Focus on something else

If you follow along with this blog and have read my last post you know that the situation with my mom is only getting progressively worse. You probably also know that in order to keep myself from going insane I have been focusing a lot on the house and more specifically having super awesome luck with Craigslist.

I shared my fantastic experience with finding (apparently rare and of high value) vintage chairs my first go around on CL. This pumped me up and I have been on mission after mission ever since.

The second piece of furniture I scored was actually a lot closer to what I originally went looking for in the first place. A bookshelf. We already had two bookshelves but I hated them.

Mainly because they were dangerous for the kids. Apparently I birthed little monkeys and not humans so I worried daily the stupid things would tip over if the primates ever made it to the top shelf.

Also, they took up more space than I wanted.

Oh and they didn’t have a place that I could store toys. Toy storage was important because the toy bench I had got ruined by a lost & leaky sippy cup. Plus I recently tore out the closet where I hid all the art supplies little monkeys cannot be trusted with.

So they were all good reasons to need something better to store our books, art supplies and some toys.

I was still on my mid century kick and found a few hutches that I thought would maybe work. I figured I’d remove the glass and refinish if necessary. I found a nice one and it was only $50. Which for mid century is a good deal. It was in great shape and it was right around the corner from Aidan’s parents. Awesome!!! I emailed after getting a thumbs up and danced around while I waited for a reply.

Someone beat me to it.

Ugh. I was sad.

The next morning however there was one listed for FREE. It was missing the glass (not a problem!) and was painted a teal color. Uhm, it’s okay, I was prepared to refinish and it’s fucking free!! Yes please!!

It all worked out after a lovely little tour of downtown and a long flight of stairs.

And guess what? The teal? It’s actually really super cute. Like it’s adorable even. Someday I will work on it but for now I just smile everytime I see it holding up all our books and hiding the paint and puzzles :)


Isn’t she a cutie? I call her Hillary. No, not after that Hillary.. Hillary as in the awesome chic that passed her on to me :) Logan took this picture by the way. He likes her, too. It’s what’s inside that counts lol!


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