Feeling Positive

This weekend was great for me, I hope yours was too! On Saturday we were very busy at work and had great sales. There was down time so it didn’t feel hectic, but I like to be busy, the time goes by faster. I work alone on Saturdays and have a little competition with the girl who works on Sundays. She is great at selling and always beats my day end total but this weekend she didn’t! I had the highest sales that I’ve had on my own so far and it was awesome :)

On Sunday Regina and Marshal and I went out without the little kids. It was nice, just the three of us. We don’t get to do that often and we weren’t rushed for time. Marshal needed a haircut and Regina had to exchange some Christmas gifts. We also made a stop into a thrift store that I’ve been meaning to check out. Oh boy, am I glad we stopped!

I know I am being very hopeful when I say this and probably not too realistic, but I honestly believe I found an original Picasso. Seriously. I am going to do the things I need to do required by the Picasso estate and try to have it verified. Yes. Seriously. How fucking insane would that be? It gives me chills through my entire body! I’ll keep you updated for sure!!

In the same store Marshal found a signed first addition of a book that we are going to list on eBay. It will be his first item to list and I told him he can keep the profit :) I’m excited that he wants to do this with me, I hope he enjoys it!

I also got a few costume rings that are pretty and in great shape. Two of them are vintage and the other is a Juicy Couture. I got each of them for a buck each so I will list them low and hopefully make my investment back quickly :)

On Saturday I was talking to a regular dealer who comes into our store pretty frequently. She buys stuff from us then flips it and has great luck on eBay. She said she makes a couple thousand a month, as much as she makes in her brick and mortar store and she was giving me some tips. I am grateful for advice that I receive and have been talking to a few other dealers too. I am grateful for all the advice I can get but hers was the most encouraging so far!

I am really feeling good about this and just when I feel discouraged something great happens like getting positive feedback, getting a sale or a bid, finding something awesome or receiving a payment.  All of those things are fantastic and they all keep me motivated. I just want to sell, sell, sell!!

There are quite a few new things that I have to list and put up but I don’t want to pay listing fees and only have a handful of free listings left. This is where things are going to get tricky.. I need to figure out a strategy and remove the things that aren’t getting any interest. There are quite a few items I can list in the spring for Easter and spring in general so I think I won’t relist them now and then put them up when it’s a better time.

Holy shit, I can’t wrap my mind around the Picasso. Could you even imagine??


6 thoughts on “Feeling Positive

  1. whoa – super exciting finds!! I love thrift shopping/consignment store shopping. I found a couple of awesome pieces at a thrift shop in the city over the weekend. I have to be in the mood to look though. Wish the place I went to had $1.00 costume pieces!!

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    1. That’s awesome! What did you find? I love it so much! There are some shops that I want to check out a little bit of a way from us but in very nice established areas, I bet there are so many cool things to look at there! I got lucky with the jewelry! They were marked much higher but discounted super low :)


    2. Do you have your comments turned off? I tried to comment but can’t find where to do it??? Shape tape works great for under eye circles if you can find it.. Also I’m a Jersey Sub girl too.. Philly area.. Are you up north? So glad you are back xoxo


      1. Also, I checked out the comments thing – I have no idea what is going on. You can click on comment at the beginning of the post, but I need to move it to the end… stand by…

        Also, thanks for checking it out!! We are in northern NJ, just outside of NYC. I am glad that I am back too. ❤

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