Inspiration is essential

Lately I have been throwing out my store catalogs when they come in without looking through them because I know there is bound to be something that I want but just can’t afford. I decided when Pottery Barn’s latest came in to look through it though and I am so glad I did! I was given some inspiration and a few ideas..


I’ve since thrown the catalog out but was able to pull up the online version to take this picture. Anyway.. Those pillows! I love them! When I showed Aidan he was less than impressed with my favorite colored ones. (He’ll come around) and was quick to tell me no when I told him that I was thinking of dying my linen pillows black (they are aqua and lime green – really cute but I want black ones). He told me just buy black pillows. Right.

The ones on PB are velvet and I’m sure great but they are $30 or so just for the cover but then.. I just looked on IKEA because they have a cute cat pillow that will be great for Halloween and it’s only $3. Low and behold! Black pillow cases $4 and inserts for $3. As a matter of fact they have so many good covers this season I am thrilled and planning a trip to Ikea just for pillows :) Come on old furniture.. Sell!


As promised here is a picture of how things are coming along. The walls need to be finished but it’ll happen sooner or later so I’m not stressing. :) We also need another lamp, some artwork and a shelf that Aidan is making to be hung but I like how it looks so far :)

That’s one side of the room. I’ll show you another when I have cleared all of the crap off of the desk and put my old rug away :)


5 thoughts on “Inspiration is essential

  1. Your plans are really starting to take shape and I just know that your home will not only look amazing but will be a space where you and your family can relax and re-energize at the end of the day. Great job so far!


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