My first shipping error..

I was so happy last week when I finally got an order for something other than a dvd or video game on eBay. The order was for a Lenox butter dish that my mom had given me but I didn’t have any use for. It was a really cute dish and I so wanted it to be special for the buyer when it arrived.

I wrapped it as nicely as I could, I even turned an okay looking box inside out so it looked brand new. The inside was carefully wrapped with packing paper and air pocket things. It looked pretty good and I was hopeful they would feel like they were opening a gift.


Yesterday I got an email from the buyer “It is broken, should have used bubble wrap…”

Omg, I feel terrible and really stupid and I was beating myself up for it all night. Seriously, it was stupid of me not to wrap it better. Like really stupid.

I apologized and refunded them right away. I don’t care about having to refund them, I care that they were disappointed. Lesson learned.

After beating myself up for hours I actually ended up getting a new order for a pair of Lilly Pulitzer earrings I had listed. Now I’m wondering if they should be bubble wrapped when I send them out. It might be overkill.

In other shipping news I took a chance and ordered two lots of vintage postcards to send in my packaging. I’m hoping to be able to figure out how to print the invoice on the back of them. If not I’ll just hand write the thank you as I’ve been doing.

I hope the cards are nice. They look really cool and for 64 it only cost me $7. If it isn’t legit at least I’ll have only spent $7 and if it is legit I will hopefully have some really cool shipping supplies :) Fingers crossed. I have to wait for two months for them to come in as they are coming from China and Hong Kong. I really hope they come..


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