Sweet child of mine

There’s not much to report on the closet this morning. Yesterday we had a Baptism to go to for our nephew and while I tried to remove the rest of the frame before getting ready to leave I ran into trouble.

I removed 3 of the beams without trouble but when trying to get the last three out I had a really tough time. Many of the screws were over drilled and too far into the wood to reach with the drill bit. I got a screwdriver and was able to manually unscrew a few enough to the point that I could us the drill but some are stuck in there good and I am not strong enough. Also there is a screw head that is stripped because they just didn’t stop drilling I suppose.

I was getting flustered and a little disappointed that I would need help but thankfully Aidan seems happy to give me a hand. We were going to try to do it last night after we came home from the party, but Maddox and Logan were not about it. So we just enjoyed the boys instead.

Today is Maddox’s first birthday. I am going to sound like every other parent on the planet right now when I say I can’t believe he is one! It went by so fast. Too fast. My sweet baby. My last baby. He’s a pain in the ass sometimes but he really is the sweetest, funniest little boy you can imagine.


He’s walking, almost running even. He’s trying to talk and already says more than a few words. Dada is his favorite to say! He calls me Dada unless he’s crying then he says Mama. He says his brother and sisters names and calls the cat something I can’t quite make out.

He has the personality if a comedian and kisses Logan goodnight every night by toddeling into their room once Lo is in bed and leaning over the bed railing to give him a kiss. It’s the sweetest thing ever.


Last night when I was giving him kisses and hugs and telling him about his birthday I said that I only have 17 more of these days left. I was really sad to think about that just because with Regina turning 18 next month I know all too well how fast those 17 years are going to fly by. My stance has changed from OMG I have another how many years left?! To slow down, life is moving too fast!


Happy birthday munchkin and a wish for a hundred more, we love you so, so much xoxo!



Say Cheese :)

I realize that I haven’t posted any pictures lately so I thought I’d add some from my phone. Looking through them though I realize that I haven’t been taking too many! I hardly have any new pictures of Logan on there. I feel very bad about that!

There are a few of Maddox though eating his toes while I was trying to feed him real food. He LOVES eating his toes. Some babies like it, he loves it and will chew on them any chance he gets:

And here is one of him in the bath. I was trying to make a mohawk of his hair but it just kept curling over which was funny. Most of his birth hair fell out except for the top which makes it super long — and fun:


Here is one of the boys playing kitchen together the other day while I was playing in my kitchen. I thought it was so awesome that they were playing together:


This is Logan and I just hanging out. I thought this was taken after I darkened my hair but it was not! It’s even darker now and maybe someday I’ll show you:


This is Maddox in his most favorite outfit of mine. I had to take a picture because it isn’t going to fit him for long.. Behind him is the fireplace I haven’t ripped out yet but will soon!


This last picture is of the desk and filing cabinet I got last year as well as the new wall color. Don’t look at the wood work, it still needs to be done. And don’t look at the picture frames stacked on the desk, they need a home. And ignore the door that needs to be painted. Also the lamp isn’t staying there. Just look at the wall and the desk lol:


Well, have a great day! Good luck to those of you playing the lottery! Scarlet had a good point that it would probably change someone too much but I’m still hoping to win ;)

Now or Never .. The Boy’s Room

The other day I talked about the boy’s room and how I had done some hard core cleaning. I should have immediately taken pictures because within an hour it was a mess again, but that’s life, right?

I decided just to take pictures this morning as is. No staging whatsoever because while that’s a lot of fun for me it’s not sensible, especially not in here! I’d get all stressed out too trying to make everything perfect. So not worth the work.

Anyway, here is the little boys room, the smallest in the house and the hardest working :)

Of course Logan wanted me to take a picture of him and I couldn’t leave Maddox out :)

I still want to do a few things in here. In a perfect world I’ll get the door, wainscoting and trim painted all in the same white. The ceiling needs to be painted, too. Not high on my priority list but it’s there.

