New Year — New Goals

Happy new year everyone, how was your holiday? Aidan and I didn’t go out or have people over but it was a nice chill night and a happy way to bring in the New Year!

Speaking of happy in the New Year, I want to talk about something that always makes me happy through out a year.. Goals. Yep, I like setting and achieving goals and this year isn’t any different! Do you have any resolutions or goals in mind for yourself? Something I like to do is to make a loooong to-do list and treat them as goals for the year. Usually the list includes a ton of house projects for me to tackle. Do you ever have one of those?

 A big list helps me focus on things that need to be fixed or finished or done and it helps me from doing a whole lot of other things instead of all of the little things that drive me crazy! 

This year separate from my house goals I will be putting a lot of time and attention into getting my business up and running! I already feel like it’s getting out of hand with things that need to be done and things I want to do, so having a list will help me focus on the business the way I focus on my home :) they do effect one another after all!

I haven’t started my list for this year yet but there is no better time than the present right?

As an example I will start with some of the house stuff real quick. This is just a start and I’ll be working on the full list over the next few days. Hopefully by next Monday I will have all of my ducks in a row, to shoot down one by one :)


  • remove screen door
  • Paint front door
  • Add house numbers
  • New mailbox 
  • Hang mail box
  • Paint wood on porch
  • Paint window sill
  • Paint railing
  • Door knocker?
  • Add plants to planter
  • Rocks to front bed
  • Move vine plants to back
  • New flag
  • Update light fixture
  • Caulk window


  • hang two pictures
  • Finish wall and ceiling
  • Paint wall and ceiling
  • Finish painting wood work
  • Get picture reframed 
  • Hang picture
  • Move small shelf up higher
  • Get coat rack or wall rack
  • Add more hooks to banister
  • Use Bruce’s on Thonet chairs
  • Fix hole in floor
  • Get longer cord so I can move router
  • Need one extension cord
  • Rehang trim that is off wall
  • Paint heater cover


  • patch hole in wall
  • Repaint two patches
  • Wash walls
  • Paint woodwork
  • Ceiling??
  • Move tarp into the bump-out
  • Look for glass globes for light fixture
  • Move high-chair (sell)
  • Finish cabinet (sell)
  • Light bulb for cabinet
  • Spray paint for glass secures in cabinet
  • Silver leaf lamp (sell)
  • Get 2 sheepskins
  • More artwork


  • BLOW IT UP just kidding
  • Paint cabinets
  • Research counters
  • Research backsplash
  • Set budget
  • Deep clean
  • Change light fixture (sell)
  • Move desk
  • Paint heater
  • Get door air draft thing
  • Fix missing trim
  • Paint trim
  • Remove chalkboard
  • Artwork
  • Move pot-rack ? 
  • Get boot tray
  • Get coat rack or hooks
  • Hang calendar 
  • Clear off top of fridge

So, you see where this list is going.. I’m stopping now because I’m having anxiety. I’ll finish the rest later! I still need to tackle the lower level, upstairs and the attic. Plus the business stuff.

It’s going to be a busy year, it’s a good thing I still have 356 days left :)


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