While I Had A Chance.. Front Yard Spruce Up

Today I was in a great mood and spontaneously bought some fall plants for out front. I haven’t paid any attention to the front yard in a while and it showed. Everything was dead. D E A D. It’s a little soon for Halloween decorations so I knew for a while I’d have to spruce it up a little for the rest of the year.

I ended up getting a corn stalk, 2 cabbages, 2 mums and 2 pretty plants I’m not familiar with. I wanted to surprise Aidan when he got home from work and I got it done just in time. It looks much better out there now with plants that are pretty and alive! Tomorrow I plan on getting a few more things, like a fall door mat and a fall flag and maybe another mum or cabbage for the big planter. It will look even cuter tomorrow when he gets home and I’ll take a few pictures.

As far as the back yard,  everything except the roses are done for the year. I have some lavender to transplant from the front yard and will just clean up the really ugly stuff. I might get a mum or cabbage for back there too but I’m not 100% yet. As long as the front looks good (better) I am happy.

Well. That’s all I have for today. Have any of you done any fall gardening? I’m glad I finally started getting it together after 2 months lol


It’s Been A While, Here’s What’s Happening Now..

Good morning, happy Friday! I know a lot of people are off today to celebrate the 4th of July and I hope that you have a lot of fun things planned for the weekend. We won’t be going anywhere far because the baby still hasn’t come! Every year for the past few years we have gone to Aidan’s parents for a cookout that his sister hosts and I’m sad that we won’t be there this year. I am hopeful that the baby will come today and we will be spending time tomorrow snuggling it instead. But you know.. It has decided to not come out until the year 2018. I’m convinced!

When I went to the doctors on Wednesday I did find out that I’ve dilated another cm and I am almost (if not fully) effaced so that’s great. The baby is head down but the head isn’t engaged like I originally misunderstood. It’s most likely from the extra amniotic fluid in there, which we found out rose more since last week. I now have 32 cm of fluid and the normal ranges are 5-25 cm. So I’m nervous and anxious but none of the doctors seem alarmed so I should just chill out.

They want to run another diabetes test on me, which is ridiculous to me because I wouldn’t have the test until a day before my due date! WTH would the point be? I’ll do what I have to but really hope the baby comes before next Thursday, it was hell having to sit in the doctors for three hours last time and will be worse when it would only make a difference for a few days if we find out that is the cause of the excess fluid. So frustrating.

Big Pimpin(g)

In other awesome news — we ended up getting a new vehicle! I’m pretty sure I mentioned that we needed something larger as we are now a family of 6 but didn’t really want to spend the money. Well, Aidan decided the need was great enough and we researched for a few days before going out to buy a beautiful and large SUV! I was sad to trade my car in because I really loved it so much but I had to be realistic. It was too small, even for the 5 of us and we got a decent trade in for it so there wasn’t really a question.

We ended up getting a 2012 Honda Pilot and I absolutely LOVE it! It has so much room (3rd row seating!) but doesn’t feel too big for me to drive. I was really worried that I’d have a hard time because it is large but it really is easy! It’s not as big as a Navigator or one of those really big SUV’s thankfully but it’s a lot bigger than a mini one. It’s perfect and it’s loaded with all of the options anyone could ask for. I’m really happy with it and so glad that I don’t have to worry about how I am going to be getting the kids to all of their appointments now. Or anywhere all at once. Aidan rocks my socks! 

I know that even though we did a good (almost great) job haggling the price down we are going to have to cut back spending elsewhere to feel comfortable with payments again. Aidan is feeling some pressure about that but once we set a new budget (and actually stick to it) we will be fine. Our excess food spending alone makes the payment and admittedly we have been awful about getting that under control. I’m all for it but have yet to take it seriously this year, despite wanting to. 

Once he looks at everything and figures out what is what I am just going to have to be super stern about it personally and naggingly on his part. It takes a team though right? And I know that not only we can set a budget and stick to it but also we will feel great for doing so.

I want to post pictures of our super awesome truck but I (as usual) feel like a goofball taking pictures lol At some point I will though :) It’s really nice and the car (SUV) of my mommy dreams!

