It was a good Thursday

Yesterday was fun but unfruitful in my search for a few items to put up for sale online. I decided that I wanted to check out a Goodwill store in an upper class neighborhood but I didn’t have any luck. Aidan and I took the little kids with us for the adventure. We had a nice ride through some really beautiful neighborhoods and then had a nice lunch before heading back home. I was disappointed that I didn’t find anything but that certainly didn’t ruin my day.

Later in the evening Regina and I went out to run a few errands and we had a lot of fun being goofy in another thrift store. We didn’t find anything in there worth buying but it was fun to act silly. Then we went to Michael’s craft store to pick up leafing supplies.

I am going to add more goldleaf to the lamp I did a few months ago. It looks pretty now but it definitely needs more to look it’s best. I also have another lamp that I picked up and want to cover in silver leaf and then antique the finish. It will look really nice I think! I’ll take pictures :)

Regina is going to be doing her own leafing on some art work she has drawn. I can’t wait to see it. She is a fantastic artist and I love her work, I’ll share that too if she lets me :)

After Michaels we stopped in a clothing consignment shop, where I was hoping to get a pair or two of pants. That didn’t work out and I really need to loose aa lot of weight. We followed that realization with buying sweatpants at Target and eating Taco Bell.

Marshal got his driver’s permit yesterday and let me tell you — holy shit I have two kids who can drive. Seriously, a 17 and 18 year old. I can’t believe it. Especially because I also have two toddlers. How crazy is that?  It makes my head spin.

Speaking of Marshal, I’ve gotta go get him up for school. I hope you all have a happy Friday! I’ll be working today and I can’t wait to get in and see all of the new stuff that I’ll want to buy :)




My first shipping error..

I was so happy last week when I finally got an order for something other than a dvd or video game on eBay. The order was for a Lenox butter dish that my mom had given me but I didn’t have any use for. It was a really cute dish and I so wanted it to be special for the buyer when it arrived.

I wrapped it as nicely as I could, I even turned an okay looking box inside out so it looked brand new. The inside was carefully wrapped with packing paper and air pocket things. It looked pretty good and I was hopeful they would feel like they were opening a gift.


Yesterday I got an email from the buyer “It is broken, should have used bubble wrap…”

Omg, I feel terrible and really stupid and I was beating myself up for it all night. Seriously, it was stupid of me not to wrap it better. Like really stupid.

I apologized and refunded them right away. I don’t care about having to refund them, I care that they were disappointed. Lesson learned.

After beating myself up for hours I actually ended up getting a new order for a pair of Lilly Pulitzer earrings I had listed. Now I’m wondering if they should be bubble wrapped when I send them out. It might be overkill.

In other shipping news I took a chance and ordered two lots of vintage postcards to send in my packaging. I’m hoping to be able to figure out how to print the invoice on the back of them. If not I’ll just hand write the thank you as I’ve been doing.

I hope the cards are nice. They look really cool and for 64 it only cost me $7. If it isn’t legit at least I’ll have only spent $7 and if it is legit I will hopefully have some really cool shipping supplies :) Fingers crossed. I have to wait for two months for them to come in as they are coming from China and Hong Kong. I really hope they come..

While women were protesting..

While women were protesting in massive numbers yesterday I was at work. How did I not know this was even going on? What kind of lady am I? Apparently this was not a random protest either, rather it was pre-planned and everyone in the world knew it was going to happen but me.

Do I live under a rock?

Even if I did know about it I wouldn’t have gone. Not because I’m against what ever it is they are protesting (I’m still confused about that) but because protesting isn’t my thing.

  • I don’t like crowds
  • I don’t like loud noises
  • I don’t want to be on the news

As exciting as it probably was for everyone, the thought of being around that many people just gives me horrible anxiety.

So I was at work and selling the world furniture and home goods and enjoying my day.

I can’t say that I wasn’t amazed with the pictures I saw of the protests all over Facebook late last night but I have to wonder.. What exactly is it that was being protested? Like, what is the goal for an outcome? Is Trump going to step down? Will Hillary somehow become the president because so many thousands of women were walking around with Carrie Fisher posters? I don’t get it.

As a woman I feel like a traitor because I don’t know what was being protested. Was it Trump? Well, I voted for him.

Although I may be unpopular among the other women in the world and may now be a target of critisizim and hate I am still confident when I say I believe he was the better choice  for president.

