While it’s been quiet my mind is screaming

I don’t know the last time I wrote, it must have been about two weeks ago? Things have been going meh but not bad. I was on a roll selling stuff on eBay and then it just slowed down to the point that I keep talking into my phone saying “someone buy something”.

Seriously, I was getting one or two orders every other day or so for high priced items and now it’s been 3 things in a little over a week and those were for very low amount items. Very frustrating, considering I have some really kick ass stuff listed and for some really competitive prices. I was really hoping to reach a thousand in sales this month and right now I’m just hovering right under 750. There is still 6 days left to the month so it is still possible but I am feeling pretty discouraged.

The good news is that my sales have covered all of my inventory costs for the year and I still have a little profit. I also have a few more things to list and they are good things so I am happy about that. Of course I’ll have to get more inventory but I am putting myself on a hold for a little while, at least until my sales pick back up.

I got myself a side job with one of the dealers that comes into the shop, he is going to pay me 30% of what I sell for him on eBay. 30% is low but I am just breaking into the business and the experience will be worth double the pay. He’s given me some good pointers so far, that haven’t resulted in sales yet, but I believe he is right on the money with his advice.

He’s a good guy to get into business with, he brings in like 10k a month on eBay. I didn’t know if he was being honest at first but after some research I have decided to believe him. There are a lot of people making a lot of money on eBay and I am going to be one of them.

Anyway when he asked how many items I had listed I was pretty proud to say 67 items. He wasn’t impressed. He agreed that it was a good start though. The thing is that I don’t want to spend a billion dollars to make a thousand. Plus I have to keep track of all this stuff. It’s all mildly organized right now but if I get to 100 items I am really going to need a structured system. My spread sheet just isn’t cutting it and the overflow into our living space is giving me a headache.

I’ve been working on setting up the basement into an office area but it is taking me a long time. Between the little kids and my lack of determination at this point I am just moving things from on corner to the next. I need a whole day or two to get it functioning. Now that the weather is going to be nice soon I am getting the itch to Craigslist again but I seriously need to get organized or the jokes about me being a hoarder will no longer be jokes.

I think I need to get some string tags and start using numbers to organize this stuff in my spreadsheet. It will be easier for storing it too. I’ve also ordered some boxes and I am wondering if I should package the stuff so I can get a more accurate weight on it. Offering free shipping is a must for me and it’s making things harder on me in the end. Trying to be competitive price wise is tough because I have to include the shipping, otherwised I’d be getting burned for everything. Now that I’ve paid for all of my inventory costs though I could price everything as low as possible just to move it. But I want to make a nice nest egg for new inventory, you know.. So. I know I am all over the place, sorry for that.

Anyway here are a few of the newer items that I have listed, some really cool stuff I think..

These are the unedited photos but you get the idea.. I’m still waiting on Regina to finish my logo. It is taking foreverrrrrrr. If she ever finishes it I will share the store here. If you see something you like in this post or any other email me and I’ll give you the link, plus a discount ;)



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