Backyard Garden

The backyard is looking the best it ever has! While there are still plenty of things that need doing I think it’s safe to say I am done for a while, at least until the fall. Here are some pictures that I just ran outside to take:

I took these with my phone so the quality isn’t really great, I will have to bring my camera out there and do some good ones soon! You can see the make shift privacy fence that Aidan constructed with lattice, it looks great! I am going to stain it eventually but it’s been super rainy here and the wood needs to be dry. Plus I’m super preggo so, yeah. That’ll be a fall project ;) It looks nice though, doesn’t it?

I plan on doing more work out there but for now I love to sit on my steps and stare at the hydrangea, hostas and roses. I really didn’t want to keep the hostas but am glad I let Aidan have his way, they do look nice, especially with the other plants. The little dianthus there are getting big but I don’t think I will be keeping them there come fall. I think it depends on how much bigger they get. Right now they just don’t fit in but if they get a foot taller we will see.

Okay well, this has been a super duper long post. I guess I had a few days of catching up to do. I hope to get back into a regular writing routine but the chances are when (and IF) this baby comes I’ll probably post less and less for a little while. Maybe I’ll just do pictures or short little posts though because I really want to keep this blog a going!

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Shopping and Driving and the Garden, Oh My

Good morning, happy Thursday! This week is going quickly here, soon enough it will be Monday again :) Yesterday was pretty good. The only thing we had to do was go to Regina’s therapy and even though the appointment wasn’t until 3 we left early at around 1:30 because Marshall was being pretty hyper and getting to the point where he was going to aggravate Regina or myself. It ended up being the perfect time though because we had a couple of stops to make along the way and then ran into some road work. Usually it takes about 30 minutes (tops) to get to her doctors but we got there with only 10 minutes to spare. I’ll tell you it was nice not rushing and Henry got a good nap while we were in the car, too.

After her session ended Regina asked if we could go over to the mall. She wanted to get some shorts from Charlotte Ruse but I was over heated and didn’t have the energy to walk around at all. It was hot out and I was wearing stretch pants and a light sweater (like a dummy) but I did tell her I’d take her there this morning. I’m going to wake her up at 8 and hopefully Henry will wake up before 8:30 so we can leave at that time. The mall doesn’t open until 10 but I said it might be a good idea to practice some driving in the malls parking lot while it was empty.

Olive Branch (aka Enticement)

We haven’t had the chance to take Regina out driving even once she’s gotten her permit over a month ago. First of all she was running around after school and then she got into trouble because of it and I was pissed and thinking of taking her permit away. After therapy though I thought maybe it would get her focused and keep her on track. I mean if she gets a taste of driving and imagines all the new freedom maybe she will be excited for it and not blow curfew, avoid my phone calls, etc. so she can keep learning to drive. We will see. Aidan kinda looked at me crossed eyed when I said I was going to take her but I said I thought it would entice her and he seemed to quickly understand what my angle was. I hope I am right. If not I’ll just take the permit away again.

Garden Update

Yesterday morning I spent a few minutes deadheading my rose bush. I hope I did it right. I’ve only had practice last year and did it pretty well then but had to look online again because I had forgotten where I was supposed to make the cuts. After I trimmed them up I read another article that said you can actually manipulate the plants based on where you cut the dead roses off. You can force the stems to produce one larger flower or make many small ones. Obviously last year I cut it in the way that produces many small ones and I’m hoping I did that again. I really must have had 4 dozen (if not more) blooms that had blossomed on that plant so far. It was beautiful!

Roses are definitely new to me and I still have a lot to learn about them but so far so good. After deadheading them the plant is really bare but there are a ton of new buds that will be opening soon. I really like roses and want to get more in the future. I was always intimidated by them thinking the were very fussy but so far I have been wrong :)

I’m also so, so happy to tell you that my hydrangea is blooming this year, too! We had a horrible winter the one before last and it practically murdered my prized (to me) hydrangea. It’s one that blooms on old wood and unfortunately it wasn’t doing anything last year, so I read that I had to cut it all the way back. I was so worried about it but wanted to save it more than anything. It grew new stems quickly and had beautiful leaves and form but no flowers. I was beginning to worry it wouldn’t blossom again this year but guess what? It is filling up with crazy flowers!! They are starting to get color too and I’m so glad they are still the deep purple and deep red that they’ve always turned. Aidan wanted to make them blue but I said no! because I really haven’t seen any other plants in my plants color. Thanks weird soil!

