Things to Do 2017 — Part 2

I have a computer!! It came in yesterday and I am thrilled to be able to work on it! There are so many things that I wasn’t able to accomplish on my phone so I am truly excited to be back on a real computer, it’s been months!

So in my last post I started talking about all of the house stuff that needed to be done and only tackled the main floor. Today I am going to attempt the upstairs, which should be a lot easier..


  • touch up wood work on banister
  • finish painting trim
  • fill gap in baseboard and paint
  • paint celiling
  • fix ceiling patch
  • replace light
  • clean doors
  • find table or chair or something for top of the steps
  • round rug for landing
  • runner for hall
  • artwork near bedroom


  • blow it up — just kidding we need it
  • paint walls
  • recaulk tub
  • paint ceiling
  • replace light fixture
  • replace medicine cabinet
  • new sink?
  • paint grout on floor
  • reorganize closet
  • paint closet interior
  • repaint doors or strip



  • rearrange?
  • add toddler rail to crib
  • hang artwork
  • paint woodwork
  • curtains?



  • paint walls!!
  • get rail in closet
  • curtains
  • remove plaster to expose brick?
  • new sconces and hang
  • paint radiator cover
  • paint trim
  • reorganize armoir



  • make her clean it
  • make her purge it
  • get vanity
  • paint trim
  • paint ceiling
  • take care of roof leak


So you see why I stopped after one floor the other day, lol? I still need to write out the lower level and the attic. The lower level laundry room is a post in itself and will tie into my business to-do’s because it is planned to be my workshop/office. So exciting, so overwhelming :D

Well, have a great day all! I am going into work and it is supposed to snow — I hope that doesn’t mean we will be slow!


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