A little pissed off right now

Let me tell you something..

I may be a little blazae blah with all my spelling and my grammar but whatever i am real. with right, with what I write and how i feel and i’m not perfect but that was a big flaw with me.. perfectionism.

it made me stop.

i am not stopping now and maybe i don’t have the readership, or the stats, or the conformity, but i think “well, whatever.”

the truth is this. he doesn’t believe in me.

All this time. all these years, he doesnt know jack shit about me or who i am or who i can be.

my ex knew and he was afraid of it

he knows and is doubtful.

too much of a risk?

come on.

what risk

a little here and there

and Nan, really?

fuck you both

it’s not about 85$

85 fucking dollars

it’s about the belief in me that i thought you both had

it’s the belief in me that you clearly do not

so fuck you both.



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