Shop Talk

It feels so good to be off for the next two days. I only work three days a week but two of them are long days and the third is a half day in between days off. I’m not complaining at all, my schedule is awesome but it sure is tiresome, especially since I was a stay at home mom for 5 years. It’s harder to get used to being in the real world than I thought!

It feels great to be back in the real world though, getting dressed with a purpose. Wearing makeup and fixing my hair has been great for me. I felt like such a slob when I wasn’t getting ready to do anything everyday and had lost my touch for picking out outfits. It’s been a lot of fun to be girly again and have pride in my appearance. It’s easier to get ready to face the world now, that’s for sure. 

Before I didn’t have many clothes that fit me and I always practically cried when I had somewhere to get dressed for. Since I now need to be presentable at least 3 days a week I bought some nice clothes that fit and have quite a few outfits that I feel confident in. That’s so important, isn’t it? Feeling confident changes the whole game. 

I often get asked if I am the owner of the shop and I think it is because I am confident and proud to work there. 

At the shop yesterday I started working on promoting our clothing selection. We have some really nice clothes and they sell but usually to the older crowd. There is a lot of nice stuff there for the young crowd too and I am trying to market towards them. Business has been slow with the holidays coming but I think if the teens know we have good things they will come! Fingers crossed. 

I really am trying hard to promote on Facebook. On Thursday I plan on doing more, this time with some of the great dresses we just got in. These dresses are great and would be beautiful for holiday parties, New Years Eve is coming! I heard my boss say we have a maniquin in storage and I’d love to pull it out! If we had more than one I could set up a nice window display.. maybe I’ll look around on Craigslist and see if I can find a few.

Okay well I hope you all have a great Tuesday! 

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