I always forget to add a title!

I’ve been working so hard on eBay for the past few weeks and it’s starting to pay off :) I have record breaking sales (my own records of course) and lots of momentum to keep it moving. I haven’t really known what to write about so I figured I’d just start and see where it takes me.

Obviously I have a lot to say (and do) when it comes to my start up. I would like to say I can’t believe that it’s really happening (and maybe I can’t) but mostly I’m not surprised. Not shocked yet any way. I think once I hit a thousand in sales I’ll celebrate a little and take it all in.

Yesterday I had 2 sales totaling 225 in a matter of 29 minutes.. before 7am. It was thrilling! It was quiet for the rest of the day though and now I’m feeling antsy lol

I’ve been writing little notes to all of my buyers and for items over $100 I send a thank you card. Those darn things are expensive! I was lucky yesterday and found a really cute pack of 10 for $1.99 but the first pack of 10 I bought was $10! They are nice cards though but after finding the nice ones yesterday for 2$ I am determined to not spend too much more than that ever again!

I did order some vintage postcards for super cheap and if they are nice I will order more. I plan on using them on all of the orders under $100. I really hope they are nice, I won’t get them until like the end of March though because they are coming from China. In the meantime I’ll just have to use the packing slip lol

Aidan was talking to me about ordering custom printed boxes and while I really want them I think that is getting a little too far ahead of ourselves just yet. In the future though, hell yeah! I don’t even have a logo or branding set up yet. That’s a big first step and it’s a huge important step too! So while I’m itching to get it done I am taking my time because I will be married to my decision, you know?

Ugh, boxes. I am almost out of boxes and while it’s great that I’m using the stockpile up it’s also creating stress. I don’t want to pay for them and have been thinking I should ask my neighbors to give me their boxes instead of recycling them. Would that be weird? Nah, they already think I’m weird anyway!

Okay, so some of the items I recently listed are really cool if you are into vintage things. I also have one really super awesome thing that I am not having much luck in my research with so I haven’t listed it yet. Anyway here are some of the things I listed this weekend, if you are interested..

These are the unedited photos, but can you tell what colors I am drawn to? Lol I’m sensing a theme here and it definitely wasn’t on purpose. I also like silver too and have a few things in that color scheme listed and to be listed..

I like shiny things, what can I say lol

Well, have a great day. If there is anything you’d like to buy up there send me an email and I’ll give you the link! I’m not pimping my store yet because it isn’t finished but I will when it’s done or at least looking a little better :)


2 thoughts on “I always forget to add a title!

  1. I usually find titles to be the hardest part of writing! (Other than being consistent) There are so many cool things that you could do for wrapping on the cheap, I am addicted to etsy and people have the prettiest ideas for wrapping there. One of my faves is just wrapping with a few layers of tissue paper, string and using a sticker with their logo. I used logomoo.com for the logo for one of my businesses and they do a good job and don’t cost too much. Or you could look on fiverr.com for logo people (if you cannot design on your own, of course!) Congrats on the two big sales!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out. I actually have my daughter working on a hand drawn logo for me and then Aidan is going to have one of the guys he works with turn it into a digital file for me, so that will rock. It’s just figuring out what it should look like :)
      The wrapping sounds cool but I am selling a lot of big and fragile items so I can’t really double pack.. Do they do the outside box in newspaper and string? I think I’ll just get butcher paper for the outside and I didn’t know you could wrap string?? I love the sticker idea!!


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