Don’t forget to add a title :P

I still don’t have a working computer to write on. It’s holding me back from posting and really getting me down. Aidan ordered a special screwdriver set to try to open my laptop up and maybe (hopefully) fix it. The tools should be arriving today so my fingers are crossed I’ll be typing on a full keyboard within the next few days!

How is everyone doing? Are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for the new year? Personally I am very ready for the new year. Not that this one has been unkind to me, I’m just ready to see all that happens in the upcoming weeks and months regarding getting my shop up and running, at least online. I really need my computer to work for that!

I’ve been collecting a few things and cleaning out my attic little bits at a time, building an inventory on eBay. I haven’t sold anything yet but I have a feeling deep inside of me that it’s the right place to start and that once I sell one thing my little shop will take off.

I’ve been fairly organized about it and have a dedicated bin for the items I have listed. I will be trying to set up a shelf in my work room and get them prepackaged if this actually takes off. Please cross your fingers for me. Any money that I make now is seed money for the big goal of opening a real store in the next 5 years. I think I will need about 10,000$ to open a store. That’s about 40$ a week so it’s attainable but I’d like to be self sufficient and build up to that through sales. It’ll give me practice too!

I still have to write a business plan. I know I don’t really need a computer for that but I do need to be able to sit down quietly and work. That is hard for me, I tend to get so distracted thinking about all of the things I need to do. Also, kids. I read an article recently about a woman who opened her own very successful business by working every night on it for the minimum of two hours. That’s what I need to do after the boys are asleep.. if I can stay awake!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of the things I’ve gotten for the house to keep! Here are a few pictures just to shake things up a bit..

This is an original oil painting of a little girl who likes like the female version of my youngest son. At first I wasn’t going to buy it but when I thought someone else was going to purchase it my heart sank. Needless to say I scooped her up immediately after the customer left. I call her Esme, which was a name we picked if Maddox would have been a girl. The name of my shop/company is Esmes Estate, so she will be with me for a long time :)

This picture could have been taken better but it is what it is :) This item is a vintage goldleafed candle holder featuring santa with his sled and reindeer. I need to find candles for it but think it will make a lovely centerpiece for Christmas dinner. 

I don’t think I’ve shown you this print yet.. The original painting was done in the 1800’s by an artist of the name Jacob Van Walscapelle. Most (if not all) of his pieces contained paintings of flowers and bugs. I absolutely love, love, love this painting. I could stare at it every day and find something new. I need to get it properly framed. The frame I have it in right now isn’t the right size and I actually broke the glass when I was trying to get it in. I’ll have a professional do it at some point..

That big blob of black on the floor is a Mongolian Sheepskin floor pillow. It is super luxurious but too big for my space. This is an item I am selling so if you are interested in feel free to contact me :)

Another item I love, love, love is this cheetah print cowhide pillow. It is fantastic and has a black velvet back. It’s a high end pillow by the designer Robert Allen and I scored it for 16.50 or something around there. Love it! It ties the odd ball colored chairs into my living room perfectly! Forgive the bad lighting, and color of the walls, etc. it’s still dark outside :)
So those are a few items I’ve gotten for myself in the past month or so :) What do you think? Have you bought yourself anything special lately?


4 thoughts on “Don’t forget to add a title :P

      1. I hope you can somehow idk.. Have some extra cash drop in for you. I totally know what it’s like. I’m good, tired… The usual, lol the holidays beat me up! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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        1. We had to order a new one, then we had to put new breaks on the truck and inspect both vehicles, then the microwave busted! All at once — always! Oh well, it could always be much worse! Happy new year to you, hopefully we can connect better this year than last lol


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