Regina’s vanity

This morning Regina and I are going on an adventure to pick up a vanity and chair. We’ve been looking for quite a while for one to work on. The plan is to chalk paint paint a nice piece, she needs a place to show off her massive top shelf makeup collection.

We’ve seen a few that were good pieces but we either didn’t get a reply back, or someone else got them first, and in one case we had one but it was broken when the sellers brought downstairs for us to buy.

But now we finally have found a piece and I believe it will be perfect. It is actually being purchased from a mother daughter team who restore or chalk paint antiques for a living. They have talent. Seriously, they sell absolutely beautiful pieces.

Here is their website

Check it out if you want to see some really gorgeous girly things, you’ll be amazed :)

Anyway, Regina and I are picking up this vanity from them and then the chair from a consignment shop:

Use your imagination goggles :) It’s going to be beautiful when we are done! Well we hope it will be :) She has to pick a paint color and knobs and we still need to find a mirror but this is a great start and should keep us very busy for a while.

I’m really excited to work on it with her. We make a good team and work well together usually so I think it will be fun! She really is creative and stylish so I can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’m going to let her do all of the creative thinking and just contribute my labor. I hope she will love it so much more than that $100 particle board desk she was thinking of buying ;)




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