In a nutshell..

This post was started over a week ago so it bounces a bit partially through, please forgive me :)

So many things have been going on around here and finally, not all bad! Aside from going (pardon my choice of word) crazy trying to keep my mother safe and under control I’ve been focusing on the house to stay distracted.

About my mom..

After my last post more shit hit the fan. She got into an argument with my dad about lord knows what and called the police on him for yelling at her. Now, this is the 4th time in 3 weeks that the police were called to our house and they are becoming very familiar with the situation. While they were there she called me asking if she could stay at our house for a few days. I don’t have a guest room or a very large house so I said, “I don’t have the room but..” she screamed curse words and hung up on me.

The next thing I know is that my while my dad was telling me about the police being there he casually mentioned that my mom called a cab and was going to take a cab to the bus terminal in Philly then take a bus to North Jersey to stay with her sister in law for a few days. I freaked out. This woman cannot navigate her way through a paper bag and she wants to do what?! I told them I would drive her, I really feared for her saftey and with her frame of mind believed 100% that she would really try to go.

So 7 hours later I returned home. After being screamed at, insulted, cursed out and not thanked even once, I had had it for the day. Of course the next morning the drama started again and my dad was going to pick her up. I got in touch with her doctor and he instructed me to have my dad take her straight to the emergency room by their house. 3rd trip to the ER in as many weeks.

I was grateful that the doctor seemed to listen to me when I told him that she was not herself AT ALL. Her personality had changed and she is a danger. Unfortunately the hospital released her the next morning. There is a TON of red tape in New Jersey with committing someone involuntarily and I haven’t figured out the ways around it.

In the meantime, in this past week

  • the police were called on her by my brother because she lashed out and threw a fork at him. She attacks my dad and brother physically so we’ve all come to the agreement that for all of their safety that is what they need to do. We are also hoping they will take her to a hospital that will finally take this seriously.
  • she has packed up most of the house into plastic grocery store bags and says that she is taking all of her stuff with her when she moves into an apartment next week. This includes food from the refrigerator.
  • there is absolutely no reasoning with her as she hates all of us and claims that we are all insane and dumb.
  • the house is a disaster. Serious wreckage. All caused by her and her desire to “move”

I was interrupted while writing this post and now it’s 8 days later that I am getting back to it..

In those past 8 days she’s been somewhat calm but has been meeting with some random guy she found on the internet — who actually drove up to North Jersey to pick her up, arriving there after my dad had already picked her up. Since then he has taken her to get an apartment, which she didn’t officially get, and continues to pack for.

It’s all a lot to explain, a lot to sort out in my head before I can explain and I don’t want to get into it right now but want to post this for what it contains so far.. She has a neurologist appointment on Monday morning and I will talk more about her after that.

As of this moment though there are good things happening..


It’s so great to have him here and I am enjoying this visit very much. There is definitely been a change going on inside of him and he seems so much more mature now and stable compared to the day he left 6 months ago.

He is only here until Monday so it’s a short visit but that’s good so that he won’t backstep from the progress he’s made. I’m so proud of him.

This morning he and his buddy are helping me go to pick up a desk I found in the free section on Craigslist. My plan is it refinish it. I’ll show you the picture of the project I am getting into but I believe my hard work and love will pay off big time.

I’ve been having a lot of good luck on Craigslist lately. I’ll share an update separately when I show you my project desk. Woo hoo! You know I love a project :)

Speaking of projects..

The living room! It’s coming along so, so nicely. It’s not finished yet but dry wall is up on the walls and the ceiling! The room looks great already and I am excited for how nice it will be once painted! It needs to be mudded and trimmed out and the floor boards need to be set but wow, it’s almost there and it looks awesome!

So much room for activities! Or furniture lol!

My house is chugging along and coming together nicely, if I do say so myself!


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