Fun stuff I want to do is make and hang a bunting under the shelf above the changing dresser and make paper mache balloons to hang above Logan’s bed. They should be fairly easy projects that will be fun to do with Logan.

I also want to get some 3 Sprouts bins to put sweatshirts in so they aren’t filling up the whole door and for more toy storage. That’s about it though. It’s not a perfect kids room/nursery but for us I think it works great. It’s cozy and connected to our room so it doesn’t feel too crammed.

Maybe when I get my art projects done I’ll stage the room and take some nice pictures but I wouldn’t hold your breath, lol.

Well, now that that is over…

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Christmas. I hope you all were able to spend time with your families and friends and I hope your gatherings were nice.

We had a really nice Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went to my parents and we got to see my sister and her husband and baby, my brother and my parents. Maddox and Logan both had a blast and enjoyed all of the attention and of course, the presents.

Aidan and I were up until 2am getting the wrapping finished up, putting together the kitchen set and then putting the gifts out.

Mandatory tree drama..

We decided to put the little boys gifts in front of the fireplace and not under the tree because this is what it looks like:


Yes friends, my tree must have heard all the shit I was talking and decided on revenge. It’s dropping all of it’s needles. ALL. OF. IT’S. NEEDLES. Do you see that pile to the right?


Yes, that one.. That was only one of many. It may just look like a pile of green, but that is a massive pile of needles. Billions of them. Gazillions of needles everywhere.

All we can do is laugh really. I mean the ridiculousness of the whole tree situation is just flat out laughable.

And yet.. Aidan still doesn’t want to get a fake tree next year.

The point is.. we were smart to put the gifts in front of the fireplace and not under the tree. If anyone blinks too hard needles fall and cover anything in their path to the floor.

Reaching under the tree for gifts was NOT an option. Breathing in the same room is barely an option at this point.

Holly Jolly Christmas..

Aside from the tree and a small tiff with Aidan on Christmas Eve everything went smoothly and fantastic. Logan had SO much fun opening gifts and playing with his kitchen set.

I took a video of his reaction coming down in the morning. I love him so much, he is so adorable! And “so excited!” :)

Maddox even had a fun time opening his gift and playing with toys. Aidan seemed to really like the shirts Regina and I picked out for him and the other gifts I ordered. They were even the right size! Win!

When the big kids came home they were happy and thankful and really appreciated the gifts they received.

It was a nice morning.

In the afternoon Aidan and I went with the little’s to Aidan’s sister’s house for a family party. I felt awful (tired and sick) so I rested on the ride and once we got there I felt much better. It was a really nice party with great food and a happy family. Logan and Maddox both had a great time and that always makes me happy.

So Much Activities!

Logan’s first active Christmas was a success! I wanted it to be the best Christmas ever for him so he will look forward to it again next year. We did so many activities leading up to the main event:

  • Elf on the Shelf
  • made a lot of ornaments
  • made a lot of cookies
  • wrapped presents
  • looked at lights
  • had special outfits
  • saw Santa on a firetruck
  • met Santa in person
  • did the advent calendar
  • decorated the house
  • read stories
  • watched movies

Now of course I’ll have to hear about Santa and presents forever.. I guess I better start looking up crafts to make for Valentines Day! Gotta keep moving, right?!

New Tradition.. Beat the tree?

Today we are going to take what’s left of the “tree” down. It’s really early but it isn’t going to last much longer. I’m surprised it’s still standing in all it’s wondrous glory.

Honestly, I just don’t want anymore ornaments to fall and break otherwise I’d keep it up just to see if we could cover the whole floor with needles. Ha! We expect that there won’t be any needles left on it by the time I get the lights off so I guess I’ll find out.

However, if there are any still holding on Aidan wants to knock it a few times and see if he can’t get them all off before dragging it through the house and out the door. It’ll be like a pinata minus the treats.

Well, again, I hope you all had a great holiday and I’m not sad it’s over so you shouldn’t be either. Now we get to look forward to the New Year :)


Early morning for all

My head is pounding and my throat is sore. I don’t think I am getting sick though, thankfully. I think it’s a combination of the dust from the walls Aidan sanded and the heat that’s been running since the temperatures outside dropped down.

