Well, I’m not going to be rich after all

The Picasso I found isn’t an original — Aidan said “Did you really think that you found a lost Picasso — In a thrift shop — In PA?” haha all I could do was laugh at his logic.

I’m not mad, I’m still quite pleased with my purchase and consider it to be one of my best finds. True, it is a reproduction but it is in a very, very nice frame and still worth way more than the $18 I paid for it.

I was reading that good quality reproductions can be priced between $50-$1000, so I’d estimate that because of the frame I could resell it for at least a hundred bucks, if I wanted to. We all like it though and I couldn’t ever afford to buy such a nice frame so I am going to keep it :) At least for a little while anyway :)

Here is a picture of the print and the frame I am talking about. When I thought it was a long lost treasure I didn’t want to put pictures up — just in case lol I know I am a funny girl..


I haven’t cleaned it yet, but you can see that the matting on the frame is actually a mirror. Very cool. I really like the drawing also, it is a copy of a piece titled Pierrot and Harlequin from 1918. It’s reversed from the original drawing and the signature is actually  the way he signed his works much earlier in his career. So, yeah I’m not going to be rich, but I do have a nice print and a funny story of me not having logic.




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