regina and I went to Target in the morning and we were going to bring Henry but he wanted to stay with his Dad while Aidan did yard work. Okay then. It was just us girls and we had a nice time. We stocked up on stuff that we needed and looked at all of the cute baby girl clothes. I almost bought a pair of pajamas with a flamingo on them with the plan to return them if it’s a boy but decided not to. We will just go back :) Target has some really adorable rompers that I’m hoping to purchase if it’s a girl. I’ll leave it at that.

After we got home Aidan took Henry grocery shopping and I got in the shower. I was convinced the baby was coming as I am every hour of every day lately. When they got back I made lunch and then drove Regina to work. Aidan, Henry and I chilled out after that until it was dinner time. Aidan made us taco’s! Yummy, house favorite :) After dinner the three of us sat on the front porch for an hour or two. It was a great night out and Henry was having a fun time identifying all the noises we heard. He is so cute and really becoming such a great talker. Marshall came home just as we were about to head in to put Henry to bed but it was nice for the brothers to see each other for a few minutes. Henry ran over to the gate and opened it while saying “hi. big. brofer.” he’s so cute.

I passed out pretty hard after we settled into bed and even though I woke up a ton last night I don’t feel all that bad. I mostly wake up to switch what side I am laying on and listen to make sure I don’t hear a bunch of kids hanging out outside. I also check to make sure the kids are here and pee. Fun stuff! I fell back asleep easily all four times though so that was great.

I don’t know what we are doing today. We might take Henry to see his first set of fireworks tonight. That should be a lot of fun, hopefully I won’t feel crappy and weasel out of it and hopefully he won’t get too scared. Other than that Regina has work til 4 and I will probably just try to get a little cleaning done. I also want to repack my hospital bag and get a small bag together for Henry to take to his grandparents.

Well, happy 4th of July, I hope nothing comes of the terrorist warnings they’ve been talking about. They really make me nervous and I hope that they are just warnings and nothing else. Be safe out there and have a great day, no matter what you do!