Officially Validated :)

Not having a computer is really starting to get to me. There are so many things that I need to do with one, tasks that can’t be done on my phone, and I don’t know how much longer I can live like this. 

You don’t know what you got till its gone!

After work yesterday I was so pleasantly surprised to find that someone ordered an item from my Chairish account. It’s my first sale from that site so I am super duper stoked! I only had two items listed on there, the Henredon cocktail table and a newer piece, a Mongolian Lamb floor pillow. The cushion sold! It’s a beautiful piece and I am sad to see it go but it is too large for my space and it deserves to be shown off, so I am thrilled that someone else can use it and even more thrilled they could afford to buy it!

I want to make the packaging nice for them and that is why I was complaining about not having a computer.. I want to type a nice packing slip but I suppose I could just hand write a card, that is more personal anyway :)

Aside from the packing slip I really need a computer to set up my Chairish site so it looks more professional. Right now it is unfinished and looks terrible. I also want to work on my eBay shop and start a new website just for the items I am selling and a mini blog of all things home. I can’t do any of that from my phone.

You guys, I am so excited! This is really starting to happen! It’s been slow but I haven’t been really trying to sell anything. I was just starting to set up shop on Chairish and eBay. I haven’t even posted anything on Craigslist in months. This sale makes me want to sell everything I have though lol

I started my business plan about 2 weeks ago and it got tough so I put it aside. I realize I won’t be sucessful if I don’t get that hammered down though so I am getting back on it this week. I also want to start working on weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Little goals lead to big ones! I also have to get book keeping set up and register my business officially! I need the business plan before I can do any of that, so it’s important!!

Well, happy Friday! Today I am giving my mom her jar and buttons, I seriously hope she loves them!!


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