He squashed me with a King

Two weekends ago I left you guys with a real cliff hanger.. I was tearing out the closet in the living room and had needed a little help getting the last few screws and the frame out. The screws were buried deep into the 2×4’s so I had to ask Aidan for help. I really wanted to do it all myself but just a little help at the very end almost counts :)

Aidan removed the screws and together we pulled out the frame. It was glorious! So much room for activities!! And now the moment I just know you’ve all been waiting for..


Ta-da!!! No more awkward closet! I told Aidan I would start working on the walls to remove the wood peices where the shelf was resting, patch the plaster, get a new corner guard, and paint once my weekend of visiting Marshal was over. I planned on spending this week and weekend getting it done.

Aidan had other plans in store..

While taking a pit stop on the turnpike on the way up to Marshal, Aidan sent me this picture..


At first I had no idea what I was looking at. After a minute when I realized I was ecstatic! Seriously. This man rocks my socks in more ways than one!! He was actually removing the fireplace and the wall behind it that took up a big chunk of real estate! This picture was after he pulled out the huge mantel, which we thought was solid wood — turns out it wasn’t!


Nope it was hollow all the way through. Insanity! Anyway, he got it out all by himself but was waiting for his dad to come over to pull the fireplace out because of the gas line. Of course, OF COURSE, there were some issues though.. There were water lines and electric lines running up the chiminy stack which we were planning to expose. Yeah, the water lines were run through a metal vent that is used for forced heat. Yup. But that was okay because my man and his dad are handy and a good team and got that shit in order!


There is also a section of the floor that was removed to put the vent through but they have that covered to!


The next day they worked hard and pulled the fireplace out. Halla-freakin-lugh-ya!! I hated that worthless danger thing!


Aaaand then they discovered knob and tube electric that was live. Yay. We just love old houses and shoddy upgrades, don’t you?


But that didn’t stop them! Well, not really. We can’t rip the wall out that is in between the dining room and living room, but more on that later, this post is about victory! Anyway when Regina, the boys and I arrived home at 11pm Sunday night we were greeted by 3 tired, frustrated and a little (dare I say) aggravated men who were covered head to toe in dust.

My living room is glorious though and it feels huge!

Regina was confused as all hell because I didn’t tell her. I though she’d be doing cartwheels like I was inside but instead she was just saying “What the hell happened to my house?” LOL

You guys, I am so excited! We are keeping the strip of brick from the chimney exposed and it is in great shape! It will need to be sealed but that’s all! Yes! The long section of brick (the exterior wall) will be dry walled over and I will have so much more room (for you guessed it –activities) this room is going to be awesome!

I’ll update you once the dry wall is up :)

And to this guy..


I pulled out a Queen of Hearts with my closet demolition but you slammed down a King! I love you so much, thank you for being so fucking awesome and insane like me :)



2 thoughts on “He squashed me with a King

    1. I like it too! At least some of it will show! The exterior wall that we are closing up is in pretty bad shape and the house is already too drafty as it is, otherwise we might expose the rest of it. Fortunately, the wall we are doing in the bedroom is our shared wall and won’t be a problem with drafts. Hopefully it will be in good shape lol so exciting!!


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