Where is the Feeling?

I am officially done Christmas shopping with two days to spare! Regina and I went out yesterday and not only finished up shopping but also made it to the super market and got everything we need to make cookies. 

I am working in the morning today and then taking Marshal to his doctors appointment, dropping him off at his new job and then making cookies all night and all tomorrow. I also have some gift wrapping to take care of but the end is near. 

Christmas always comes and goes and this year I just can’t get into the spirit, no matter how hard I try. I started listening to holiday music before thanksgiving. I decorated the house before thanks giving. I’ve been baking and wearing holiday sweaters, yet it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Regina said I was the same way last year. I feel like I was more into it last year, but maybe I was just going through the motions the same way I am this year. Does anyone else feel this way?

I want to feel more in the spirit for the sake of the little kids. They are so cute and excited for Santa, I hope they will feel that way for years.


One thought on “Where is the Feeling?

  1. I have the same struggle right now. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of Christmas and am not actually excited or in the mood for it this year. I’ve put up decorations around my desk at work since we aren’t doing them at home (who knows where our decorations are amongst all of our boxes), I’ve tried playing Christmas music, I did Christmas baking, I bought gifts for everyone…yet…I’m just not into it! Maybe come Christmas eve we will start to get the holiday spirit in? Or Christmas morning when we watch our kids enjoy it all? I’m forever hopeful!!

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