Something better came along!

Well, the job at the supermarket didn’t work out. I turned the position down because they wanted to pay far less than I was expecting and they already weren’t going to give me the amount of hours I had wanted and they were going to schedule me for whole weekends.

I was really disappointed and feeling down on myself. I just couldn’t justify my schedule being all a mess for less than my nephew (who works for the same company) makes an hour.

Maybe it was pride that got in my way or maybe I knew something awesome was the alternative..

A few weeks ago I found a light fixture for my dining room that I really wanted. I found the light through Craigslist and it came from a store about 30 minutes away from us. When I went to buy the light I noticed a sign on the door that said they were hiring. After I bought the light and got into the car I told Regina that I really wished that I could work there but the hours they were looking for would be tough to swing.

I’ve been talking a lot about opening my own shop in a few years and this store is ideally the type of store that I’d want to open. They do consignments, downsizing buyouts, offer organizing services. Everything I’d love to offer at my own store. I talked about this more than a few times with Regina :)

So, anyway, yesterday while I was feeling bummed out about the lack of employment I was looking through CL for another job to apply to and saw a posting for the store again. Since no time is better than the present I asked Aidan to watch the boys and told him why. We talked for a minute or two about the schedule and he wished me luck.

I was honest about my desire to open my own store in 5 years and my love of all things furniture, decorating and organizing. The position even has a social media aspect to it :) My availability is a little limited because of the babies but I believe that it’s going to work out. Aidan is going to ask to work from home one day a week and then I told the owner I could work 2 half days instead of another full day. I would also work one day a weekend, sometimes two.

I am pretty sure I am going to start tomorrow, I think I was hired. It was exciting for all of us (and I say all of us because I also did a short interview with two of my would be co-workers) so I am not exactly certain if I was hired.. I am pretty sure I was. Oh my gosh, this would be a dream come true! My fingers are very tightly crossed that Aidan can make it work.

The pay isn’t much better than what Giant was offering, I’d have to do my own 1099 and I’d considered a private contractor for the job, but that won’t really effect me until next year. So I will look into becoming my own business. I’ll be able to write my expenses off that way and I will be able to track any money that I make with furniture (or services!) out of my home. I believe I can do that anyway. And why not start getting practice with it now since that’s my ultimate goal. The store will give me more hours to work in a week so that’s great and the best part is that I’ll be doing what I love to do!

Please cross your fingers for me!


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