New Finds

I am so glad that it is Friday and that I am off! Last week I worked different hours and covered a co-workers shift so it really wore me down. This week was my normal schedule and I am thankful for that!

I’m happy to report that I’ve sold 2 items yesterday after not having a sale for a week or two. I was beginning to get antsy but I wasn’t giving up. I’m glad I didn’t get discouraged :) My favorite item that I have listed right now are these really beautiful porcelain carpet balls:


Aren’t they amazing? I love the different patterns, they are very interesting and fun to look at. Another item that I love and added recently are these Russian handpainted eggs:


How pretty are they? Can you believe someone has such a steady hand and the patience to paint such small and beautiful designs?

I know I need to work on my photographs, the pictures could be much better and I will be replacing them with better ones when I can!

It’s been hard trying to start up an online store and work and be a Mom but it’s also been a lot of fun. I don’t have nearly enough time to put as much focus into my shop as I want but I’m making do and will just need to make the most of my time when the boys aren’t under foot.

Well, I have to make a few more listings and pack up the awesome orders :) Have a great day and happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “New Finds

  1. Those porcelain balls are gorgeous! I think Ballard Designs had some of those in its catalog a few months back. I bought some vases from them that are sort of the same design. Being an entrepreneur and a mom are exclusively hard and even more difficult together, so I understand what you are going through!! How long until your little ones are in school/daycare?


    1. I am thinking if things keep going the way they have I’ll put them in part time at the end of this year! It is so hard and I am just getting started! If no day care I still have 3 years.. I’ll appreciate the time with them though and make it work for as long as I can :)
      I love the balls, I am keeping a set for myself, they are really fun to look at.
      What business are you in? I don’t remember if you have told me before..


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