Maddox has woken up everyone early this morning. He wants to play or something. I offered to bring him downstairs but Aidan said he’d try to get him back to sleep.

Now I hear Logan up, too.

Guess I won’t be writing a lot today..

I’d like to get the wrapping out of the way today. I am officially done shopping and I’m only waiting on a book to come in for my great niece. It’s supposed to arrive on Thursday. I hope it gets here. It’s a book about becoming a big sister and it goes along with a baby doll I got for her.

My niece (her mom) is expecting her second child, a boy, this spring. I’m excited for her. I’m also really glad it’s a boy so that I can give her all of these clothes that I have. They are in great shape and I’d rather them go to someone I love than a donation bin or even a consignment shop. :)

Well, have a great day. I’m going to get Logan some breakfast and help Aidan with the wide awake babies.

It’s Been a Busy Week!

Well, hello! It’s been a super long time since I have been able to write and only for the reason that I haven’t had the time. Thankfully everything is fine around here (or normal at least) and I’ve just been busy.

Since Christmas is around the corner I’ve been trying to get Logan as excited for the holiday as he was for Halloween (yes, he still talks about Halloween and watches Halloween videos every chance he gets.

My first effort to get him excited for the season was to make ornaments with him. We made them early so he could give a set to his grandparents on Thanksgiving. I thought it would be nice if they could hang them on their tree for the whole year instead of a few days after Christmas.

It took us a week to make them because toddler and infant! but they turned out adorable.


Logan helped me make the dough I found a recipe for (along with the idea for the ornaments) from a page I follow on Facebook, Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. Here is the link the page shared, if you are interested.

Anyway, the project was inexpensive, easy, and a lot of fun for both Logan and I. Over the week each day we worked on them. The first day we made the dough and baked the ornaments. The second day we started painting them and each day after we painted a little more, then added details, sealed them with Modge Podge and wrapped them in little gift bags for the grandparents.

Logan was so excited to give the gifts to his grandparents and still enjoys talking about the project when he sees the two we made for our house. “I made that!” he says proudly.

Mini Tree and a Kids Christmas Room

We have a small artificial Christmas tree that came from Aidan’s bachelor pad and this year I thought it would be fun to let Logan decorate it for his and Maddox’s room. Regina and I took them over to Target and we picked out a good amount of really cute (and kid friendly) $3 ornaments, garland and a star. It wasn’t expensive (around $30 for everything) especially considering we will use everything for many years to come.

We also picked up a plain wreath, a string of LED battery lights and added small ornaments to it. All together that cost around $11. I also bought a “Merry Christmas” garland for $3 and 2 initial stockings.

It was a fun project putting everything together and getting their room set up for Christmas. When we were done Logan gave everyone a “tour” of the tree and showed off and explained every ornament. He held his arms out and said “Ta-Da! I made that!”


He plays with his tree everyday, taking the ornaments off and rearranging them (all over his room). The OCD in me wants to yell at him to leave it alone, but he isn’t hurting anything, can’t get hurt himself and is enjoying the tree, which was what I really wanted, so I just ask him to hang them back up a hundred times a day.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

This year the big kids went with their dad to NYC for Thanksgiving. They were gone for two nights and seemed to have a good time.


I missed them a lot but was glad to have a little break from Marshal.

Aidan and I took the littles to his parent’s house and we had a really nice time. His whole family was there and Logan got to play with his cousin while the grown up’s snuggled Maddox. After dinner we went to my parent’s for dessert and Logan got to play with his other cousin while Maddox got more attention.


On Friday we braved it and went to the King of Prussia mall. It was super crazy crowded and there weren’t any great deals but we did end up getting Logan snow boots, a winter coat and a new pair of regular boots. I am the worst mom ever and found this out when we measured his foot for new shoes… I had the poor boy walking around in shoes that were 2 sizes too small. I still feel guilty!

