Last weeks pick ups

Since my last breakdown post things have vastly improved..

Meaning I ended up getting my way.

Aidan agreed to give my 85$ project a thumbs up and was even kind enough to drive an hour and a half each way to pick up the Hendredon loveseat I was throwing a temper tantrum over.

Talk about a quality sofa! It is the most comfortable piece of furniture I’ve ever sat on. Down cushions in absolute perfect condition. I want to keep it for myself because I know we will never be able to afford such luxury first hand but the deal was that I’d sell it and sell it I will.


The upholstery is in fantastic condition but it does need a cleaning. It would be perfect for a beach house, a cottage or a cabin, or for someone who isn’t afraid of a little color. The size is perfect for a small space, a master bedroom even! I love it, I hope someone else will, too!

Aside from the loveseat I also picked up a Henredon coffee table, two lamps and a china cabinet set.

The coffee table is just being sold as is and I am listing it for a substantial amount :) It’s really gorgeous! Again I’d love to keep it for myself but it’s a glass top and with two little monkey’s running around it would either get destroyed or be the destroyer. It’s also quite large and very, very heavy. This will be the first piece I will be listing on Charish, if they accept it. Fingers crossed! I know it will definitely make someone very happy!


I have a feeling they will ask for better pictures of it, which isn’t a problem, the glass top is really heavy though (like 60 pounds!) Also in this picture I can see the old glue stuff they had between the glass and the brass. I’ll have to remove that!

The lamps I picked up were 2 white ceramic ginger jar style lamps. Simple and classic. I had the big idea that I would just flip out the shade and resell them quickly but man I had a tough time finding the right size. I finally settled on the 3rd set I purchased but they still don’t have that WOW factor I was going for.


I have now decided to gold leaf the interior part of the shade. Then they will be fancy! I also might switch out the socket for a 3 way and see if I can find a new cord just to update them a bit. In the meantime I don’t have a lot of money tied into them and they look cute where they are so I can take my time and make them perfect :)

Lastly, the china cabinets.. When I first saw these posted I really wanted them! They were listed at $125 for the set and I offered only $30 because that was all I could afford. A month later and a few conversations with the seller and both of them were mine for $40. They are in great condition physically (they are even lighted!) but ascetically they obviously need work.


I’ve already started on one cabinet. The hardware has been removed and it’s been sanded down. These cabinets are a lot of work. The hardware was harder to get off than the desk I worked on. It took almost 2 hours to remove all of it from one cabinet! Sanding it was hard also because they were lacquered. But! Now they are ready for primer and then painting and brass polishing!

I hope I can move these quickly. I’m going to price them low and one at a time because the small size should work in most of the homes around here. Plus I want young people/ budget minded people to be able to afford them! Depending on how well they turn out I plan on $75-$125 each. We will see.

Aside from picking up these items I sold a rug to more than cover my costs. I even was able to give Aidan $100 for the bank account so that was a fabulous feeling :)

And this afternoon I start my first day of work at the consignment shop! I am so excited and for a while there I thought the owner had changed her mind about me, but she pulled through! I wont be making a lot of money but any money is good and I know the experience and knowledge I gain from the business will be well worth my time.

I’m so excited!

Well, have a great day :)





5 thoughts on “Last weeks pick ups

    1. Thanks! I saw a black pair for $8 on facebook marketplace today.. I might make an offer but I haven’t decided yet, there is another pair of lamps in a different style I have my heart set on.. $8 is a great price for such a classic style though! Good luck on your search!


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