Holding it together

There is still a lot of crap going on with my mom and really so much to talk about in regards to her. Honestly though, I don’t want to. It’s exhausting to even think about. For what it’s worth and for the sake of maybe letting some of the stress go I’ll summarize what has happened in just this past week.

She moved out

Thursday –
My mom got her own apartment. She had talked about it for months and my dad assured me that she couldn’t because he called the place and told them what was going on with her mental state. Either he lied to me or they lied to him, because she seriously moved out. He let her, he watched her. One plastic grocery bag filled after another went to her new place.

No furniture. Who needs somewhere to sit?
She was positive and full of enthusiasm.

Friday –
Still no furniture. She has a car and a cell phone. She’s not supposed to drive. I told my dad this would blow up in his face and has the potential to bring on financial ruin. “I have it covered.”

Saturday –
Ginger, have you heard from, mom?

Ginger, your mom isn’t at her apartment, the mattress people are trying to deliver the mattress and her cars not there.

No, Ginger, I’m not with your mom, she did sound drunk when I talked to her an hour ago, please let me know when you hear something.

Dad, we found her car, she’s at the fucking bar!

No, Ginger, that can’t be her car. The police found your mom.. she crashed her car in Glassboro and she’s been arrested. She was drunk.

I know now that I can never drink again, Ginger, I can never drink again because of the potassium.

Sunday –
Ginger, can you pick me up after 10 tomorrow and take me to buy a tv?
No, mom, I have plans, but I can on Tuesday.

Ginger, Dad wants you to take mom to the police station to get her car released before you come here tomorrow.
I wasn’t planning on going there. I was just taking her to buy a tv, I have things to do.

Tuesday –
From 10:00am to 2:00pm I was with my mother. We did not buy a tv. She got one the day before. Instead we drove to the auto yard, accomplished nothing and then went to her real house. She argued with my dad and packed up many more plastic grocery bags of things.

Dad, she CANNOT live by herself. She can’t drive. She isn’t well. She needs help.

Not MY problem. She’s not coming back here. I don’t care what she does.

Of everything that is going on, ofall that is stressing me out about this whole situation, it is my father who is causing me the most grief. 40 years they have been married. For 40 years she has taken care of him and now when she needs him the most he is turning his back on her 100%? No wonder she wants to leave. The thing is she can’t be alone she needs supervision. And she has now signed a lease! He let her sign a lease! And she is going to lose her license, not that she was supposed to be driving anyway but he let her take the car. Yet, this is somehow not his problem.

Yeah, keep telling yourself that Dad.


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