Great things happening :)

This week has been a pretty sweet one if I do say so myself! It all started with my awesome haggling abilities and stylish eye when I found myself in a super awesome position to purchase a $900 area rug for the price of $85.

Yes, I did my research.

The carpet is used of course but still available to buy from expensive stores and it just happens to compliment the other super expensive rug that I picked up for pennies 2 weeks ago.

Anyway.. Aidan had put his foot down about spending any more money on my redecorating mission but I couldn’t resist. The woman was asking an already lowered price of $135 for her barely used carpet. I wanted that rug badly and worked my magic to get her to come down to $85. I felt like a total winner!

Now I just needed the money..

World War 3 began here between Aidan and I, so I did what any other reasonable woman who wanted something she couldn’t afford would do. I sulked. And then I applied for a job..

The day I put my application in Aidan agreed to let me get this one last thing (it really is a fantastic rug!) funny, do you think the two were related? Anyway, the very next day I got a call to come in for an interview! So I set it up for 12 that day, 1 hour and 2 interviews later I walked out of the supermarket an official part time employee! Yes, I will now have a job :)

After that even more greatness more ensued ..

Yet another person reached out to me about some stools that I had been trying to sell for over a week. I was doubtful as she was now the third person who loved them and had to have them, but I wasn’t feeling sure about the sale as the other two backed out. I suspect husbands all across my area are putting their foots down.

I had even tried to make a trade of the stools for 2 really nice pieces of art (more on that in a minute) and didn’t have luck. But, this lady really did love them as much as she said and followed through. It was a great deal for her as I paid $75 for each one and she got them both for $50. I felt good selling them to someone who loved them and even better to now have a little money to negotiate with.

So I went back to the art people who weren’t interested in my stools.. One was a vintage poster of some wine or something, really pretty and would look nice in the dining room. The person wasn’t very personable and the art would have been for me so I decided to make the other art guy an offer of $35 for this really awesome framed Captain America poster.

Aidan also really liked the poster and we decided it would be great to give to Logan as a Christmas gift. He loves Captain America and it goes nicely with his bedding. Plus, Christmas.. yup it’s right around the corner and I am soooo over toys, lol.

Aidan told me to offer the man $40 (he was listing for $50) but I worked a little magic and the guy accepted my deal of $35 and we will go pick it up on Sunday!

So at the start of the week I needed 85$ from Aidan and had no job. This morning I’ll need only 70$ from Aidan, I now have a job, we get the best rug ever and the coolest gift for Logan :) I say it’s been a good one :)

I was also able to list a few items on cl: the two pieces that I found for free a few weeks ago. We actually had some professionals look at them last weekend and found out they are worth some money (though not as much as I was hoping). The pros also told me how to safely clean them without destroying them and lowering their value.

Anyway, here are the pieces I found and spent many hours cleaning:

They are both from the 1930’s and are reproduction pieces. The people we spoke with said there is a market for both and although they both have some damage they are still worth something. They also said “NO! Don’t paint them!” They aren’t quite antiques but will be in a few years :) They sure were filthy. Anyway they said the bureau was worth about $200 and the demilune was worth about $40, fairly. So I have them listed at $40 obo and $150 obo.

I will admittedly be sad to see the bureau sell, but you know, money talks and believe me there are plenty more pieces that I’d love to get my hands on. I really love furniture and all things house! Wish me luck! And for as long as they don’t sell I will enjoy them both :)

Plus, if I want to do this for a living I want to love the pieces I sell and this will be good practice.

And lastly for the week I worked on two sets of chairs that I have. One set I showed you a little ways back. These chairs need new upholstering. I took them to one place around the corner from me but his quote was $450 per chair plus fabric. He said he’d give me a 10% discount for doing both of them but I wasn’t too impressed with his work and really thought his price was high.

I was given the recommendation by three other people for another person and actually saw his work. It was gorgeous and his pricing on that piece was more in line with what I am hoping for. I also found a good linen fabric supplier that would put me at about $110 a chair. For upholstery grade linen. They don’t have the bright colors I was originally thinking, but I do love linen. Our sofa is linen and really, you can’t go wrong. So, we are putting the chairs in the shed for a little while (wrapped of course) and I will start saving a little at a time for this project. If I can take $20 a week from my pay I’ll be able to have them done in June. Exciting!!

And the last thing I will write about are the other set of chairs that I got for free. They are midcentury Moller dining chairs and worth a pretty penny. They are broken though so I reached out to a highly rated company to get a quote on fixing and restoring them. I’d be interested in keeping these for myself. I have NO idea what the quotes will come back at though so I am going to just cross my fingers. They will also be worth the wait of saving up for!


These will be glorious when I get around to them :) Ahhh!

Okay, well, I am going to get ready to go pick up my super fantastic rug!! Woohoo! I promise to start posting pictures soon, I know I just sound like the crazy lady that I am but believe me, things are really coming together beautifully in here :)




5 thoughts on “Great things happening :)

  1. Congrats on the job. You are too funny with all the furniture. I hate Christmas, we are thinking on doing small getaways for Christmas and a couple small presents, because how much stuff can they have?


    1. OMG, you have three little ones, I can’t imagine how many toys and stuff you have. I want to tell everyone NO TOYS but I know that’s the best part of Christmas for the kids! We are only getting them a few things, and it will be time to go through the toys they already have and set up a donation bag or two. That’s the only way to keep it mildly under control! A getaway sounds like a great idea and more memories will be had!


      1. I am thinking of a bedroom makeover. With bunk beds… superhero blankets. Since people always “ask” I told them (last year) that the boys are into wallets, so gift cards to fun places. They got cards to Dave and Buster’s, Chuck E cheese, build a Bear.. those worked out.


        1. That’s awesome! So much room for activities (have you seen Stepbrothers, lol)! Gift cards are a great idea, less clutter and places to take them and do things :)


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