I don’t hate women or any other minority and I do think it would have been great to have a woman for president. I think it will be great when that happens, because it will. But Hillary? Sorry ladies, but I don’t like her. I know she has your heart, but I have to wonder why. Because she doesn’t care if you have an abortion? She’s 100% politician and to me that’s the problem. We need a change and Hillary wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Yeah, Trump is offensive and crude and probably prejudice, but he’s different. He’s a business man and coming from a business background I know that successful businessmen (no matter how off-putting or egotistical they may be) are in it for the money. They want success. That is their job. The bottom line is money and why not try to treat the country as a business, that is what it is after all, isn’t it? Making your customers happy and then profiting from it.

Anyway, it was pretty awesome that so many women gathered to make a difference but I really wonder if any difference was made. Did you achieve anything other than showing how strong we are in numbers? All the incredible women united.

Remember that.

We are so strong. We are so many. It doesn’t matter who the president is. If we want to change things we don’t need Hillary. We just need to have (clear and purposeful) goals and then set out achieve them, like businessmen. We don’t need Hillary for success. She’d just take all the credit for it. Any great businessman will support his strong departments, reward them for hard work and celebrate their successes. As a businessman Trump knows that and you should know it too.

Self Doubt — Get it Out

I woke up this morning feeling a little discouraged and I don’t even know why. Maybe I had a dream that confused me and made me question everything about my business that I’ve known so far. All I know now is that I don’t have a clear vision of what I want this to be. Or maybe I am getting a clearer vision when I never really had one to start with? I say that because I just want to open a store! That’s all I’ve known for a while but this morning I am struggling with what that store will look like, or be like..

I guess I’m just having doubts, that’s all. I mean I like the stuff and the style I like but at the same time I like so many other different styles and I don’t know many people who like the style that I do. That’s not true, I am sure, but I don’t think I have the standard taste. I love the standard stuff but I get excited for glamorous and moody and sexy luxurious things and I’m not sure if they fit into the real life of people who love Scandinavian style or simplicity.

I love both of the styles, believe me, I just don’t feel as comfortable with white walls as I do with gilded picture frames. Will I be able to sell my stuff? Is there many other people out there who like my taste?

On that note I am going to leave a picture of a vase I recently acquired. It’s one of two and they are both damaged but repaired. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them, even despite their flaws. The girls at work knew I loved them and when the owner was going to throw them away because of the damage they set them aside for me.. I took them both and consider myself lucky although I don’t know what to do with 2 broken vases, other than appreciate them lol



They are hand painted and from what I can tell reproductions done sometime between the 70’s-90’s but they are still so pretty to me. I should clean them, looking at the pictures here I see that they aren’t as vivid as they could be..

Anyway, happy Friday!



Well, I’m not going to be rich after all

The Picasso I found isn’t an original — Aidan said “Did you really think that you found a lost Picasso — In a thrift shop — In PA?” haha all I could do was laugh at his logic.

I’m not mad, I’m still quite pleased with my purchase and consider it to be one of my best finds. True, it is a reproduction but it is in a very, very nice frame and still worth way more than the $18 I paid for it.

I was reading that good quality reproductions can be priced between $50-$1000, so I’d estimate that because of the frame I could resell it for at least a hundred bucks, if I wanted to. We all like it though and I couldn’t ever afford to buy such a nice frame so I am going to keep it :) At least for a little while anyway :)

Here is a picture of the print and the frame I am talking about. When I thought it was a long lost treasure I didn’t want to put pictures up — just in case lol I know I am a funny girl..


I haven’t cleaned it yet, but you can see that the matting on the frame is actually a mirror. Very cool. I really like the drawing also, it is a copy of a piece titled Pierrot and Harlequin from 1918. It’s reversed from the original drawing and the signature is actually  the way he signed his works much earlier in his career. So, yeah I’m not going to be rich, but I do have a nice print and a funny story of me not having logic.



Feeling Positive

This weekend was great for me, I hope yours was too! On Saturday we were very busy at work and had great sales. There was down time so it didn’t feel hectic, but I like to be busy, the time goes by faster. I work alone on Saturdays and have a little competition with the girl who works on Sundays. She is great at selling and always beats my day end total but this weekend she didn’t! I had the highest sales that I’ve had on my own so far and it was awesome :)

On Sunday Regina and Marshal and I went out without the little kids. It was nice, just the three of us. We don’t get to do that often and we weren’t rushed for time. Marshal needed a haircut and Regina had to exchange some Christmas gifts. We also made a stop into a thrift store that I’ve been meaning to check out. Oh boy, am I glad we stopped!

