Thonet, okay!

With all the emotional chaos that has been going on with my mom I’ve been dealing by focusing A LOT on the house. And by focusing on the house I don’t mean cleaning it like a maniac for once. I’m actually creating a lot of work as far as cleaning goes but that’s not really much to talk about except to say I have A LOT of cleaning to catch up on. Or re-organizing and putting things away.

What I’ve been doing is adding and updating furniture. I’ve been called a hoarder by Aidan, Regina and even Marshal (over the phone). I’m not hoarding though, they are teasing me. But if I don’t stop soon I might be considered a hoarder, lol. Just kidding.

Anyway. I’ve been having really, super awesome luck on craigslist and have found quite a few deals of a lifetime. Seriously. I don’t know when exactly it all started. It was either with the coffee table I inherited from my parents that turned the switch on or seeing a gorgeous mid-century modern bookshelf on a random blog that I HAD to have. Which came first? I do not know.

Anyhow — after seeing the bookshelf I started searching craigslist for one and came upon item after glorious item of things that I needed. Ha! I’ve been a long time looker on cl but never actually used it to buy or sell anything. Now I’m a full blown addict.

I like to think I have a good eye. I say this because I have found deals on items that can be found selling for thousands.

Case one:

Thonet bentwood lounge chairs


When I first saw the picture of these chairs my heart skipped a beat. Not because I knew their worth, but because I thought they were just so awesome to look at. The way the armrest curves and the back legs poke out.. Oh my, I fell in love. I had never even heard of Thonet before but really really wanted one of these chairs.

I did a little research and found that these chairs as a pair sell for a pretty penny. On not just one site, but two. A supplier for designers sells them to clients and 1st dibs, a site for high quality vintage furniture (probably other stuff also) each had one set of two of the same exact chair selling for $3,000+. Seriously. My love grew deeper.

So I obsessed for a few days, talked to everyone in the world about the chairs and finally decided to contact the seller. She turned out to be a really nice lady!

Regina and I took the boys on a little road trip to pick out a chair that made my heart pitter patter. When I got there I talked to the seller for a little bit while picking out the chair I wanted.

And then guess what happened?!

She said I could have two of them for the price of one! She could see how much I loved them and it was obvious I wasn’t a flipper. Also she wanted to free up space! Seriously, I almost hugged her. For real. Would that have been weird? Probably. So I didn’t. But I wanted to.

Before I left I told her that I had never CL’d before and she replied by saying “It’s the best!” Man oh man was she right! This is just my first story of six!

These chairs make me smile every time I see them.

People who know the story ask me why I don’t resell them. The truth is.. I LOVE them.

Eventually we will get them refinished with some nice leather and have the wood restored when we know where they will sit in our new home. Am I going to lessen the value? I don’t know, they are considered vintage not antique. The lines are just fantastic so I plan on keeping them anyway. Having them updated by a professional will increase the value for us, so that’s what matters in the end.

Well that’s the story of how I got hooked on craigslist furniture and there are some more super awesome scores to write about another day.

Have you ever bought/sold on craigslist and felt like a total winner? Spill the beans :)



2 thoughts on “Thonet, okay!

  1. Wow, those chairs ARE gorgeous! Congrats on such a great find.
    We don’t have Craig’s List around here (as far as I’m aware, anyway), but we do have Kijiji, which is apparently similar, and I’ve bought a couple of things from that site.
    Now you make me want to start watching Kijiji more closely to see what I might find that I absolutely need! LOL
    Looking forward to seeing what else you’re hoarding, I mean collecting, for your home. 😜👍

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  2. what a find!! those chairs are pretty awesome!

    I haven’t had much success with craigslist, but my brother and his fiancé are constantly finding amazing deals on things. even in the free section they find some awesome things. they recently got their entire, gorgeous, dining room table and chairs off of craigslist for $150. It’s a huge solid wood table and really nice chairs. Something like that would retail into the thousands! He also got his huge new desk and shelves for his office for $50. It’s got a few wear and tear marks on it, but you would never know that it was pre-loved by someone else.


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