Tall order

It’s been a while since I wrote last but that’s okay, things are going a-okay here. I’ve been working and even though its only about 16 hours a week, its really been a lot to adjust to! I am so happy to be working again and I absolutely love my job! I look forward to going and the time flies while I am there :)

I think I told you what my job was, but if not I will tell you now (or again). I am working for an interior designer in a consignment shop that she owns. It’s a really nice store, she only takes in nice items so there are many beautiful things to look at. She also does staging, organizing, downsizing and estate sales but I haven’t worked with her on those yet. I’ll be excited when I get to do those projects!

For now I am happily learning about the store. I’ve been working on ebay and doing well with it, I’ve been doing administrative work, which is my background, I’ve been working on pricing items and a little displaying at the store. It’s only been about two weeks so I am just getting a hang of my role and the store and my co-workers who are, by the way, all very nice.

I’ll be handling the window displays and I am very excited for that but also a little nervous. I think once I get my confidence up I’ll be great at it! So, it’s been a lot of fun and I am learning quite a bit about how a shop works. I am still interested in opening my own in a few years! That is surprising because usually I lose interest in my great ideas after a little while. I’ve been playing with furniture and the idea of opening a store up since July though, so it’s safe to say this has been the longest idea to hold my attention maybe in my whole life..

My side hustle

It’s been pretty stale in my personal inventory and flipping has been quiet for a few weeks. There are at least 4 pieces I have to work on and start moving out before I can even think about any others. I am itching to go forward though and really miss the excitement of searching for and getting something new.

Today I will be able to work on one of the cabinets. I had started by sanding it a few weeks ago but it is hard to work straight through when you have little kids. Anyway, last weekend I primed the cabinet with two coats and got the drawer and bottom doors ready for primer. I still need to sand the glass doors which will need to be done by hand because of the glass. My plan today is to do those then prime them and the other doors and drawer and then hopefully get at least one coat of color on the cabinet. FINGERS CROSSED!

I can’t wait to see the finished product. I know it is going to look gorgeous, just like I imagined it when I first saw it listed on Craigslist. I am taking my time and putting a lot of love into refreshing it because I really want the person who buys it to be in love with it, too! I can’t wait to see it with the beautiful colors we picked for it. Aidan helped me :) he’s the best!

Aside from working on the cabinet today I’d like to get a few other things done:

  • stage and photograph the Henredon loveseat and submit to Charish
  • work on my Charish page to make it look professional
  • list my dresser on Charish
  • look into dropping the price of the coffee table or offering free shipping on it
  • sand the mirror I have and prime, maybe even paint it
  • get started on restoring the hardware for the cabinet

We will see what I actually have time for. Aidan is taking the boys to his parents so I will have a few hours. If I use my time wisely I should be able to get a good bit done. What I don’t get done I should at least have a game plan in place to get it done throughout the week.

Well, happy Saturday :) I hope you all have a great weekend!

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