I know I am being very hopeful when I say this and probably not too realistic, but I honestly believe I found an original Picasso. Seriously. I am going to do the things I need to do required by the Picasso estate and try to have it verified. Yes. Seriously. How fucking insane would that be? It gives me chills through my entire body! I’ll keep you updated for sure!!

In the same store Marshal found a signed first addition of a book that we are going to list on eBay. It will be his first item to list and I told him he can keep the profit :) I’m excited that he wants to do this with me, I hope he enjoys it!

I also got a few costume rings that are pretty and in great shape. Two of them are vintage and the other is a Juicy Couture. I got each of them for a buck each so I will list them low and hopefully make my investment back quickly :)

On Saturday I was talking to a regular dealer who comes into our store pretty frequently. She buys stuff from us then flips it and has great luck on eBay. She said she makes a couple thousand a month, as much as she makes in her brick and mortar store and she was giving me some tips. I am grateful for advice that I receive and have been talking to a few other dealers too. I am grateful for all the advice I can get but hers was the most encouraging so far!

I am really feeling good about this and just when I feel discouraged something great happens like getting positive feedback, getting a sale or a bid, finding something awesome or receiving a payment.  All of those things are fantastic and they all keep me motivated. I just want to sell, sell, sell!!

There are quite a few new things that I have to list and put up but I don’t want to pay listing fees and only have a handful of free listings left. This is where things are going to get tricky.. I need to figure out a strategy and remove the things that aren’t getting any interest. There are quite a few items I can list in the spring for Easter and spring in general so I think I won’t relist them now and then put them up when it’s a better time.

Holy shit, I can’t wrap my mind around the Picasso. Could you even imagine??

Recent Finds to Flip

So, I sold another item on eBay :)

It is the fourth thing I’ve sold on there.. the fourth item in the entertainment category, another dvd. Sigh. No, don’t get me wrong I am thrilled to be selling anything! I am disappointed that none of my home items have sold yet.. That’s where the money in my listings are and those are the items I love!

These dvd’s and video games are only bringing me in a buck or two each, but every dollar counts and are paying for the packaging materials, right? I am actually hoping they will help with my reviews. I got one good review so far, so that makes it worth it :)

I am very excited about a few items I picked up at the shop last weekend and plan on putting them on the Chairish site.

I have been in love with these glasses since I laid eyes on them and did some research & actually listed them for $100 on the stores eBay. No one bought them so I lowered the price, and then lowered it again. When I saw that they were also being reduced in the store all the way down to $25 I had to get them. My boss just wants them to move! I have no trouble waiting for a buyer though :)

These are Tiffin crystal, etched with gold encrusted rims. I am still doing research to find out exactly what the name of the pattern is but the most similar pattern I found retails these glasses at about 19.99 each. I have 4 sets of three different ones.. A water goblet, a wine glass and a dessert liquor glass in each set, for a total of 12 glasses. These are so beautiful and the value of the whole set is about $240. For spending $15 or so dollars on them, I say I got myself an awesome deal!

Of course I need to find the right buyer after I clean them all, find the pattern name and take great photos! I don’t mind doing any of that though because these are seriously beautiful and I get to enjoy the quality of them while I’m “working” on them :)

I also picked up two of these porcelain serving bowls by Ciroa for a little over $3.. for the pair. These are modern and I found the pattern name. They retail for $34.95 each. :) Happy dance! I’ll be putting these on Chairish as well as eBay.

The last glassware item I will show you today is this aqua colored bicentennial Ball jar. I bought this for $2 and it retails for about $13. I like it a lot though so I might keep it for myself as it looks nice on Hillary, my aqua chalk painted mid-century hutch.

I realize these pictures aren’t very good, I didn’t stage anything or even clean the table before taking them. I am just showing you my finds. Before I list anything for sale I’ll take nice photos!

I also got a really cool vintage looking phone but I left it in the store as a prop.. I’ll bring it home on Saturday or maybe tomorrow if the desk it is on has sold :) I haven’t decided what to do with that yet, it is just so cool and I got it for $15, so it was a good deal. Not great, but good!

Well, happy Wednesday everyone!