Recent Finds to Flip

So, I sold another item on eBay :)

It is the fourth thing I’ve sold on there.. the fourth item in the entertainment category, another dvd. Sigh. No, don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to be selling anything! I am disappointed that none of my home items have sold yet.. That’s where the money in my listings are and those are the items I love!

These dvd’s and video games are only bringing me in a buck or two each, but every dollar counts and are paying for the packaging materials, right? I am actually hoping they will help with my reviews. I got one good review so far, so that makes it worth it :)

I am very excited about a few items I picked up at the shop last weekend and plan on putting them on the Chairish site.

I have been in love with these glasses since I laid eyes on them and did some research & actually listed them for $100 on the stores eBay. No one bought them so I lowered the price, and then lowered it again. When I saw that they were also being reduced in the store all the way down to $25 I had to get them. My boss just wants them to move! I have no trouble waiting for a buyer though :)

These are Tiffin crystal, etched with gold encrusted rims. I am still doing research to find out exactly what the name of the pattern is but the most similar pattern I found retails these glasses at about 19.99 each. I have 4 sets of three different ones.. A water goblet, a wine glass and a dessert liquor glass in each set, for a total of 12 glasses. These are so beautiful and the value of the whole set is about $240. For spending $15 or so dollars on them, I say I got myself an awesome deal!

Of course I need to find the right buyer after I clean them all, find the pattern name and take great photos! I don’t mind doing any of that though because these are seriously beautiful and I get to enjoy the quality of them while I’m “working” on them :)

I also picked up two of these porcelain serving bowls by Ciroa for a little over $3.. for the pair. These are modern and I found the pattern name. They retail for $34.95 each. :) Happy dance! I’ll be putting these on Chairish as well as eBay.

The last glassware item I will show you today is this aqua colored bicentennial Ball jar. I bought this for $2 and it retails for about $13. I like it a lot though so I might keep it for myself as it looks nice on Hillary, my aqua chalk painted mid-century hutch.

I realize these pictures aren’t very good, I didn’t stage anything or even clean the table before taking them. I am just showing you my finds. Before I list anything for sale I’ll take nice photos!

I also got a really cool vintage looking phone but I left it in the store as a prop.. I’ll bring it home on Saturday or maybe tomorrow if the desk it is on has sold :) I haven’t decided what to do with that yet, it is just so cool and I got it for $15, so it was a good deal. Not great, but good!

Well, happy Wednesday everyone!



2 thoughts on “Recent Finds to Flip

  1. Hi! Long time no commenting!! :) I wrapped up my old blog, msfitmamacita, and I am now pondering my next move… I just did not love what I was writing there and decided to scrap it. Glad to read that you are doing well! Good luck w your new business venture! –Aericka

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