I also got a lot of stuff at Bath and Body Works and that kicked off my official Christmas shopping. I am almost done :)

Little Monster Elf

How cute is this kid?


Yes, cute maybe but an absolute monster when it comes to getting things done. He constantly wants to be held. Like ALL DAY LONG.

When it comes to this kid I have two choices:

  • Hold him and get nothing done
  • Try to entertain him, listen to him whine and get nothing done

I asked Aidan to get him a bouncy toy seat in hopes of entertaining him. It would have been ideal to wait until Christmas, but he’s big enough now to use it and seriously I need something to entertain this kid so I can put him down.

It arrived yesterday and Logan and I put it together while Maddox fussed. When we finally had it set up Maddox seemed to like it. For about 4 minutes..

While I was making this video of him enjoying it he quickly decided that he hated life and had to fuss.

Well, it was 4 minutes of happiness.

I think he was just overwhelmed though because when Regina and I put him in it a few hours later he played (and jumped!) in it for a bout 15 minutes. Hey, I can do dishes in 15 minutes :)

Well, that’s it for now. There is still a lot for me to catch you up on.. Painting progress! New rug for our bedroom, it’s finally getting a much needed face lift!! Shutterfly sucks! And more! I know you are all super excited ;)

Anyway, have a great day and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)



One Hell of a Friday

Let’s see.. it’s 7:30 am on a Saturday and everyone (except Maddox!) is already awake. I came downstairs at 6:30 to write and there was Regina.. She claims that she slept at her friends and came home super early because the girl has a job interview at 8am. Yeah. The hickey on her neck was a dead give away that she was just having a late night.

It was too early to argue so I just told her I didn’t believe her and started making coffee. She wanted to chat my ear off, which is nice and I usually enjoy but I wasn’t awake yet. Then I went upstairs to use the bathroom and came out to find Logan and Aidan stalking the door.

I brought Logan downstairs with me and was getting him set up with some breakfast when I heard Marshall coming up from his room. “Why is everyone awake?!” I asked Logan as if he knew the answer.

All of the big people have seemed to find their ways back to their beds. Now it’s just me and Logan and I suppose I had something to write about.

How exciting. My life is thrilling!

Yesterday was the pits

So yesterday sucked big time. Maddox fussed and fussed all fucking day and I wanted to drive myself off of a bridge. Okay that’s dramatic, but damn that kid whined and cried for like 10 hours straight unless I was holding him.. In very specific positions. He wouldn’t nap, he was having a hard time eating. All he wanted to do was poop and obviously I couldn’t do that for him.

Regina had an interview at Holister at 4pm and because of unpredicted and rediculous traffic she got there at 4:05pm. They still interviewed her but I don’t know.. Also I told her to dress for the job and while she looked nice she didn’t look like she was dressed for Holister, she looked more like she was interviewing at Hot Topic or Goths R Us. She was wearing Holister jeans.. black ones.. but whatever.

I had planned to apply a a few places while we were there but because Maddox was so stinking miserable and didn’t nap I didn’t get to shower. I was a hot mess (literally I had hot flashes all day from the depo shot) and totally discombobulated with my outfit. I don’t even think Five Below would have been interested in hiring me with the way I was looking. PlusĀ  I had two little ones in tow — that doesn’t really scream professionalism.

Back at home Maddox screamed a lot more, in fact before we got home he screamed the whole ride there, 25 minutes non stop. When Aidan finally got home I bit his head off just because I was in a bitchy mood. I seriously was stressed the fuck out. It wasn’t nice of me but all I could think about was his luxurious life of driving by himself to and from work and then having a nice 8 hour break from this hell hole.

Of course he got Maddox to fall asleep and was obnoxious about it. If I had any strength in my body I would have punched him in the fucking face when he informed me of how brillant he is and how sucky I am. I threatened him with the murder of myself or him if he dared speak to me again for the rest of the night.


I went to bed early and even though I am still sweating like a pig I feel a little better knowing it’s a new day. I hope it’s better than the last.