While women were protesting..

While women were protesting in massive numbers yesterday I was at work. How did I not know this was even going on? What kind of lady am I? Apparently this was not a random protest either, rather it was pre-planned and everyone in the world knew it was going to happen but me.

Do I live under a rock?

Even if I did know about it I wouldn’t have gone. Not because I’m against what ever it is they are protesting (I’m still confused about that) but because protesting isn’t my thing.

  • I don’t like crowds
  • I don’t like loud noises
  • I don’t want to be on the news

As exciting as it probably was for everyone, the thought of being around that many people just gives me horrible anxiety.

So I was at work and selling the world furniture and home goods and enjoying my day.

I can’t say that I wasn’t amazed with the pictures I saw of the protests all over Facebook late last night but I have to wonder.. What exactly is it that was being protested? Like, what is the goal for an outcome? Is Trump going to step down? Will Hillary somehow become the president because so many thousands of women were walking around with Carrie Fisher posters? I don’t get it.

As a woman I feel like a traitor because I don’t know what was being protested. Was it Trump? Well, I voted for him.

Although I may be unpopular among the other women in the world and may now be a target of critisizim and hate I am still confident when I say I believe he was the better choice  for president.

I don’t hate women or any other minority and I do think it would have been great to have a woman for president. I think it will be great when that happens, because it will. But Hillary? Sorry ladies, but I don’t like her. I know she has your heart, but I have to wonder why. Because she doesn’t care if you have an abortion? She’s 100% politician and to me that’s the problem. We need a change and Hillary wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Yeah, Trump is offensive and crude and probably prejudice, but he’s different. He’s a business man and coming from a business background I know that successful businessmen (no matter how off-putting or egotistical they may be) are in it for the money. They want success. That is their job. The bottom line is money and why not try to treat the country as a business, that is what it is after all, isn’t it? Making your customers happy and then profiting from it.

Anyway, it was pretty awesome that so many women gathered to make a difference but I really wonder if any difference was made. Did you achieve anything other than showing how strong we are in numbers? All the incredible women united.

Remember that.

We are so strong. We are so many. It doesn’t matter who the president is. If we want to change things we don’t need Hillary. We just need to have (clear and purposeful) goals and then set out achieve them, like businessmen. We don’t need Hillary for success. She’d just take all the credit for it. Any great businessman will support his strong departments, reward them for hard work and celebrate their successes. As a businessman Trump knows that and you should know it too.


4 thoughts on “While women were protesting..

  1. It was more so a march to show support for women and minorities. It was a really amazing, enlightening and supportive day, but if you are not down w crowds, it definitely would not have been your thing!! However, I held hands with people, talked to strangers from around the country and everyone was smiling. Such a great experience for me. I am headed back now and exhausted… cannot wait to take a nap!!

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  2. even if you dont agree with the protests (on womens reproductive rights, im inclined to agree with them) you have to give them some props if it was indeed the largest protest in u.s. history. i would like a comparison (if historical figures allow for one) between the “local” national protests and the ones during the civil rights movement. nonetheless, this was global.

    (also, really– larger than occupy? but that was over a sustained period of time and started out smaller.) that said, i think hillarys policies and voting record are extremely damaging to the world (regardless of gender) and to the country– putting people that have damaged the constitution as senator and voted for illegal wars have no business in the white house.

    if they want to know what really cost the party the election, it was letting hillary take the primaries instead of bernie. bernie would have gotten more votes– for certain. not enough to win the primary, but enough to get the democrats and swing voters who abstained, as well the party loyalists that voted for hillary (and would have voted for any democrat.)

    hillary had lost to trump the moment she won the primaries. she was extremely divisive among her own party, and fairly divisive among the country. no one should be surprised she failed–though i am anyway. i would have put nothing past her in her eagerness to win. this protest is proof of how her supporters never ever let go. loved jill stein, by the way– more than bernie, she just had no chance.

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    1. I agree with women’s rights reproductively, but that was just about the only thing I didn’t want to vote for trump on. I would have voted Bernie if he were in the running and agree with everything you said. Thanks for commenting!

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  3. My thought is didn’t we just have an election ??? Didn’t these people vote??? I’m totally pro-life and I don’t think it’s okay for well you know. I don’t want to start that debate b/c you will not change my mind or me change yours… He will make this country great again because he knows how to make money. I say let’s at least give him a chance. Obama didn’t get this kind of treatment and he was nothing more than a community organizer before he was president !!! Thank God he’s gone, blessings <3

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