You can’t win them all

So our adventure to pick up the vanity and chair turned out to not prove as successful as I had planned. When does anything ever turn out as successful as we plan? Sometimes, I suppose, but not this time.

We had quite a few stops to make all in the same area. There was a framed poster I was picking up, a stool I was to sell, a chair to buy, a vanity to buy and lastly a lamp to buy.

Before we even left I got an email that the buyer of the stool back out. Grr.

Then I was a half hour late for the poster but luckily I still got it. After we picked that up we went to get the chair — the chair that I thought I saw the tag marked for 50% off $34 was actually one chair of a set of four that were 50% off $395. BIG DIFFERENCE.

Regina ended up finding a way cuter bench though (better for a vanity anyway) and we grabbed it up and headed to get the vanity.

Running a half hour behind still when we got there the vanity was the biggest disappointment of the day. It was the size of Logan. Seriously, it was for a child and way beyond something I could repair. All of the veneer was bubbled and I don’t know a thing about repairing that.

The woman tried giving me a guilt trip that she passed up 2 other offers but I replied that she should have no trouble finding a new buyer then. It’s still listed. It’s so small they should label it “child vanity” anyway, I still think the work they do is incredible but I wasn’t interested in the piece.

After that disappointment we headed towards home to pick up the most glorious lamp I have ever seen. It’s a ginger jar brass lamp with a black shade. Very vintage, very classy, very trendy all rolled into one. After a short chat with the seller I found out it was purchased at Bloomingdale’s years ago and it was indeed a 3 way socket, which I was really hoping! $25 and this sweet piece is mine!!


Lamps are expensive and good looking/high quality ones run in the hundreds! This lamp might be the best deal I’ve gotten. Actually, that’s not true, I’ve seriously had a ton of good luck. But like the others it’s the best deal I’ve gotten lol

I am so excited to show you all my dining room, it’ll be ready soon! There is a hole in the wall that needs to be patched before I can show it off. But I think it is looking fantastic. There are only a few other things I’d like to get for it but I promised Aidan that after I pick up this rug on Saturday that I will stop.

Unless I can find stuff in free. I might entertain the thought of making trades.. I’m on fire and I don’t want to stop while it’s hot! But no more money!

Anyway, the vanity was a bust but we will keep looking. I just know we will find the perfect one and I have a gut feeling it will be free!


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