That extra hour will be used well!

Today I am determined to finish the china cabinet. It shouldn’t be such a surprise that it is taking as long as it has but doing it right is what matters more than doing it quickly.

Last weekend I was able to sand and prime the remaining pieces and only have one more quick coat of primer on the doors. Luckily the glass was easy to remove from the doors so they will come out looking sharp :) Then the cabinet needs one more sanding and a final coat of black blue. All the doors and the drawer need a sanding and three coats of color.

I need to research the way to restore the brass again. The handles are real brass and they seemed like they’d be easy, but the t-bars are plated brass and I need to be careful not to rub the plating off.

After they are nice and shiny Aidan suggested putting a coat of lacquer on them so they stay gleaming. He’s a smart man :)

I haven’t decided about putting a poly coat on the cabinet and doors/drawer, but I’m leaning towards it as an extra layer of durability.

Hopefully the next update on this cabinet will be to show it off. The fun part will be staging and photographing it! Aidan might have to pull my Fiestaware from the attic for the photos. Originally I thought to ask about borrowing a china set from my work for a few hours but it would be a little nerve wracking knowing and I have beautiful stuff here so I should just use that lol I think white would really stand out though, so we will see.

Alright, I’m getting to work now. I would really, really love to get this finished today :)


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