Thanksgiving Plans

This year we will be having Thanksgiving here and it will be the first time since 2009 that I’ve cooked here. Since Marshal will be home for the holiday and we all want to eat together Aidan suggested I just cook here. Then my dad was giving me a small guilt trip so I invited he and my brother and my mother. Then Regina asked if her boyfriend could eat with us. So..  Now we will be having 10 people for dinner.

Ten people is actually a small amount compared to the Thanksgivings I used to host. In the past it was usually double that, no joke. All in my small house. Ten is a good number though and as long as we can keep the liquor hidden it should be a quick and nice visit.

I used to get all fancy with the food and try super elegant recipes, which were okay but they weren’t worth the work or hunting of ingredients. This year my motto is “keep it simple” so turkey, stuffing, potatoes, 2 veggies and rolls.

This year I’d like it to be more structured than years of the past. I’d like everyone to sit together at the same table (or tables pushed together) and for it to be set nicely with a centerpiece. In the past everything and everyone were everywhere because of the way my house was set up and my lack of planning. I can’t promise that this year will be different but I will try my hardest. At least the planning part..

What are your plans for the holiday? Will you be cooking or being a guest? Any black Friday shoppers out there? That’s as much of a holiday here as Thanksgiving is!


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