Wrapping up Friday and Baking 

Ahead of me is a day of wrapping and baking. Regina was pissed that I didn’t want to do the baking last night but at night time I am no good! She was really mad when I told her I’d rather do it today, she said I will not do it and that she will end up doing it all by herself, to which I replied that it was her project that she was doing for her dad and had nothing to do with me anyway so she should be thankful that I’d help at all and that I paid for the ingredients. 

She shut up then because she knows I’m right. I hate her dad and how this comes about every year making these expensive fancy desserts escapes me. How I get sucked into making these fine creations escapes me even more, then she is going to try to make me feel bad because I am old and tired? I think not!

Anyway, she made the tiramisu and a batch of cookies yesterday and today we will make 2 batches of macaroons, coquito, ammaretto cookies, and I’m doing some coconut chocolate chips. After baking I have a gazillon presents to wrap and two bottles of wine to drink lol just kidding I will have some wine but I have work tomorrow so it won’t be more than 2 glasses. Okay maybe 3, I can struggle tomorrow as long as I get all the gifts wrapped.


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