A little job and Halloween talk

Today I will officially start my new job :) It will just be filling out paperwork and I won’t actually do any work but I will still be getting paid for my time, so that’s awesome! I am excited to get back into the working world, even if it is only part time and it won’t be a glamorous job. It won’t be high stress and it won’t be 40+ hours a week, that makes it awesome for me.

I wonder how much I will be making? Aidan said I should have asked when they hired me, it just all moved so fast though and we need any extra money that can come in so.. I’ll ask today, hopefully it won’t be too disappointing.

Yesterday I talked a little bit about finding inspiration in the pottery barn catalog. There was a cute pumpkin in there that when I saw it I thought “hey, I could make something like that!” Here is the pumpkin I am talking about:


It’s pretty cute and I am sure it’s high quality glass or ceramic but it’s something I don’t have money to spend on right now. I could however spare $4.50 to buy a white plastic pumpkin and a bag of sequins.. I already started working on it but it isn’t finished yet :) Hopefully next post I can show you what I’ve done :)

I am happy with the way my Halloween decorating has been going, it’s very minimal but Aidan said it was classy :) Regina’s boyfriend said I should keep it decorated for Halloween year round. Guess it’s looking nice :)

I’ll do a little “tour” when the pumpkin is done. Of course I haven’t done anything outside but maybe I can work on that this week.

I still want to get a couple of pillows at Ikea that I talked about yesterday, then the inside will be done :)



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