As far as the planters in the front.. They are looking really pathetic and it’s time for me to move things around and plant new summer flowers. The lavender is spent for the year, the phlox looks dead and the petunias and violas are wimping out. I’m going to try transplanting the lavender and phlox so they come back next spring and now need to research summer to fall flowers. If cabbage is available now I might just get some of that. I was really hoping the planters would last thru till summer but I guess I got that wrong.. I will probably try to get some plants today if the selection at Lowes doesn’t look to terrible. I won’t be planting anything once the baby gets here and I’m running out of time!

I did finally fill the big planter on the porch.. Actually Aidan filled it while I “supervised” from the seat because I wasn’t motivated that day. We picked out 2 different coleus and it looks nice! I’ll get a picture of that when I renew the small planters!

Okay well this was a long post and I think I’ve gone off enough about plants and Regina :) I hope you all have a great day, it’s almost the weekend and if you are feeling spunky for thirsty Thursday and aren’t preggo too please drink a beer (or a shot of tequila!) for me. Ahh, I’m looking forward to a drink! Soon enough, very soon ;)

Feeling Very Much Better Today.. a post without cursing ;)

Okay, well I feel much better than I did yesterday. I suppose venting helped a lot. Cleaning Marshall’s room helped even more. Don’t worry, he did 75% of the work. I delegated and kept it moving as well as kept him motivated to follow through to the end. Of course there is still laundry that needs doing but I think it’s down to the last load or two. We washed everything and even though it took a while the smell is gone, I’m not worried about breaking my neck when I go down there and I’m not furious anymore.

Maybe I overreacted but I strongly believe that even if I wasn’t full of raging pregnancy hormones I would have flipped my shit. A person can only take so much, you know?

Other than cleaning Marshall’s room with him yesterday we got quite a few other big jobs accomplished around here. Aidan was working from home because he didn’t sleep well the night before and when he was finished up for the day he went outside to work on the patio. We had two privacy panels that were falling apart so he removed them as well as a tree/shrub/bush thing that was huge and annoyed him and our neighbor. I wasn’t attached to the tree but it did provide a privacy factor that is now gone so that kinda (but not really) sucks. I also think the tree was a breeding ground for stink bugs so we will see if there are less of them this year.

After everything was removed I was honestly unhappy about it because of the lack of privacy now between my and the neighbors yard. There is no denying that the panels had to come down, half of the slats were missing from previous months and it looked terrible and was rotting out, but now being exposed to my neighbors trash cans the view feels even worse:

IMG_1754 IMG_1755The first photo is where the two privacy panels were. Aidan luckily kept the posts up. At first we were thinking we’d let our clematis grow up the post and hang the ferns on them but after seeing it and how terrible the whole area looked I kinda freaked out a little inside. Aidan cleaned up the area but it still looked terrible. I told him that we would need to replace the panels at some point because of how awful it looks but each panel costs over $100 and on the opposite side of the patio there are 3 more that we will need to do. $500 + is not something we really want to spend there right now.

So while I pouted Aidan suggested the brilliant idea of getting lattice to put between the posts.. It would add some privacy, cover up the mess and provide a large trellis surface for the clematis to climb all over. Plus it’s far less expensive than panels and relatively easy to install. He rocks my socks! I thought his idea was brilliant and looked up prices. To do both sides it will cost a whopping estimated total of $60. Yeah baby. We went over to Lowes and picked up the supplies, except the lattice, which he will get today.

The second picture above s where the tree was removed. There is a lot of light in the kitchen now and zero privacy. I’ve never had a curtain on the window that faces the tree because it served as a screen so we picked a cordless shade up while we were at Lowes. I have two other windows in the kitchen but I didn’t get shades for them because they are blocked by my backyard and even looking in there isn’t much for people outside to see because they are so high up off of the ground. Will it look weird only having one window with a blind? I don’t think so, that window is on a wall by itself so I think it will be okay. Also if I added them to the other windows I think the blind would get gunky from the sink and the stove.

What will we put in that spot that the tree was in? I have no idea for now and the stump will need to be grinded down before anything can be planted anyway. I am not going to worry about that spot until next spring at least, maybe fall. That will give us enough time to see what type of sunlight we get there now and get a few ideas of what would visually look best. The spot is an important one as it’s the view from the street so I really want it to be well thought out and look nice when we are done with it. As of now, it is a work in progress and obviously looking like a hot mess but not rushing to simply fill the space will pay off.

