Snowy Saturday and Slow Sunday

How was everyone’s weekend? Were you effected by any snow storms? We had some snow here on Saturday which actually caused the store to shut down at 1 instead of 6. The snow itself wasn’t terrible but no one was really out and we only had one $5 sale. I didn’t mind being there but was happy when she said I could close because of the drive. It did take me an hour to get home, normally it takes a half hour.

When I got here the kids had some friends over and they were all just hanging out. It was nice that they were here, being good, having fun and not doing anything bad. They played Cards Against Humanity for a few hours and the little kids enjoyed all the attention for the big kids.

While they were hanging out I was down here working on my eBay page and listing a few more things. I just want to sell, sell, sell. Since selling the DVD’s and video game no one else has bought anything which is disappointing. I have faith though and I am using the time to play with pricing and stuff.

I set up a description on ebay and Chairish yesterday and feel good about it. I also worked on the house a little. The floors didn’t get as clean as I wanted because the vacuum stopped working well and I got distracted trying to fix it. Oh well, I’ll work on them throughout the week and get them all mopped and what not.

Speaking of this week it is a busy one for us here. We have a lot of appointments over the next three weeks and I’ll be glad when they are all over and done.

Well, I’ve got to get ready for work now. I hope you all have a happy Monday, stay warm!!


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