Well, I’ve gotta get some stuff together that we are having picked up by the trash company. I hope you all have a great Friday and thanks for reading!

I’m Going to Shoot You in the Ass with That Gun

Well, the dumb traps are still here and still working but not catching what we have them for. Let’s see.. To date we have caught:

  • 2 groundhogs
  • 1 skunk
  • 2 opossums
  • 1 raccoon

We’ve been trying to catch the last ground hog and skunk for weeks now to no avail but this morning I saw a large and quite nasty raccoon in one of the traps. Most of the raccoons in our neighborhood have rabies so I am staying faaaaar away from that thing (not that I’d get close if there wasn’t a chance it was rabid!)

Aidan broke out his pellet gun and is threatening to take out all of the squirrels in the yard because he says they are digging up all of the lawn. I am 100% against it because a) I like the squirrels and b) there are probably 6,000 in the neighborhood, so I think it’s pointless. We have been battling it out for a day now and I will really be super pissed if I see him killing my little friends.

What the hell kind of city do we live in here anyway? The only 2 critters we haven’t found in the trap that are locals here are a fox or a rabbit. At least we aren’t catching rats like you’d find downtown, right?

So anyway..

Today I’m 34 weeks pregnant and still cranky as ever. I did get a lot of cleaning done (well a lot in comparison to what I’ve been doing lately) and detailed my living room. Henry helped every step of the way with a mini-swiffer, the broom, the vacuum and  an empty bottle of Method. He’s such a big helper and actually picked up all of his toys for me which was great considering I am not supposed to bend over.

Today I’m going to try detailing the dining room which is essentially empty except for our table set, an area rug and a toy box so it should be quick and painless. If it’s as easy as I think it will be I’ll move on to the kitchen which I feel like is in need of detailing every fucking day. How can one room be such a mess all the time? I swear it’s the worst one in this house. I think it’s because it’s closed off from the rest of the house and I only spend time making messes in there ;)

Well, happy Friday, I hope you all have a great one! I have one week to go before Henry’s 2nd birthday party and even though I just want to not have one I’m trucking forward and hopefully getting stuff ready over the next two days. What are your plans for the weekend?

Forward Ho!

It’s Friday already, wow! This week didn’t feel like it was going by too quickly but now that I am so close to sleeping in tomorrow I realize it has. Quite a bit has happened here this week and nothing was too bad so that makes it a darn good one :)


Remember a few month’s ago when my daughter and her boyfriend broke up? It was a really hard time for her but she made it through — moving-on-quotes-01made some new friends, stopped crying all the time, got a herself a job, and most recently her drivers permit. Yeah, well no sooner than she is doing really well she starts hanging out with him again. Twice this week. I’m not happy about it. Neither is Aidan or Marshal. We all think he’s bad news and have told her it’s not a good idea to be around him. While none of us are saying what we really want about the situation she knows none of us approve. She says they aren’t getting back together and that they are just friends but I know she is vulnerable and don’t want her to get hurt again. I hope she will wise up quick and really move on.

Obligatory Pregnancy Wining 

In unrelated news, my OB appointment yesterday kinda stunk. I mean, I don’t really know what I was expecting to come from the appointment, I’m 33 weeks pregnant and just uncomfortable. There really isn’t anything anyone can do for me. I suppose I was hoping she’d have a magic wand of some sort though ;) I was given some worksheets on stretching to relieve the sciatic nerve pain I’ve been having, told not to bend over to prevent the cramping in my stomach, and advised to drink more water to calm the Braxton Hicks down. She was sympathetic to my discomfort, but seriously, there really isn’t anything anyone can do for me and it kinda stinks. Suck it up, buttercup.

I woke up a lot last night with leg cramps because unfortunately we have been out of bananas for a couple of days. By the way guys, thanks for that tip, thanks so much, it really does help when I eat them! I need more ;) Aidan was up all night with stomach issues and I hope he isn’t going to be sick for the long weekend. The way he was in the bathroom I would have thought it was some type of food poisoning but we all ate the same things for lunch and dinner and no one else was bothered. My poor man, that really sucks for him, I hope whatever it was is gone now.

And Because I Haven’t Beaten the Topic of My Yard to Death Yet..

This weekend we don’t have any solid plans except that Regina will be at the shore with her Dad and Aidan will be taking Henry to visit his family on Sunday. I don’t know if I am going with them on Sunday, I suppose I’ll see how I feel. There are a few things that are left to put into the ground here so I’d like to finish with them and maybe get some cleaning done if I have the energy (fingers crossed!) We finally picked out the house numbers we want to put on the front porch and a mailbox then I have to still fill the big planter. Once that stuff is done I am calling it quits on the front of the house at least until the fall.

As far as the backyard goes that is almost done, too! Aidan got his veggies into the planters (hurray!) and re-seeded the areas he was working on. There are a few more things to plant in the raised gardens but I think his hard work is done, now it’s just a matter of waiting. We still have some spots left to plant a few things and maybe some of that will be done this weekend. I really want to re-paint the patio and hopefully he can bring his dad’s power washer home with him on Sunday so I can get the painting done before Henry’s party.

Well I rambled quite a bit there. I feel like I haven’t done a post like that in a while but for all I know each of these are all pretty much the same lol I hope you all have a great Friday and a long weekend ahead of you. They are celebrating summer now, it’s hard to believe it’s been months since I’ve mentioned snow :) It feels good!

Happy Mother’s Day

I just wanted to start by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all of my old and new mommy blogging friends out here in the blogging world. I’ve been lucky to “meet” so many wonderful mom’s out here, from all walks of life and from all over the world. If your country doesn’t celebrate mother’s day, I still wish you a great day full of love and enjoyment!

Mother’s Day Get Togethers

Later this afternoon we are going to head down to my parents house and have a little cookout for the day. My mom requested that I bring this salad and I am super happy to! I haven’t made this in a while but it is always super yummy. Even though it is called a winter salad it can be made anytime that pears are available and my mom said they are really good right now so I’m going for it! Yummy!

Yesterday we went to Aidan’s parents house for a visit and then out to Don Pablo’s for dinner. I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did, too. Henry got to sit next to his grandpa (PAA!) during dinner and had a smile on his face through out dinner; it was adorable. We all chatted about a lot of things, stories from Aidan’s youth, what’s been happening lately and thoughts about the new baby that will be coming soon. It was really nice and felt more like a double date than a dinner with the in-laws. A very nice time for sure.

Working Girl

While we were gone Regina started her first day at her first job. She has been looking for a job for quite some time and her dad actually helped land her this one at a driving range and miniature golf course that is right down the street from us. She didn’t receive a schedule yet but said she liked her first day. I’m excited for her and this means she is on her way to getting her drivers license. Aidan and I discussed it and told her she could get her permit — if she gets serious about saving money for a car and insurance for a year. We set her “savings goal” up and reviewed it with her and now that she has an income she can get started! I’m sure I’ll talk more about her permit and learning to drive (and my anxiety surrounding all of this) in the short future :)

A Whole Lotta Poo

Also while we were out yesterday the company that Aidan ordered top soil from dropped of the 2 yards of dirt into our driveway. Yup 2 yards of manure are sitting next to the house just waiting to be moved to the raised beds. Woo hoo. Okay, I totally understated that woo hoo but I hope it won’t start stinking lol I was happy to see the dirt honestly because now all the seedlings and plants can be put into the beds! We are on our way to home-grown veggies, herbs and fruits all summer!

Air Conditioner’s Are In

It is really (really) early in the year for us (Aidan) to put the air conditioners in the windows, but last week it was hot and made the house unbearable! On Friday Aidan asked me multiple times if I wanted the AC’s put in but I said no because it is only the beginning of May. After listening to me say about a thousand times (no exaggeration) how hot I was though he went into the attic and pulled two of the units down. I can’t blame him for not wanting to listen to my bitching all night, but honestly I didn’t even realize I was saying it haha. He wasn’t mad or anything just didn’t want to hear “OMFG! It’s hot!!” come out of my mouth one more time. I am so glad he did it too because it was instant relief once they were running. It went from 88 to 75 in here really fast. Ahh! I hate to spend the money on energy but it is what it is. I can’t imagine we will use them consistently, I mean it won’t be this hot for the rest of spring, will it? I hope not!

Well, have a great Mother’s Day/Sunday! Do you have any plans? Whatever it is you’ll be doing I hope it will be calm and lovely, and most importantly relaxing and enjoyable!